What is Cinekid?

Cinekid is the worlds largest media festival for children! Read more about our mission and vision here

When is the next Cinekid Festival?

The Cinekid Festival takes place during the autumn break, between 19 and 25 October 2019 in Amsterdam, and between 12 and 27 October in 35 different cities accross the Netherlands.

When is Cinekid on Tour?

Cinekid on Tour can be found at almost 40 locations throughout the Netherlands with films, workshops and media installations. It takes place during the annual autumn break, between 12 and 27 October 2019. Bear in mind: these dates can vary per location. 

How old do you have to be to go to the Cinekid Festival?

Everyone is welcome at Cinekid! We have a fun programme planned for kids aged between 3 and 14. But there are kids of 15 and 16 years old that still enjoy Cinekid. 

When does the ticket sale for the Cinekid Festival start?

Our online ticket sale starts Thursday 3 October. Stay up to date on our programme by checking our website, social media or newsletter. 

Is Cinekid only active during the autumn break?

Definitely not. We have interesting activities in your neighbourhood or school year round. More information on these activities can be found here

What is Cinekid for Professionals?

With its laser focus trained on children’s media, Cinekid for Professionals (CfP) is the essential international industry event for producers, directors, broadcasters, distributors, academics, institutes, funding bodies, journalists, researchers and artists, all working within the children’s sector.

Can I enter the competitions?

You're very welcome to. There are multiple competitions you can partake in. You can do this by going to our entry page


Help with tickets

For questions about tickets, contact us by sending an email to tickets@cinekid.nl

How do I get tickets for Cinekid (on Tour)?

Tickets for the festival in Amsterdam go on sale on our website (with discount) on 3 October. During the festival you can buy them at the box office at the festival terrain in Amsterdam.

Tickets for Cinekid on Tour are exclusively available at the participating film theatres. You can find the locations here.

How much is a ticket for Cinekid (on Tour)?

You'll need a ticket per programme or screening. Prices may vary.

Tv- & Film screenings Online Box Office
Child/minder 8,50- 10,-
Pre-schooler workshop child 6,50- 8,-
Pre-schooler workshop minder 2,50- 4,-


MediaLab Online  Box Office
Child 11,- 12,50-
Child till 12.00 8,- 9,50-
Minder 5,- 6,50-
Minder till 12.00 2,50- 4,-
Masterclass (excl. MediaLab) 13,50- 15,-

Ticketprijzen voor Cinekid on Tour zijn te vinden op de website van de samenwerkende theaters.

What does the early bird discount entail?

This discount only applies to the MediaLab. If you enter the MediaLab before 11.30, you receive a discount of 50% on your ticket!

I’m having problems with the ticketing system.

For any questions about our ticketing system or bought tickets, please contact us through +3120 - 531 78 90 or tickets@cinekid.nl.

There are no tickets available at the ticket shop.

The show or activity may be sold out or the pre-sale period ended. Try ordering the screening, workshop or masterclass at a later time in the week.

I have bought a ticket but can’t find it in my inbox.

Please contact our helpdesk by sending an email to tickets@cinekid.nl with the mail address you bought the ticket(s) with. Send your payment receipt (by attaching a print screen of a bank statement or credit card) of the tickets that you’ve bought. When the helpdesk receives this info, they will send an email with your ticket conformation as soon as possible. In this conformation email you will find the tickets for your show as an enclosed pdf file. This way you don’t have to go to the register anymore, but you can directly go to your screening or programme with these e-tickets. We can scan these tickets from your phone or tablet.

I didn’t get an email conformation.

You can get another conformation by sending an email to tickets@cinekid.nl with your request. State what your reference number is of your order (you can find this on your bank statement). If you’ve already downloaded your tickets, you don’t need another conformation.

I’ve bought multiple tickets, but can only print one.

The pdf file contains multiple tickets. Every ticket is valid for one person. Make sure you print every ticket in that file. You can indicate this at your print preferences (choose “all” at print range). Every ticket has a unique number.

My tickets are lost or stolen.

Unfortunately, we can't help you with that. The responsibility lies with the buyer of the tickets to keep them safe. We advise you to print the tickets again and arrive at the Cinekid Festival as soon as possible, because the tickets can only be scanned once.

Is it safe to buy tickets off of somebody else?

We strongly discourage you to buy tickets off a stranger. There is no possibility to check if the tickets are valid.

I haven’t bought my ticket(s) on the website of the event.

We strongly discourage you to buy tickets through unofficial sales channels. Your entry cannot be guaranteed. The official sales channel is the Cinekid website. 

Can I transfer my ticket to somebody else or are they personal?

There are personal tickets for some events, but that is clearly stated on the ticket. Nonpersonal tickets can be transferred to other people. The name on the ticket does not have to be changed (beware: the tickets only valid once).

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return tickets. Not all tickets are personal, so you can give them to friends or family.

Do I still have to go to the register with my online tickets?

No. You can directly go to your film or TV screening or the MediaLab.

As an adult, can I go into the MediaLab?

Yes, but you can't partake in the activities. The activities at the MediaLab are only for children. Parent can of course help or watch (you can buy a reduced ticket to do this) or take place at the catering island in the MediaLab, so you can still keep a look-out.

How can I get a MediaLab pass?

