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Privacy statement  

Stichting Cinekid Amsterdam, having its registered offices at Kattenburgerstraat 5 in Amsterdam, is responsible for how your personal data is treated. You can reach Cinekid by sending an e-mail to
Use of the personal data you provide 
We process personal data for different people in a range of different ways, depending on what we do for you. A complete list of the processes we carry out is given below: 


  • Measuring Website Traffic 

                 •   Purpose: To optimise the website 
                 •   Application: Google Analytics 4 
                 •   Personal data processed: IP address, location 
                 •   Basis: Permission (opt-in) 

  • Newsletter for Marketing & Communication 

                 •   Purpose: To inform customers of non-contractual matters, such as the festival,                            year-round activities 
                 •   Application: Mailchimp 
                 •   Personal data processed: First name, e-mail address, type of newsletter                                          (professionals, education, audience) 
                 •   Basis: Permission (opt-in) 

Industry Professionals: 
N.B. the Cinekid for Professionals programme is referred to below as ‘CfP programme’. 

  • Registration Form Talent Development Programme 

                 •   Purpose: Participation in Talent Development   
                 •   Application: Filmchief
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Name & Address, contact details, type of programme,                          own work 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with party concerned 

  • Accreditation Application Form 

                 •   Purpose: Attending CfP programme  
                 •   Application: Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: First name, surname, nationality, form of address,                                profile photo, organisation, address details organisation, country, contact details                        organisation (e-mail, telephone), mobile number, attending, type of                                                accreditation, dietary preferences, accessibility requirements 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with party concerned  

  • Submitting a Project to CfP  

                 •   Purpose: Registering a project for participation in CfP  
                 •   Application: Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Name & Address, contact details, type of project,                                    project details                   
                 •   Basis: Agreement with party concerned 

  • Offering Networking Opportunities 

                 •   Purpose: Networking opportunities CfP programme 
                 •   Application: Industry manual, Filmchief
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Form of address, first name, surname, photo,                                          organisation details (name, telephone, e-mail), job titles, sector, website,                                        company profile 
                 •  Basis: Permission (opt-in) 

  • Submission of Ideas for Open Call 

                 •   Purpose: Selection of best ideas submitted 
                 •   Application: Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: First name, surname, e-mail address, idea 
                 •   Basis: Permission (opt-in) 

  • Registration Game & App Award 

                 •   Purpose: Selection of Award winner 
                 •   Application: Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: First name, surname, e-mail address, game or app 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with party concerned 

  • Project Submission to MediaLab 

                 •   Purpose: Submission of projects by makers
                 •   Application: Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: First name, surname, e-mail address, address details,                          payment details, contract 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with party concerned 

  • Jury Recruitment and Access to Projects for Jury Purposes 

                 •   Purpose: Jury consideration of submitted projects & publication on the website                          of jury members in each category 
                 •   Application: Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Organisation, contact details, first name, surname,                                profile photo, job title, jury member category 
                 •   Basis: Justifiable interest 

  • Communication with Filmmakers 

                 •   Purpose: Communication in relation to participation in the festival 
                 •   Application: Filmchief, e-mail 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Organisation, address details, first name, surname,                              e-mail, telephone numbers, project, availability, attending, communication 
                 •   Basis: Justifiable interest 

Educational institutions/ pupils: 

  • Registration for Schools’ Programme 

                 •   Purpose: Attending schools’ programme 
                 •   Application: Mail 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: School, class, number of pupils, address details school,                        contact details school and contact person, preferences, availability 
                 •   Basis: Justifiable interest 

  • Registration for Year-round Products such as Workshops and Film Screenings 

                 •   Purpose: Taking up educational products 
                 •   Application: E-mail 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: School, class, number of pupils, address details school,                        contact details school and contact person, desired product, availability and                                  preferences 
                 •   Basis: Justifiable interest 

  • Participation in Junior Crew 

                 •   Purpose: Participation in junior crew 
                 •   Application: Filmchief, e-mail, photography on the website and social media 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Names of parents, contact details parents, first name                            child, surname child, permission for photography 
                 •   Basis: Permission (opt-in) 

Festival visitors/ Audience: 

  • Sale of Festival Tickets 

                 •   Purpose: Sending tickets to e-mail address 
                 •   Application: Ticket engine 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: E-mail address, which tickets and quantities,                                          permission for evaluation, permission for newsletter, acceptance of terms &                                conditions 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with party concerned 

  • Processing and Making Available of MediaLab Works 

                 •   Purpose: Storing creative works made by children which they can then watch                              using a code  
                 •   Application: MediaLab community 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Code, creative works made by and possibly featuring                            children 
                 •   Basis: Permission (opt-in) 


