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About the CfP Programme

Producers LINK

Young Horizons Industry and Cinekid for Professionals have joined forces through their Producers LINK, an established programme for emerging producers of children’s content.

Young Horizons Industry (previously Kids Kino Industry) is a part of Young Horizons International Film Festival and It offers initiatives to support development and dissemination of quality kids’ content. It takes place at the beginning of October 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. Cinekid for Professionals is the professionals programme of Cinekid Festival, taking place at the end of October 2023 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and provides the industry with a platform to present and support projects and filmmakers in various capacities through programmes such as Junior Co-production Market and Industry Forum. 

Both events aim to stimulate the production of high-quality kids’ content through international talent labs, co-production markets, promotion, matchmaking and exchange of knowledge through their conference programmes. Both events have been vital places for emerging production companies and producers who want to take the step into children’s productions. Young Horizons is mostly focused on Central, Southern and Eastern European landscape while Cinekid focuses on Pan-European and broader international landscape. 

The selection for 2023 will be announced shortly.