Cinekid Festivalbox

What is Cinekid Play?

Cinekid Play is thé streaming service for curious children (and parents). It is a free online platform where films, workshops, tutorials and games can be watched and played. Cinekid Play is available throughout the year as permanent component of Cinekid.

Throughout October, Cinekid Play will also be transformed into the Online Cinekid Festival! For 8 euros you can watch the latest films throughout October that can also be seen at Cinekid Festival, view exclusive online installations and find workshops.

Who is Cinekid Play for?

Cinekid Play is for everybody. The platform’s content is most suitable for children between 4 and 12 years old. We use the following age classifications: All ages, 6 years old, 9 years old and 12 years old. 

What is the difference between Cinekid and Cinekid Play?

Cinekid Play is the online element of the Cinekid festival, that is available all year round. Not only does it offer films that you can also see at our Festival, but a lot more!

Do I need to pay for Cinekid Play?

The entire month of October is the Online Cinekid Festival at Cinekid Play! For 8 euros you get unlimited access to the latest films that can also be seen in the cinema during the Festival, the latest games and online installations.


What is the MediaLab?

The MediaLab is the world’s largest digital playground, filled with interactive art installations, the newest apps and games and exclusive media workshops. More information will follow about which Cinekid locations offer the MediaLab experience. The MediaLab can also be experienced online on Cinekid Play.

Cinekid for Professionals

How do I apply for accreditation for Cinekid for Professionals?

More information on different types of accreditation can be found on our accreditation page. Subscribe to our newsletter or keep an eye on our accreditation page to know when you can apply for accreditation for Cinekid for Professionals 2022.

Can I attend the Junior Co-production Market?

The Junior Co-production Market (JCM) pitches and 1-to-1 meetings are accessible only to guests with a suitable Cinekid for Professionals accreditation. More information on different types of accreditations can be found on our accreditation page.

Can I attend the ScreeningClub?

From mid-October 2022 onwards the ScreeningClub will be online again. It is only accessible to guests with a suitable Cinekid for Professionals accreditation. More information on different types of accreditations can be found on our accreditation page.

How do I submit a production to the Cinekid Festival?

From March 2022 onwards, we’ll be accepting entries for Cinekid Festival 2022. The entry form and regulations can be found on our entries page. To stay up to date we advise to keep a close eye on our website or to subscribe to the Cinekid for Professionals newsletter.

Other questions

What is Cinekid?

Cinekid is the world's biggest film and media festival for children! Cinekid is the platform for (international) children's film productions, offers the streaming service Cinekid Play and makes sure that children can explore the digital playground MediaLab. In addition, Cinekid provides workshops and film screenings all year round, throughout the country, specifically for schools.

What is Cinekid's mission/vision?

Cinekid wants to amaze, entertain, connect and contribute to the development of children into independent, conscious and well-thinking global citizens. To achieve this, Cinekid presents, produces, teaches, and communicates with, through, and about film and moving images in a language that reaches children. Read more about Cinekid's mission and vision here.

When is the next Cinekid Festival?

The Cinekid Festival takes place during the school holidays in the fall, between the 13th and 31st of October 2021. In 2021, Cinekid will take place at almost forty different festival locations throughout the Netherlands for the first time. The festival can be online experienced on Cinekidplay.nl. For €8,- you gain unlimited access to the newest feature ánd short films, exclusive online installations, and workshops for the entire month of October. 

How can I get in touch?

The Cinekid helpdesk can be reached by phone between 9:00 and 17:00 via: 020 531 7890. You can also ask all questions you may have via service@cinekid.nl and via Facebook messenger. We will always try to help you as quickly as possible. 

How old do you have to be to go to the Cinekid Festival?

Everyone is welcome at Cinekid! We have a fun programme planned for kids aged between 3 and 14. But there are kids of 15 and 16 years old that still enjoy Cinekid. 

Is Cinekid only active during the autumn break?

Definitely not. We have interesting activities in your neighbourhood, school and online all year round. For example, we organise exclusive premieres and offer films, workshops, tutorials and games throughout the year on Cinekid Play. More information on these activities can be found here

What is Cinekid for Professionals?

With its focus on children’s media, Cinekid for Professionals (CfP) is the most important international industry event for producers, directors, broadcasters, distributors, academics, institutes, funding bodies, journalists, researchers and artists, all working within children’s media. This year, CfP will take place from 18 till 21 October 2022.

Can I enter the competitions?

You're very welcome to. There are multiple competitions you can partake in. You can do this by going to our entry page

Can I work at Cinekid too?

Cinekid is always looking for volunteers who wish to help out during the festival. Interested? Send an email with your name, age and background to vrijwilligers@cinekid.nl.

Vacancies within Cinekid are posted on our vacancies page.

Still don't have an answer to your question? Contact us by sending an email to info@cinekid.nl, ask your question via Facebook messenger or call 020 531 7890. The helpdesk is opened daily between 9.00 and 17.00.