You receive this pass at the entrance of the MediaLab when you show your ticket. With it you can review all of your activities.

Cinekid Festival

At what times do the doors at the Cinekid Festival open?

The box office is open between 10.00 and 16.45 every day during the festival. The doors of the MediaLab open at 10.30. 
During the Night of the Lion screenings (from 21 to 24 October) the boxoffice at the guest desk will be open from 18.00 to 20.00. 

How do I get to the Cinekid Festival?

From the north: Ring West exit S104 (Haarlem). Follow Centrum and turn right at the Haarlemmerweg.
From the south: Ring West exit S103 (Haarlem, Halfweg) through the Haarlemmerweg towards the centre of Amsterdam. After 1,5 km you’ll see the Westergas on your left.

The Westergas is car-free location. You can part at: Parking garage Q Park Westergasfabriek (€2.00 every 33 minutes).
Van Bleiswijkstraat 8
1051 DG Amsterdam

The Westergas is just a short walk from the Haarlemmervaart.

Parking garage Willemspoort (€6.30 per hour).
Haarlemmer Houttuinen 549
1013 GM Amsterdam

The Westergas is just a 10-minute walk away from the Haarlemmerplein.

Public transport
From Amsterdam Central Station: Bus 21, stop Van Hallstraat.
From the city centre: Tram 5, stop De Wittenkade. 
Look for the most updated public transport information on https://www.gvb.nl/

Can I still go to the Cinekid Festival with a physical disability?

You can still go to the movie and television showing with a disability. There are a lot of installations you can interact with at the MediaLab. At some installations you need to physically interact, which can be difficult but we’ll do are best to make this possible.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the festival grounds?

Yes, you can bring your own lunch to the grounds. Although, there are multiple catering establishments at the festival that you can go to.  

Can I bring pets to the Cinekid Festival?

Cinekid loves animals and they are more than welcome at the festival grounds outside, but unfortunately not inside the locations.

Can I make photos and videos at Cinekid?

You are only allowed to take pictures and record outside of the movie and television screenings. The use of professional film and audio equipment is not allowed.

Where can I ask questions at the festival grounds?

There is an information desk at the Cineplaza, next to the box offices.

Map of the festival site

Cinekid for Professionals

What are the dates and locations of Cinekid for Professionals?

Cinekid for Professionals 2019 will take place from 21 to 24 October 2019 at the Westergas in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

How do I apply for accreditation for Cinekid for Professionals?

More information on different types of accreditation can be found on our accreditation page.

How do I attend the Industry Forum and Film Literacy Seminar?

There are two ways to access the CfP programme:

By requesting an accreditation. This year, we offer different kinds of accreditations

  1. CfP Accreditation
  2. Combi 1: CfP + ticket to the Industry Forum
    You can find more information on accreditation and access here.

Update: the Industry Forum 2019 is sold out.

For further questions regarding accreditations, please contact professionals@cinekid.nl, for questions regarding tickets, please contact tickets@cinekid.nl

How can I attend festival screenings and the MediaLab?

As an accredited guest, you can get free tickets to all screenings of Cinekid Festival, and visit Cinekid’s MediaLab for free. These tickets can be reserved on the day of the screening at the Professionals’ box office at the Professionals Desk, or at all other box offices at the festival site. Please note that many of the screenings are in Dutch or with Dutch subtitles only, a list of international screenings will be published closer to the festival.

With your accreditation you also have access to the ScreeningClub, where you can watch the selected films and TV-productions of Cinekid Festival with English subtitles. Priority access is given to buyers.

Can I attend the Junior Co-production Market?

The Junior Co-production Market (JCM) pitches and 1-to-1 meetings are only accessible for guests with a CfP accreditation. As a professional working in (children’s) media, you can request an accreditation, more information can be found here. We are looking for professionals that can significantly contribute to the projects selected for JCM.

Can I attend the ScreeningClub?

The ScreeningClub is only accessible for guests with a CfP accreditation. As a professional working in (children’s) media, you can request an accreditation, more information can be found here.

How do I submit a production to the Cinekid Festival?

You can submit recently completed films and TV productions for Cinekid’s ScreeningClub by filling out this form. The submission deadlines for productions for other programmes of Cinekid 2018 have passed. The call for entries will re-open in the spring of 2019. To stay up to date we advise to keep a close eye on our website.


How do I qualify for the International Film Competition?

The film competition programme is limited to 15 feature films. International films for children and youth films produced in 2018/2019 can be selected for the competition, provided that the film has not been released in the Netherlands. New Dutch produced films can be selected for the international competition, provided that the film has not been released in the Netherlands before the starting date of the national autumn break 2019.

For further details on the programme and prizes, click here.

Does Cinekid have an International Short Competition?

Features can be selected for all programmes. However, short films can only be selected for occasional special programmes and for the ScreeningClub. Cinekid does not host an International shorts competition.

How do I qualify for the Media Awards?

For further details about the programme and prizes, click here.

Other questions

Can I work at Cinekid?

Cinekid is always looking for volunteers to help during the festival. Send an email with your name, age and background to vrijwilligers@cinekid.nl.

When there are jobs available, you can find them at our job offers.

Still don't have an answer to your question? Contact us by sending an email to info@cinekid.nl