Stichting Cinekid Amsterdam, headquartered at Kattenburgerstraat 5 in Amsterdam, is responsible for protecting your personal data. You can contact Cinekid by sending an e-mail to

How Cinekid uses the personal data you disclose 

Cinekid processes personal data of different people in different ways, depending on your potential or actual relationship with Cinekid. Below is an exhaustive list of Cinekid’s processing operations:

  • Measuring website traffic

                 •   Purpose: Optimizing Cinekid's website
                 •   Application: Google Analytics 4
                 •   Personal data processed: IP address, location
                 •   Basis: Consent (opt-in)

  • Subscribing to MarComms newsletter
    • Purpose: Informing customers about matters that bear no relation to contracts, such as the festival and year-round activities
    • Application: Mailchimp
    • Personal data processed: First name, e-mail address, type of newsletter (Professionals, Education, audience)
    • Basis: Consent (opt-in)
Industry Professionals: 

Please note that the Cinekid for Professionals programme will be mentioned in abbreviated form as the ‘CfP Programme’. 

  • Submitting an application form for a Talent Development Programme 

                 •   Purpose: Participating in a Talent Development Programme 
                 •   Application: Fiona 

  • Personal data processed: Name and address details, contact details, type of programme, your artistic work 
  • Basis: Agreement with the data subject 
  • Submitting an accreditation request form 

                 •   Purpose: Participating in the CfP Programme 
                 •   Application: Fiona 
                 •   Personal data processed: First name, last name, nationality, form of address, profile picture,
organization, address of organization, country, contact details of organization (e-mail, telephone number), mobile phone number, attendance, type of accreditation, dietary needs and preferences, accessibility requirements 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with the data subject 

  • Submitting a project for the CfP Programme 

                 •   Purpose: Entering a project for the CfP Programme 
                 •   Application: Fiona 
                 •   Personal data processed: Name and address details, contact details, type of project, project details
                 •   Basis: Agreement with the data subject 

  • Offering networking opportunities 

                 •   Purpose: Enabling networking opportunities during the CfP programme 
                 •   Application: Industry manual, Fiona 
                 •   Personal data processed: Form of address, first name, last name, photo, details of organization (name, telephone number, e-mail), job titles, industry, website, company profile 
                 •   Basis: Consent (opt-in) 

  • Submitting an idea for an Open Call 

                 •   Purpose: Selecting the best idea submitted 
                 •   Application: Fiona 
                 •   Personal data processed: First name, last name, e-mail address, idea 
                 •   Basis: Consent (opt-in) 

  • Submitting an entry for the Game & App Award 

                 •   Purpose: Selecting the award winner 
                 •   Application: Fiona 
                 •   Personal data processed: First name, last name, e-mail address, game or app 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with the data subject 

  • Submitting a project for the MediaLa 

                 •   Purpose: Accepting submissions from project makers 
                 •   Application: Fiona 
                 •   Personal data processed: First name, last name, e-mail address, address details, payment details, contract 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with the data subject 

  • Selecting jurors and giving them access to projects to judge 

                 •   Purpose: Judging submitted projects and publishing the names of jury members in each category on the website 
                 •   Application: Fiona 
                 •   Personal data processed: Organization, contact details, first name, last name, profile photo, title, type of jury member 
                 •   Basis: Legitimate interest 

  • Corresponding with filmmakers 

                 •   Purpose: Corresponding about participating in festival 
                 •   Application: Fiona, e-mail, Mailchimp 
                 •   Personal data processed: Organization, address details, first name, last name, e-mail, telephone numbers, project, availability, attendance, correspondence 
                 •   Basis: Legitimate interest 

Schools, teaching institutes, and students:
  • Registering for the Cinekid Schools Programme

                 •   Purpose: Participating in the Schools Programme
                 •   Application: E-mail, Fiona, Mailchimp
                 •   Personal data processed: School, class and year group, number of students, address details of school, contact details of school and contact person’s details, preferences, availability
                 •   Basis: Legitimate interest

  • Registering for year-round products, such as workshops and film screenings

                 •   Purpose: Purchasing Education’s products
                 •   Application: E-mail
                 •   Personal data processed: School, class, number of students, address details of school, contact details of school and contact person’s details, product to be purchased, availability, and preferences
                 •   Basis: Legitimate interest

  • Becoming a member of the Junior Crew

                 •   Purpose: Participating as a member of the Junior Crew
                 •   Application: Fiona, e-mail, and photography on website and social media
                 •   Personal data processed: Parents’ names, parents’ contact details, child’s first name, child’s last name, photography consent
                 •   Basis: Consent (opt-in)

