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Cinekid presents the nominations for the Game and App Award 2021
Today Cinekid will announce the nominations for the Game and App Award. Cinekid recognises that nowadays games and apps are very influencial, for both young and old. There are very few people who don’t play games. With are an enormous number of games and apps out there, it can be difficult for many children to distinguish which ones are of high quality.
22 Jul 2021 -- 10:10
35th Cinekid Festival to open October 13 with the world premiere of Captain Nova
The leading festival for kids will kick off with a bang at its new location in Amsterdam Noord, and in 40 other towns and cities across the Netherlands.
08 Jun 2021 -- 8:08
Cinekid presenteert de honderd beste jeugdfilms die je als kind gezien moet hebben
Cinekid heeft de nieuwe VPRO Cinekid Top 100 bekendgemaakt. In dit overzicht zijn de beste 100 jeugdfilms opgenomen die je als kind gezien moet hebben.
17 Dec 2020 -- 16:16
Calamity, A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary wins Cinekid Lion for Best Children’s Film
Calamity, Jackie and Oopjen, The Crossing, Amira and Man Up! were the big winners at Cinekid 2020, the world’s largest children’s film festival.
23 Oct 2020 -- 15:15
Cinekid Festival opens for children only
The 34th edition of Cinekid, the world’s largest film festival for children, was festively opened at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam today by children’s mayor Illias Admi. The Dutch premiere of the French-Danish animated film Calamity was part of the opening and a special show for children only.
07 Oct 2020 -- 14:14
Livestreams in het hele land met bijzondere gasten tijdens het Cinekid festival
Cinekid presenteert deze herfstvakantie twee weken lang vanuit tien festivallocaties in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Groningen, Enschede, Nijmegen, Breda en Rotterdam dagelijks een live programma met een premièrefilm of serie. De kaartverkoop voor het hele Cinekid-programma is nu gestart.
24 Sep 2020 -- 12:12
First speakers for Cinekid Industry Forum 2020 revealed
Leading youth media industry event Cinekid for Professionals reveals the first inspiring speakers for its 2020 Industry Forum, running online Monday 19 October to Wednesday 21 October.
15 Sep 2020 -- 9:09
25 Aug 2020 -- 9:09
Cinekid opens with powerful animation feature Calamity
Cinekid is accessible to more children than ever: both online and live throughout the Netherlands
20 Aug 2020 -- 10:10