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MediaLab 2022

Embark on an adventure in a world full of workshops, games, apps, VR and other digital artworks in Cinekid Festival's MediaLab!

Het MediaLab van Cinekid Festival in hoofdlocatie Pathé Amsterdam Noord is van 15 t/m 21 oktober elke dag geopend van 10:00 tot 18:00 uur. Na 16:00 uur is je kaartje de helft van de prijs! Kaartjes koop je hier. Nieuwsgierig naar hoe het MediaLab eruitziet tijdens het festival? Hieronder vind je een overzicht van alle installaties, games, apps en workshops uit het MediaLab van 2022! 

Thema MediaLab 2022: Wij zijn generatie S!

Wij zijn Generatie S!

Dit jaar staat het MediaLab in het teken van onze relatie met de wereld om ons heen. Want we kunnen er niet om heen: onze leefwereld staat op losse schroeven. Volwassenen zadelen de nieuwe generaties op met een klimaatprobleem... Maar het is nog niet te laat. 

Want als we opnieuw verbinding zoeken met de natuur om ons heen, is er een alternatief mogelijk: het Symbioceen. Een tijdperk waarin mensen niet los van de natuur, maar met de natuur bestaan. Waarin planten en dieren - van reusachtig groot tot microscopisch klein - in symbiose samenleven. En waarin we onze plek innemen als onderdeel van een groter geheel.  

Een nieuwe, rebelse generatie, waar jong en oud zich verenigen, zal de weg hiernaartoe leiden. Generatie Symbioceen! Doe je mee? Samen veranderen we het narratief. Vertellen we een nieuw, hoopvol verhaal. En zetten we technologie naar onze hand om te natuur te helpen, niet om haar uit te putten.  

De VR- en AR installaties, workshops en games van ‘Wij zijn Generatie S!’ nemen je mee in een wereld waar mens en niet-mens naast elkaar bestaan. Ze geven een glimp van het Symbiocene tijdperk. Reis mee met orka's, verkleed je met virtuele mode en gebruik je lichaam om de natuur leven in te blazen. Het maakt niet of je 5, 25 of 50 jaar bent. Want wij zijn Generatie S!  

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Over het MediaLab

Het Cinekid MediaLab wil kinderen laten ervaren wat de creatieve kanten van media zijn en ze hiermee zelf aan de slag laten gaan. Door te spelen, ontdekken en verwonderen leren kinderen de effecten van nieuwe media. Onze huidige (belevings)wereld wordt voor een groot deel bepaald door digitale technologieën, die zich razendsnel ontwikkelen. Het MediaLab is een verzameling van diverse digitale (kunst)werken en gaat verder dan alleen kijken. Kinderen krijgen hier vrij spel om écht kennis te maken met deze digitale wereld. Zelf ontdekken, spelen en maken enthousiasmeert en inspireert kinderen; op deze wijze ontstaan er nieuwe verhalen en verbindingen.

Cinekid Play biedt kinderen de mogelijkheid om met het MediaLab in verbinding te blijven vanuit huis of in de klas. Ook is het mogelijk om buiten het festival om, in fysieke vorm het MediaLab te ontdekken. De workshops en installaties die voor het Cinekid Festival ontwikkeld worden, biedt Cinekid door het jaar heen ook op andere locaties aan. Bekijk de mogelijkheden! 

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Life of Us

In Life of Us you travel back in time, in virtual reality. Findout how life on earth developed. Blow bubbles, breathe fire, fly over a volcanoand run from dinosaurs. You keep developing into a new creature, and survivefor millions of years. You are not alone, as you can experience this adventure witha friend. Will you save the planet together?

Age: 8+
Makers: Aaron Koblin, Chris Milk

Critical Distance

How do killer whales find their way around? By bouncingsounds off things. This allows them to ‘see’ in the dark, recognize friends and enemies as well as hunt. The sound of our ships causes them a lot of problemsthough. In Critical Distance you view the world through the eyes ofkiller whale Kiki. How does echolocation work? And what is it like not to be ableto communicate properly?