Festival visitors and audience:
  • Selling festival tickets 

                 •   Purpose: Sending a ticket to an e-mail address 
                 •   Application: ActiveTickets 
                 •   Personal data processed: E-mail address, type and number of tickets, consent evaluation, consent to receive newsletter, agreement with conditions  
                 •   Basis: Agreement with the data subject 

  • Processing and providing MediaLab creations 

                 •   Purpose: Saving children’s creations. Children can use a code to request access to their creations. 
                 •   Application: Website 
                 •   Personal data processed: Code, creations made by children and which may feature children 
                 •   Basis: Consent (opt-in) 

  • Using photos 

Photos may be taken of visitors during the festival. Cinekid reserves the right to use these photos to promote Cinekid and the festival. 


  • Providing services for festival location and festival supplies

                 •   Purpose: Preparing agreements with suppliers for the festival and festival locations
                 •   Application: E-mail, Microsoft Office, Fiona
                 •   Personal data processed: Organization, contact details, contact person, products and services to be delivered, exact terms and conditions of agreements, time of delivery, prices and rates
                 •   Basis: Legitimate interest

Sponsors and partners:
  • Gathering contact details of potential and existing partners and funds; preparing sponsorship agreements and funding agreements 

                 •   Purpose: Processing sponsorship or partner agreements and associated funds and contributions  
                 •   Application: E-mail, Microsoft Office, Fiona 
                 •   Personal data processed: First name, last name, organization, contact details of organization and contact person’s details (phone, e-mail), general details of organization, agreements and contents thereof 
                 •   Basis: Legitimate interest 

  • Submitting a volunteer registration form

                 •   Purpose: Registering as a volunteer
                 •   Application: Fiona
                 •   Personal data processed: Name and address details, contact details (e-mail and telephone number), availability, accessibility, T-shirt size, preferred tasks, highest level of education, past experience, certificate of conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag, VOG), dietary needs or preferences and allergies, accessibility requirements 
                 •   Basis: Agreement with the data subject

Retention period 

Cinekid will process your personal data only for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it is collected. Information relating to invoices (full name, business address, and bank account number) are retained for a period of seven years after the invoice date. 
As long as Cinekid engages in a business relationship with you, it will keep your contact details in order to maintain contact with you. Once your business relationship with Cinekid ends, Cinekid will keep your contact details for at most two years.

Data security 

Cinekid is fully committed to protecting your personal data and keeping it secure. That is why Stichting Cinekid Amsterdam takes steps to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your data. It implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data against unauthorized access, loss, misuse, or alteration.

Erasing your personal data 

You may ask for your account to be deleted and all your personal data from Cinekid’s data base to be erased. To do so, please select ‘I want to deactivate my account’ in your account. If you require assistance, please send an e-mail to
Data that Cinekid is legally obliged to retain for a certain period will be erased only at the end of this mandatory retention period.

Right to withdraw consent 

If Cinekid processes your data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. To do so, please send an e-mail to

If you have subscribed to the newsletter, you can easily withdraw your consent and unsubscribe by following the link below the newsletter.

You can withdraw your consent to tracking cookies by selecting the relevant option in the cookie banner. 

Automated decision-making 

Cinekid does not make any decisions based on automated processing.

Links to other websites 

Certain pages on Cinekid’s website contain links to third-party websites. Cinekid is not responsible for these third-party websites’ privacy and cookie policy.

Disclosing personal data to third parties 

Cinekid will share your personal data with third parties only if this is required to perform a transaction or service or to comply with a legal obligation. Cinekid enters into a data processing agreement with each third party that processes your data on Cinekid’s behalf, whereby Cinekid remains the data controller. This ensures the same level of security and confidentiality for your data. Cinekid will disclose your personal data to third parties only if you give your explicit consent, or if required to perform a transaction or service, or if Cinekid has a legal obligation to do so.


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Cinekid uses cookies on the website based on your consent. Cinekid’s website is currently linked to Google Analytics, which keeps an online log of statistics. Cinekid gathers no personal data from Google Analytics and has placed no tracking codes on the website.

Accessing, rectifying, and erasing data 

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to access, rectify, and erase your personal data that you disclose to Cinekid. If you wish to exercise your right or have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please e-mail Cinekid at


If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about how Cinekid protects your personal data, please send an e-mail to


Cinekid reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. As amendments will be published on this page, Cinekid recommends that you regularly check this page for any amendments.