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Cinekid Foundation
Kattenburgerstraat 5
Building 003 G (Poortgebouw)
1018 JA Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 531 78 90 

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VAT-number: NL009879997B01
COC-number: 41205780
IBAN: NL32ABNA0545430402
Invoices can be directed at cinekid@inkoopfacturen.nl.

Cinekid Festival is a part of the EFFE festival community, facilitated bij the European Festivals Association.



Heleen Rouw


Office Management


+31 (0)20 531 78 90

Hannah Bremer

Office Manager

Christine Breur

Manager Finance & Operations

Mary-Louise van Driessche

Personal Assistent

Film & Series


+31 (0)20 531 78 92



+31 (0)20 531 78 94

Erik Tijman

Head of Film & Series

Merel Gilsing

Advisor Film

Alexander Sommers

Producer Film

Berit van Lier

Producer Series

Jane Heinze

Intern Film & Series

Ayla Rasing

Intern Film & Series

Cinekid for Professionals


+31 (0)20 531 78 96

Nienke Poelsma

Head of Cinekid for Professionals

Thijs van der Laak

Coordinator Cinekid for Professionals

Babs Anemoon Pol

Producer Special Events

Eline Warnier

Junior Co-production Market Producer

Hannah van der Mark

Junior Producer Guest Departement

Giovana Galvao

Intern Cinekid for Professionals



+31 (0)20 531 78 93

Ward Janssen

Head of Digital Culture



+31 (0)20 235 74 40

Rianne Vogel

Head of Education

Brechje Meijers

Education Intern

Sonja Volmer

Coordinator Workshops

Sietske Bosma

Intern Workshops

Marc Selanno

Producer Projects

Nicky Maas

Producer Education

Marketing & Communication


+31 (0)20 531 78 95



Veerle Snijders

Head of Marketing & Communication

Laura Bos

Online Marketing & Communication

Tess Semin

Graphic Design

Diane Borst

Press & Publicity

Nicky Beckers

Intern Marketing

Sophie Zweers

Intern Graphic Design

Jordy den Haan

Manager Partnerships

Kimberly Willems

Project manager PR & Editorial Online Platform

Festival Production


+31 (0)20 2357 441



+31 (0)20 3030 791

Lisa Luijten

Festival Producer

Jessie van Vreden

Producer Cinekid on Tour

Judith Rigter

Volunteer coördinator

Noortje Veerman

Volunteer coordinator

Barbara de Haan

Producer Opening and Artis-event

Supervisory Board

The Cinekid Foundation works with a supervisory board-model according to the Governance Code Cultuur. Cinekid delivers the annual reports to this board, attached in the financial statements.

Hedda Bruessing

Head of Media Business Development at BNNVARA

Errol Nayci

Founder of The Storytellers Film & TV BV en Creative Producer Strix

Jeroen van Dijk

Financial director & board member FD Mediagroep

Guido van Nispen

Owner at Vannispen management B.V.

Marlene Wickel

Managing Director Jean Mineur Mediavision bv


Cinekid works together with ambassadors consisted of experienced professionals with a proven track record in the children’s media industry.

Ido Abram

Deputy Director at EYE Film Museum

Jeroen van Mastrigt

Creative Director FreedomLab

Floor Onrust

Producer Family Affair Films

Justine Bannister

Children's Media Consultant

Eric Goossens

Producer Walking the Dog

Nienke Korthof

Curator & Film Producer Tangerine Tree

Nasim Miradi

Co-founder ROSE stories

Roel Spits

Education Expert

Henrike van Gelder

Chief Editor of Kidsweek and other children's media

Pien Houthoff

Managing Director of LUX

Dries Phlypo

Film Producer at A Private View

Barbara Bredero

Director of film & television

Viola Gabrielli

Children's Movie Consultent

Astrid Bussink

Head of Youth VPRO

Janneke van de Kerkhof

Line Producer Submarine