Age: 8+
Makers: Adam May, Amy Zimmerman, Chris Campkin

Deep Blue

Deep Blue consists of four games about the climate crisis. In Waste Catcher you collect as much waste from the sea as you can. In Saving the Fish you save fish. In Koraal you defend the coral and in Turtle Race you play a baby turtle trying to reach the sea.

Age: 5+
Maker: XR Lab

Earth: a Primer

Make a volcano or a mountain, raise sea levels or paint with the wind. This teaches you how these things develop or work. Earth: a Primer is an educational book for those who like to play or rather a combination of a book, toys and a game. What are you waiting for? Explore the world on your iPad.

Age: 6+
Maker: Chaim Gingold

Biodiversity in Augmented Reality

Which Dutch plants are about to go extinct? What does that mean for our future? This work, in which every plant has its own story, shows you. Think of plants humans use for food, medicines or dyes. They not only have their own story, they also have their own sound! This piece lets you listen to biodiversity.

Age: 8+
Maker: Chantalla Pleiter

The Social Media Bodies

Online gaming, YouTube, TikTok: you probably use social media sometimes. And though it can be fun, there are some downsides. For instance, everyone seems thin, good looking and amazing. That makes that seem normal. But what is real and what is fake? The Social Media Bodies teaches you more about this.

Age: 8+
Makers: Zofia Krzyżanowska & Luiza de Miranda Rosa Awad

AR Graffiti

Which choices does an artist have to make? In AR Graffiti youwill experience this yourself because you create the graffiti. Which shapeof letter will you use? And what is the best 3D effect? Which background willyou pick? You can change the image by touching the details because ARGraffiti combines graffiti with video. You can even make your graffitimove!

All ages
Maker: WERC

Virtual Growth

In this work, virtual life overgrows the real world, but it can only grow over edges, so some parts stay uncovered. Time to use your body. Move lifeto new places where it can spread from. You can also wipe it away, but only ifyou get everything. Otherwise it grows back straight away.

All ages
Maker: Lieven van Velthoven

Paint With Your Nose

Forget your hands and use your nose to draw. In this work a camera follows your nose so when you move it, it leaves a colourful trail on the screen. This work’s maker likes experimenting and now you can do so too. Who knows? You might be a brilliant nose artist!

Age: 3+
Maker: Andreas Refsgaard

Match the Expression

Motion capture can be used to copy human movements. The technology is very useful if you want to make realistic animations. But how does it work? This piece allows you to experimentwith that using your mouth! The aim is to copy the facial expression of a facefrom an AI-generated portrait.

Age: 3+
Maker: Andreas Refsgaard

Marble Run

Marble Run is a digital pinball machine that runs across multiple screens. Grumpy marbles roll from screen to screen and you have to help them! You don’t do so alone, but with your team. Cooperating allows you to build bridges, move levers and connect wires. Press the right buttons in time so the marbles make it to the end!

Age: 6+
Maker: Tobias Fox


The Meta Morph

Augmented reality lets you add extra things to your surroundings. In The Meta Morph you add extras to … yourself! Change yourself using mode filters. Travel through a completely new world. You can tell new stories by combining the virtual world with your own. What will your story be?

Age: 6+
Makers: Sander Veenhof, Zoe Reddy

Dier in Zicht

How does a fish view its surroundings? And a monkey? And what about a chameleon and an owl? You find out in Dier in zicht. Because sometimes you need to see through someone’s eyes to understand them better.

Age: 6+
Maker: Zoe Reddy

The Living Room

In The Living Room you create your own game. You tell a story with stuff and furniture from a strange living room. What happened there? And what is going to happen? You tell the story by changing stuff and photographing it. In this way you can make a game in no time at all.

