Age of Action

hosted by Zapp

Family Viewing

There has always been demand for programming that can be enjoyed by children and parents together, perhaps never more so than during this year, with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We will break down how family dynamics have been shifting and what the state of affairs is on family- and co-viewing. But first up on Monday, we hear from the makers from Het Klokhuis (The Apple Core) how they've been developing an online strategy to reach the youth on TikTok for newsworthy content, in the broadest sense of the word. Subjects can be science, society, nature and so much more.

09:30 – 10:10  | What The Apple Core (Het Klokhuis) Learnt in One Year @TikTok
Anneke Dorsman & Jacco de Wit

10:20 – 11:00  |  Family & Co-viewing
Sandra Kooij & David Kleeman

Jacco de Wit
As Project Manager Online, Jacco is involved in experimenting with youth television programme Het Klokhuis on TikTok. It is now the most succesful TikTok channel of the Dutch Publieke Omroep (NPO). He is also responsible for all the online activities of several other NTR youth programmes (Zapp Your Planet, Beste Vrienden Quiz and Welkom in de Geschiedenis). He will give you detailed insights of the experiments they did to see how newsworthy content on TikTok is reaching the youth.

Sandra Kooij
Sandra is Qualitative Researcher at NPO & NPO Zapp. At NPO (Netherlands Public Broadcasting) Sandra is often hunting for valuable insights for kids’ channel Zapp. By interviewing many kids, she learns what drives them, how they perceive and evaluate Zapp and how to engage them with new formats or concepts. She loves the honesty of children and likes to explore what goes on in those mini minds. Her objective is to find new opportunities and ensure that the opinions and needs of children are incorporated within the Zapp strategies.

David Kleeman
Strategist, analyst, author, speaker — for 35 years, David Kleeman has led the children’s media industry in developing sustainable, kid-friendly practices. He began this work as president of the American Center for Children and Media and is now Senior Vice President of Global Trends for Dubit, a strategy and research consultancy and digital studio. When he began his work, “children’s media” meant television. Today, he is fascinated by, and passionate about, kids’ wide range of possibilities for entertainment, engagement, play and learning. David uses research, insights and experience to show that much may change, but children’s developmental path and needs remain constant. Back when we travelled, David went worldwide seeking best practices in children’s entertainment and learning. He has spoken (and, more importantly, listened!) on six continents and writes extensively for varied audiences.