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General conditions


Despite the constant care and attention Cinekid devotes to the content of this website, it may happen that information published on it is incomplete or incorrect. We refuse all liability for any direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature, that results from or is in any way related to the use of the Cinekid website. The information on this website is regularly updated, and changes may be made at any time with immediate effect and without any notice.



The conditions below apply to all promotional discounts and coupons published digitally or otherwise by Cinekid, in collaboration with third parties or otherwise.

Conditions for all promotional vouchers or coupons issued as a printed medium or digitally:

  • Not valid in combination with other promotions and discounts,
  • The specific conditions of the promotional offer are indicated on the coupon, voucher or relevant web page,
  • Not valid for Masterclasses,
  • Not exchangeable for money,
  • Changes, prices and errors reserved.



1. Applicability

1.1 These conditions apply to all admission tickets. By obtaining and/or using a ticket and/or entering the location of the event, the visitor agrees to the content of these conditions.

1.2 Cinekid applies visitor regulations (link toevoegen, zie in bijlage het doc). By purchasing a ticket, the purchaser also declares in advance to agree to these house rules.


2. Ticketing

2.1 The agreement between the organisation and the purchaser of a ticket is concluded upon the purchaser’s placement of a booking for one or more tickets. A booking cannot be revoked by the purchaser. The purchaser cannot make changes to concluded agreements. The organisation shall provide the tickets before the relevant event.

2.2 Purchased tickets cannot be returned and do not fall under the statutory approval period of 7 days within which purchases can be revoked.

2.3 The tickets provided by the organisation are and remain the property of the organisation and are made available to the purchaser.

2.4 Due to additional expenses involved in, for example, online payments, the prices of tickets may be higher than the prices printed on the tickets by the organisation.

2.5 Visitors are not permitted to sell or provide the tickets to third parties in any manner, or to refer to the tickets in commercial communications.

2.6 The organisation reserves the right at all times to refuse bookings by purchasers or to set additional conditions for bookings.

2.7 The organisation accepts no liability for the purchaser’s loss of or damage to tickets, no matter the cause. In the event that the purchaser requests replacement tickets from the organisation, the organisation is entitled to charge costs.

2.8 For questions or issues with regard to the online ordering of tickets, please contact the helpdesk at


3. Dispatch

3.1 Immediately following the online purchase of tickets, the organisation shall send the e-tickets to the e-mail address provided by the purchaser. The organisation accepts no liability whatsoever for errors in the details entered by the purchaser as a result of which receipt of the ordered tickets is not possible.

3.2 Following receipt of the ordered tickets, the purchaser must check these for correctness. Erroneously printed or otherwise incorrect tickets can be replaced, provided that the purchaser returns them in time with a written description of the error.

3.3 The organisation accepts no liability for the purchaser’s loss of or damage to tickets, no matter the cause. In the event that the purchaser requests replacement tickets from the organisation, the organisation is entitled to charge costs.


4. Access

4.1 Only a valid ticket or coin grants access to the various paid programme components of the event.

4.2 Persons younger than 18 will only be granted access to the paid programme components if they are accompanied by a person aged 18 or older. The organisation is authorised to ask persons for identification upon entry. At the school performances, access and legitimation is organised with supervisors and teachers, in accordance with each school’s rules.

4.3 Digital cameras and telephones with cameras are allowed on the festival grounds. Professional video cameras/camcorders and other audio and video recording equipment is only permitted with press accreditation.

4.4 It is not permitted to make audio or video recordings of film, television and other similar displays at the festival. In case of breach, the organisation reserves the right to confiscate or erase material.

4.5 Furthermore, the following are not permitted on the festival grounds: glassware, alcoholic drinks, drugs, fireworks, weapons, firearms, dangerous objects and professional photography, video recording and other recording equipment. Whether or not equipment constitutes professional equipment is exclusively at the discretion of the organisation. The organisation shall confiscate non-permitted items at the entrance, or have these confiscated. Legal, valuable items may be reclaimed later. Illegal items will be handed over to the police.

4.7 The organisation is entitled to deny persons violating of any of the orders or prohibitions described in this article further access to the event without any right to refund of the paid admission fee.


5. Liability

5.1 Visitors enter the festival grounds and attend the event at their own risk. The organisation of the festival is not liable for loss of, theft of or damage to visitors’ possessions. Any liability on the part of the organisation is limited to the sum that its insurer pays out in the relevant case.

5.2 The organisation is not responsible for deviations in the programme. Furthermore, the organisation is not responsible for the content of programme components.


6. Force majeure

6.1 The organisation may move the event to a different date or location or even cancel the event in case of force majeure. In this context, “force majeure” must be interpreted broadly and includes sickness of and/or cancellation by guests, industrial action, fire, adverse weather conditions, etc.

6.2 Upon cancellation of the event, the organisation shall refund the admission fees as stated on the tickets to the visitors. Refunds shall only be made in the manner indicated by the organisation. Service costs and other damages will not be reimbursed.


7. Miscellaneous

7.1 Visitors must obey the rules and instructions of the organisation and competent authorities. If the organisation considers it reasonably necessary for the peace and order during the event, it has the right to deny visitors access or further access to the event or to have them removed from the venue of the event.

7.2 Video and/or audio recordings may be made of the event and the visitors, and recordings may be made public or reproduced. Cinekid is not responsible for publicised materials of other visitors and parties. If an objection is made to photo or film material publicised by Cinekid, it is in principle always possible to request removal of the photo or film material by email to, by invoking the privacy rights of the child.

7.3 Recording the event in any form, including professional photographing, filming and making of audio and/or video recordings, without the explicit advance written permission from the organisation is prohibited, as well as the reprinting of and/or copying from the Cinekid Special, daily newspaper, posters and other printed matter.

7.4 To enable the organisation to fulfil its statutory obligations, visitors must be able to identify themselves upon request. This applies among others in the context of the Licensing and Catering Act (Drank- en Horecawet), which prohibits the serving of alcoholic beverages to visitors younger than 18.

7.5 Smoking is prohibited in tents and temporary or permanent buildings, except in any designated smoking areas. Any fines imposed on the organisation as a result of a visitor’s breach of this rule will be claimed from the visitor.

7.6 Pets and animals are not permitted at the event. It is also not permitted to light fires on the grounds, engage in commercial activities, or behave in a manner that is in any way offensive, discriminatory or abusive, or to wear or spread such symbols.

7.7 The organisation has the right to deny visitors access to the event if they fail to obey these rules or to follow the instructions of the organisation. In general, this is the case if public order or security is threatened during the event. 


8. Concluding provisions

8.1 These General Conditions are subject to Dutch law.


View our visitor regulations on this page.