About the CfP Programme

Cinekid Directors LAB

Cinekid Directors LAB is a vital new coaching programme (midweek) for directors with a dynamic children's film project in advanced development.

During Cinekid Directors LAB, an international group of acclaimed directors will focus on the final steps you need to take prior to pre-production, coupled with the special and specific skills required for working with children. Above all the program offers hands-on tailor-made coaching. This LAB is intended primarily for projects developed within Cinekid Script LAB, the highly successful writers’ training programme initiated by Cinekid in 2014. 

Points of focus are:

  • Preparing directors for the shooting script.
  • Defining and underlining the individual director’s voice and style.
  • Discovering the maximum potential of a scene.
  • Directing actors - how to shift the focus to directing the character (not the actor) while guiding the actor through the very specific world of the film.
  • Casting and directing child actors - how to establish a trusting relationship with the kid(s), and how to immerse yourself into the world of children, encouraging and guiding each child to develop their character through total engagement with their imagination.

Who Can Apply?

Preferably directors who are attached to a project developed within one of the previous editions of Cinekid Script LAB and have a producer attached. Producers apply with a project in development, feature-length film heading towards production.

How to Apply
Applicants must submit the following materials for consideration

  • A complete or steady draft of the feature-length screenplay.
  • A logline and synopsis.
  • A motivational letter addressing your interest in the programme and what you hope to gain by participating in Cinekid Directors LAB.
  • An artistic statement describing your vision for the film.
  • Project status and history.
  • A link to previously directed work.

Dates: 6-9 April 2020
Number of participating projects: approximately six
Application deadline: 1 December 2019

For questions, kindly contact professionals@cinekid.nl

Update about Cinekid Directors LAB 2020:
As the COVID-19 situation in the Netherlands and the world has worsened, the regulations of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands) have been updated. As we don’t know how the situation in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe will develop in the coming weeks, we have decided to cancel the workshop days in April, as we feel that it is no longer responsible to let participants travel from all over Europe to Amsterdam.

We feel that an online version of the workshop will be too limited and won’t be fruitful enough since the group experience and the live interaction with the (child) actors, coaches and peers is the core of the LAB, therefore, we are looking into new dates for the Directors LAB somewhere later this year, and will keep you posted as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee the workshop will happen this year.

Entries for the Directors LAB 2021 will be open from December 1st 2020.  

Stay safe everyone.