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My company at Cinekid Festival

Cinekid your partner when it involves high quality children's media. Every year over 65,000 children and their parents visit our festival during the autumn break, but we also create thé hub for international media professionals. Below you'll find a sneak peek of our current partnerships.

For years our programme paper ends up in the mailbox of 65.000 families thanks to an intensive collaboration with Kidsweek. In this newspaper children between the age of 7 and 12 receive a weekly update of the latest news from the Netherlands and the world.

What is a media festival without its screens? Over the years Cinekid has put its trust in the expertise and high quality equipment of BeamSystems. Thanks to this partner, the festival's MediaLab transforms into a magical art media world.

Cinekid does not believe in standard sponsor packages, but always creates a win-win situation for both parties by customizing an appropriate activation proposal.

Curious about the possibilities for you company? Feel free to contact Lisa Schmidt.