Age of Action

hosted by SEE NL

Best Practices in (Short) Film

In the first session, we will discuss the award-winning and Cinekid’s opening film Calamity with Rémi (director), Claire (producer), and Claus (co-producer). A feature film about the tough Calamity Jane; female feminist in the worldwide west. In the second session, we are showcasing three Dutch short films; the short documentary Voorspel with Anne van Campenhout, the short film Onderhuids with Emma Branderhorst, and the animated short Jabberwocky with Sjaak Rood.

14:00 – 14:40 | Calamity 
Rémi Chayé, Claire la Combe & Claus Toksvig Kjaer

14:50 – 15:30 | Three Dutch Shorts 
Anne van Campenhout, Emma Branderhorst & Sjaak Rood

Claire la Combe
Claire has been working in the audiovisual and cinema sector for six years. A graduate of political science, she gives classes in audiovisual production support funds. After a short stint as an assistant director in the documentary world, she moved to Brussels to strengthen her mastery of European policies, notably within the European Commission's executive agency (EACEA) and the MEDIA department - Support for independent production. Since 2012, she has been writing regularly on the topicality of audiovisual policies. In 2013, she returned to Paris to co-ordinate the logistics of the Ateliers du Cinéma Européen (ACE Producers). However, she remains a freelance journalist and a regular consultant for the Europa Distribution network. She joined Henri Magalon and discovered the world of animation in 2015 when Rémi Chayé’s Long Way North was at the end of production. For more than two years, at Maybe Movies, she has been coordinating the production of Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord's film Zombillénium. With Calamity, Remi Chayé's second feature film, she signs her first film as a producer.

Rémi Chayé
After academic drawing studies at Met de Penninghen (ESAG), Rémi Chayé worked for several years as an illustrator,
before discovering animation by chance. Rémi enjoyed working among teams and trained with elders on storyboard and layout work. In 2003, he joined the animated film directing school La Poudrière where he directed three short films. He worked on several feature films as both assistant director and story artist for Brendan and the Secret of Kellsand The Painting, as well as a story artist for Kérity and Evolution Man. Long Way North, released in France in January 2016, marked his debut as a feature film director and graphic author.

Claus Toksvig Kjaer
Claus is a Danish animation producer. He studies English Literature at Aarhus University but changed course to pursue classical drawing and animation at The Animation Workshop in Viborg. After graduation, he worked on a number of short films before joining Cartoon Saloon in Kilkenny (Ireland) in 2006 as production coordinator on their BBC Television Show Skunk Fu. Returning to Denmark in 2009, Claus began leading a series of animated science projects. In order to attract international co-productions to the region, he was hired by Arsenalet as producer of their company cluster in 2011. Focusing primarily on feature film production, he partnered up with Nørlum Animation Studio in 2013, co-producing films such as the Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea for and Long Way North. The chance came for another collaboration: Calamity.

Emma Branderhorst
Emma graduated in 2019 from the Utrecht School of the Arts. She has completed several internships as assistant director in Dutch film productions such as Kapsalon Romy (Mischa Kamp) and Billy (Theo Maasen). Emma is enthusiastic, passionate and fights for stories that are close to her heart. Emma is fascinated by the themes of youth and growing up, with a feminine interest and perspective. Her graduation short film OnderHUIDS (Under the Skin) premiered in Generation Kplus competition at the Berlinale and won the Wildcard at the Dutch Film Festival 2019. The film tells the story of Keesje, an introvert 15-year old swimming in a synchronized swimming team together with her friends Lize and Dunja. Under the surface hide continuous tensions between the girls.

Anne van Campenhout
Anne is an Amsterdam-based film director. She graduated in 2011 from the Utrecht School of the Arts. Her work is characterized by urgency of topics and creativeness of style. Specialised in documentary film, she teaches about filmmaking in different art schools. Anne directed the short documentary Voorspel (Foreplay), showing how children receive their most memorable lesson yet: sexual education. Voorspel won the Special Mention at IDFA 2019 and was selected for Best of IDFA On Tour 2020. It will be used in debates about sex education in different countries in Europe.

Sjaak Rood
Sjaak has been drawing all his life. He makes up stories, likes theatre and strange music, and has a thing for technology, especially in combination with theater, music or computers. This all comes together in animation. He was Artist in Residence at the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film in Tilburg from 2009 - 2011. Since then he has made short animation films that can be seen at animation festivals all over the world and which have won several awards. He directed and animated Jabberwocky, a short dive into Lewis Carroll’s legendary poem.