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Children work independently in these workshops and installations, often under supervision of specially trained workshop supervisors. They learn about different types of media, discover various techniques, and in a playful way develop their personal attitude to television programmes and to games.

For instance, there are the Stop-Motion and Animation Zone, where children work in duo-groups or with the whole class to create a stop-motion film. The animation workshop Wonderwheel offers a spectacular experience, and children learn about gathering news and presentation techniques in the workshop Host Your Own Show. In the field of interactive media, there is the workshop VR Stereo Glasses, where children learn to make their own Virtual Reality goggles, or the Mini Media Academy, as an introduction to a wide array of new media techniques and tools, where children learn to programme robots and hack websites, and lots more. The costs for a separate workshop vary, but the average price is €350 per workshop.

Projects tailored to whole schools
In addition to the fixed workshops above, Cinekid also offers projects tailored to individual schools.

For example, we developed an Animation programme for the USV School in Utrecht, where the higher classes (groups 6, 7 and 8) explored the world of animation film in four consecutive lessons.
Lesson 1: Introduction (with the workshop Wonderwheel and making flip books).
Lesson 2: Each class makes a stop-motion film in the Animation workplace.
Lessons 3 & 4: Pupils work in pairs to make their own stop-motion films on school tablet computers.

Approximate price: €3,000 (based on 3 classes, 4 days, and 1.5-hour workshops)

Also, in collaboration with the Antonius School in Amsterdam we developed the Film & Heritage project, which lasts four weeks. Each class researches a certain building, location or theme in the neighbourhood, and then creates a short stop-motion film about their subject in the Animation Zone. The children go on an urban safari, explore their specific subject with the assistance of their teacher, and the Cinekid workshop supervisors help them to convert their story into film. Prior to the project, the teachers attend a study afternoon where they learn to make a short film and obtain tips & tools on working with stop-motion in the classroom.

Approximate price: €4,000 (based on 8 classes, 9 days of school presence, and the final editing of the films).

These programmes are often supported through grants, for instance the Leerlijnenlab offered by the Cultuureducatie met Kwaliteit scheme, of the Cultural Participation Fund

For pricing information and other enquiries, please contact Cinekid on +3120 - 531 7891 or by email to

See the complete offer of workshops, films and installations in the brochure below:

Cinekid is part of the Amsterdams Filmmenu: for more film education at Amsterdam schools. To encourage more attention and opportunity for film education at Amsterdam schools, the Amsterdam film institutes present the Amsterdams Filmmenu, with something for everyone with regard to film education. Watching films or making films, at school or on-site – everything is possible.