Enter the MediaLab and go on an adventure packed with brand-new tech like AI, VR, and AR. Learn new skills at the workshops, play the latest games, and create your very own digital art.


Enter the MediaLab and explore:

Virtual Reality (VR)

The VR headsets in our MediaLab will open up a new, digital, borderless world. Explore the deepest crevices of the ocean floor, swim with an orca pod, or experience the life of a child in Australia.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR combines the real world with incredible, computer-generated content. Fancy becoming a digital best friend or speeding along on a virtual rollercoaster? The MediaLab’s AR lets children explore what happens when the online and offline worlds merge.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The possibilities of AI are endless: you can design and play your own game, and even make fake news. In the MediaLab, children get to experiment with AI and discover both the opportunities and threats.


The MediaLab lets children play with the latest games: play hide-and-seek in the shadows, manage your own cat café, or race using your voice All games in the running for Cinekid’s Game Award can be played in the MediaLab.

Interactive art

Soft and cuddly robots, interactive projections, digital treasure hunts, and a peculiar poetry generator. Children can enter the MediaLab to discover a huge range of digital art creations.


The workshops in the MediaLab let children get hands-on during a range of activities. Using the technologies they’ve met in the MediaLab, they can produce and tell their own story as digital art. Think animation, 3D animals, fake news, or something completely different. Children can view their MediaLab creations at home after the festival.


The MiniLab lets even the youngest visitors (3 to 7 years) get hands-on with digital art.

MediaLab prices

  • Child €9
  • Accompanying adult €4
  • Child with Stadspas (City Pass) €1
  • Accompanying adult with Stadspas (City Pass) €1

Film & MediaLab combi ticket

Combine your MediaLab experience with a film screening to get a combination discount.

  • Child €14.50 (regular price €18)
  • Accompanying adult €11 (regular price €13)
  • Child with Stadspas (City Pass) €2
  • Accompanying adult with Stadspas (City Pass) €2


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