  • Location and Festival Supplies 

                 •   Purpose: Drawing up agreements with suppliers of supplies and services for the                        festival & festival locations 
                 •   Application: Mail, Office, Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Organisation, contact details, contact person, what                                products and services are to be delivered, what exactly has been agreed, when,                          at what price 
                 •   Basis: Justifiable interest 

Sponsors and Partners: 

  • Contact Details of Potential and Existing Partners and Funds, Sponsor Agreements and Agreements for Contributions to Funds 

                 •   Purpose: Processing sponsor/ partner agreements and accompanying funds/                              contributions 
                 •   Application: Mail, Office, Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: First name, surname, organisation, contact details                                organisation and contact person (telephone, e-mail), organisation details,                                      agreement with specification  
                 •   Basis: Justifiable interest 


  • Registration Form Volunteer 

                 •   Purpose: Registration as a volunteer 
                 •   Application: Filmchief 
                 •   Personal Data Processed: Name and Address, contact details (e-mail, telephone),                        availability, accessibility, T-shirt size, work preferences, highest completed                                    educational qualification, experience, certificate of good conduct, dietary                                      requirements and allergies, accessibility requirements  
                 •  Basis: Agreement with party concerned 

Retention Period 
We will process your personal data only for as long as is necessary to achieve the specified purpose.  
Invoicing information (name, business address and business bank account details) will be retained for 7 years following the date of invoice. 
As long as we have a business relationship with you, we will keep your contact details in order to be able to contact you. Following termination of our relationship, we will keep your contact details for a maximum of two years. 

The security and protection of your personal data are of the greatest importance to us. At Stichting Cinekid Amsterdam, we make every effort to assure the integrity and completeness of your data. For this reason, we have implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data against unauthorised access, loss, abuse or amendment.  

Photos at Cinekid for Professionals 
During Cinekid for Professionals, our official photographers record the festival and our activities. We respect your privacy and portrait rights.  
We always place a sign at the entrance whenever we will be taking photos and/or filming. If you do not want to be in a photo or film, you can get a sticker from at the cash register so we can take your wishes into account. If you are not wearing this sticker, we assume that you give permission for this visual material to be used, also for promotional and marketing purposes. 
We will ask for your explicit permission before using photos which we wish to use for promotional and marketing purposes and in which you are clearly recognisable and prominently shown. If you are photographed during the event, our photographer or a member of our team may approach you asking for this permission. Should you discover after the event that you are recognisable in one of our publications and have an objection to this, please contact, and we will withdraw or change the image in question at the earliest opportunity. 

Deletion of your personal data 
It is possible to delete your account, including all personal data, from our database. You can do this in your account, by clicking on 'I want to deactivate my account'. If you need help with this, contact  
Data we are required by law to retain for a specific period will be deleted only after this period has expired. 

Right to withdraw permission  
If we process your data on the basis of your permission, you have the right to withdraw this permission at any time. You can do this by sending an e-mail to  
For the newsletter, you can withdraw your permission simply by clicking on the link in the newsletter to unsubscribe. 
For website monitoring, you can withdraw your permission by stating this in the cookie banner. 

Automated decision-making  
Cinekid does not take any decisions on the basis of automated processes. 

Links to other sites 
On certain pages, the Cinekid website links to third-party websites. Cinekid is not responsible for the privacy and cookie policies applicable on the websites of third parties. 
Providing personal data to third parties 
Cinekid shares your personal data with various third parties, but only in as far as this is necessary to carry out the transaction or perform the service, or to comply with any legal obligation. In relation to companies that process your data for us, we apply a data processing agreement to ensure that these maintain the same level of security and confidentiality of your data. Cinekid remains responsible for this processing.  
Cinekid provides your personal data to third parties only with your explicit permission, and only when this is necessary for the performance of the transaction or service, or by virtue of a legal obligation.  

We use functional, analytical and tracking cookies on our website to improve your visit to our website. Click here for further information. 
Cinekid only uses cookies on our website if you have given permission for this. Our website is currently linked to Google Analytics, to facilitate the keeping of online statistics. Cinekid does not collect personal details from Google Analytics and we do not include tracking codes in our website.  

Viewing, amending and deleting data 
You have the right to view, amend or delete the data you have provided to us in accordance with the stipulations of the Dutch Data Protection Act (Dutch: Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens). If you wish to exercise one of these rights, or if you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can reach us by e-mail on

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the protection of your personal data by Cinekid, you can send an e-mail to

Cinekid reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. Any changes will be announced on this page. Cinekid therefore recommends that you check this page regularly to keep up to date with any amendments made. 
Do you have a complaint about the way in which your data has been treated? Then contact us by e-mail at . You also have the right to make a report to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch: Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).