Age of Action

Shaping Views and Identities

What today’s youth read and watch online shapes their world view and impacts their decisions. In these sessions we look at how young influencers are living for the likes and followers. We will look at how one of the most communicatory industries, advertising, can operate in more ethical and engaging ways. Additionally, we will hear more about children’s media consumption, how they are discovering and engaging with brands, and what kind of content really appeals to them.

11:30 – 12:10 | Self-esteem Through Likes and Followers?
Doortje Smithuijsen

12:20 – 13:00 |  Ethical Marketing, Aesthetic Advertisement
Safi Graauw & Pete Robinson


Doortje Smithuijsen
Doortje is a philosopher and journalist. She studies modern people; who they are and how they live. She writes essays and reports for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, has a fortnightly column in the weekend edition of Trouw and has just finished her first book Gouden Bergen: Portret van de digitale generatie (Portrait of the Digital Generation). In 2019 she made the documentary My Daughter the Vlogger for VPRO. Doortje is currently working on a new documentary about 10 years of Instagram, which will be broadcast in October, just after Cinekid Forum. 

Doortje will talk about the pressures experienced by the digital generation, and about the lives of influencers. 

Safi Graauw
Exploring the balance between understanding brand behaviour and powerful execution, Safi Graauw is a self-taught (creative) director and cinematographer with an academic background in earth sciences. Interweaving a strong narrative and sense of aesthetic in his imagery, his commercial work combines popular culture with pure entertainment. Additionally, his documentary work advocates purpose-led ideologies and intersectional environmentalism. His work for environmental organization Justdiggit was nominated for best film at the Dutch Wildlife Film Festival and he has won at the My Hero International Film Festival in California. His work for the fashion industry was nominated by the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. Safi won the “Jonge Haan” Award of the Dutch Society for Advertising, thus becoming in 2019 the most interesting talent within the Dutch advertising industry. He was named among the 50 most promising talents of the Netherlands in 2020 by Het Financieel Dagblad.

Safi thinks out of the box when it comes to reaching an audience and will inspire the industry with his insights from another discipline. 

Pete Robinson
Pete is Chief Strategy Officer at KidsKnowsBest. With over 12 years of kids research and strategy experience, Pete has developed a firm knowledge of young people, their attitudes and behaviour, with a strong focus on media consumption and how it is evolving. Pete has specialized in new technology, kids’ entertainment, ethical marketing to kids and education (and where possible screwing all those things together). His day to day role includes listening to and observing how young people and families engage with traditional and digital media to advise product owners and developers, creatives and distributors in supporting some of the world leading brands. Pete sits on Toca Boca’s Diversity Board and was part of The Department of Education’s Early Years app accreditation advisory board. He has had the privilege of contributing to numerous and exciting academic studies ranging from Virtual Reality and healthcare to social media and device usage. In his latest role at KidsKnowBest, Pete is developing products that give young people a forum to influence the world they live in and the media they engage with. He is a regular speaker at research and kids’ entertainment conferences on topics such as digital trends, social media, video consumption, entertainment brand strategy and wider children’s media habits.