Age: 6+
Maker: Zoe Reddy

Symbio Animo

Would you like to make an animation film? At the Animatieplaats you will be taught by professional animators. You will work with specially designed characters and stuff which you will move just a little every time, then take a picture. Your short film will be shown on a big screen and you will be able to watch it at home.

Age: 5+
Makers: Cinekid, Levi Jacobs



MiSH MASH is a drawing game in which you create a picture with others. You just don’t know what the others have drawn. All you see is a tiny piece that you have to use for your part. This creates an enormous drawing. And shows you what can be achieved by working together with so many children.

Age: 5+
Maker: Kwa Qua Games


Am I playing a game or did I walk into a wonderful painting is a question you might ask playing Hoa. Hoa travels through many areas solving puzzles and meeting all sorts of weird creatures. Pretty exciting. Why do you feel so relaxed then?

Age: 5+
Makers: Scrollcat Studio, PM Studio

Doomsday Vault

Did you know there is a giant safe in freezing cold Spitsbergen? It stores seeds from all sort of plants. Doomsday Vault teaches you more about this safe and the plants in it. But you also have to save the plant life on earth by collecting seeds and safely bringing them to the safe.

Age: 5+
Maker: Flightless

Beasts of Balance

In Beasts of Balance you build a tower of animals on your table. Every animal has a chip which makes it also appear in the app. Stacking animals makes the digital world more beautiful. You can change the animals until they can do amazing things! Until the tower collapses that is.

Age: 5+
Maker: Sensible Object

Frog Chorus

Frog Chorus is the new social network for frogs. You can only croak there. Because sometimes you don’t feel like talking, but do want company. Now you can just leave the pond open in a tab and croak from time to time. If you get a croak back you know you are not alone.

All ages

Game & App Award

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Would you like to read someone else’s diary? In Lost Words: Beyond the Page that is exactly what you do. You enter young Izzy’s diary  and help her finish the story. You return to her fantasy world Estoria at the end of every page. Watch out for the dragon! 

Maker: Sketchbook Games Ltd

Milo and the Magpies

In this wonderful game, Milo the cat really wants to go home but a couple of annoying magpies he has just met are making that difficult. Can you help Milo to outwit these bullies? Solve the puzzles and help Milo sneak through the neighbours’ gardens. Until he finally makes it home. 

Maker: Second Maze


In this 2D game you play a peacock spider on an important mission. You have to save your friend! Unfortunately he has been taken by a snowbird. Luckily you can weave sticky webs  and swing from tree to tree. Insects help you, though not all of them have your best interest in mind. 

Maker: Riley Neville


In this beautiful game you play a sort of space dolphin, though you seem made of liquid. You dive from one airborne  bubble to the next. On your way you meet strange, hand-drawn creatures. The music changes to suit your movements as you enjoy floating around. 

Maker: Nifflas


Poisonous toadstools, a salamander, bottled fear. In this game you know what to do with these items. Because you are the forest’s old witch. You explore the strange landscape and collect magical ingredients. You turn these into your own potions so you can curse the bad people or turn them into frogs. 

Maker: Whitethorn Games

Search ARound

An owl, a turd, a harp, a foot and much much more. In this game they are cleverly hidden. But if you search hard you will definitely be able to find them. Search, turn, move and click things in the 3D space around you. This way you will get fit whilst playing this fun 3D puzzle game. 

Maker: Lidwien Veugen

Chicory: a Colorful Tale

Something terrible has happened. Chicory, the brush bearer has gone missing! This has made all the colour leave the land and it is up to you to take her place. Paint yourself silly to discover new places, solve puzzles and help friends. You change the world as you paint.  


Hoa takes a trip through a wonderful landscapes. She jumps on flowers, swims through seas and walks along branches. On her way she makes friends such as a snail who pushes her part of the way. And a giant octopus. It’s better for her to run from some of the other characters such as the robots. Can you help her return to where it all began? 

Makers: Scrollcat Studio, PM studio