Tinybop Inc.
Age: 6-9
Category: DIY media crafty apps 
Platform: iOS Price App Store: €4,99

This new app by Tinybop is all about you, as you make a digital scrapbook about your life. First things first as you create your own avatar. From hair color and skin tone, to the size and shape of your nose, eyes, mouth, anything can be adjusted to represent you. Next is your favourite colour pick, this will be your profile background.

In Me you can answer hundreds of questions about your life: the first book you ever read, your age, and your favorite animal. Make a photo or GIF of how you look, make avatars for your friends and a drawing of your family.

This Tinybop app is about emotional intelligence and identity and how you live your life and empathize with others. The app is beautifully designed and easy to use, and apart from Dutch and English available in about sixty other languages.