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20 projects from 15 countries selected for Cinekid’s Junior Co-production Market 2022

Cinekid is proud to present the 20 children’s film and television projects-in-development and works-in-progress for its Junior Co-production Market!

Cinekid, the world’s leading film and audiovisual festival for kids and youth,  is proud to present the 20 children’s film and television projects-in-development and works-in-progress for its Junior Co-production Market (JCM), to be held 18-21 October 2022. The Junior Co-production Market offers strong finance opportunities as well as high levels of interactivity between rights owners and international funders, broadcasters and producers.

The diverse selection includes live-action and animation projects from Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and, for the first time, three projects from Latin America by renowned and emerging children’s international media talents. The projects will be presented to international professionals from the children’s media industry to facilitate their future development and production.

Join us for Cinekid for Professionals from 17 - 21 October 2022, and register via our website before 12 September 2022.  

Previous market successes in selection at Cinekid Festival 2022
We are delighted to say that, once again, a film previously selected for Junior Co-production Market will open the festival. Totem by Sander Burger and produced by Volya Film (NL) will compete for the prestigious Cinekid Lion in two categories: Best Children’s Film and Best Dutch Children’s Film. The project was presented at Junior Co-production Market in 2019.

This year’s JCM selection includes two projects from previous Cinekid Script LAB / Directors LAB programmes. Gorgius, directed by Samuele Rossi and written by Samuele Rossi and Tommaso Santi (produced by Italian company Solaria Film), will be presented simultaneously in JCM and the Script LAB programme. The work in progress Kiddo, written and directed by Zara Dwinger and produced by Studio Ruba (NL), was part of Script LAB in 2020 and Directors LAB in 2022.

At Junior Co-production Market two prizes will be handed out. The prestigious Eurimages Co-Production Development Award (€20,000 in cash) will be presented to the best eligible film project with European co-production potential. The Filmmore Post-Production Award will be given to the best live-action project of the Junior Co-Production Market. The award, which comes with a €5,000 prize, forms an invitation to start a long and fruitful collaboration with the Dutch Visual Effects & Post-production lab Filmmore. All winners will be announced on Thursday 22 October during the Cinekid Award Show.



Achoo, Hiccups & CO
Directed by Meike Fehre
Written by Eva Dax (alias Mesken)
Production Company: ahoifilm 
Produced by Meike Fehre, Sabine Dully
Production countries: Germany

Babu in the Night City
Directed by Petr Vodička
Written by Petr Vodička
Production Company: Kuli Film
Produced by Radim Prochazka
Production countries: Czech Republic, Portugal

Directed by Samuele Rossi
Written by Samuele Rossi, Tommaso Santi
Production Companies: Solaria Film, Arsmedia
Produced by Emanuele Nespeca, Bostjan Ikovic
Production countries: Italy, Slovenia

Greetings from Mars
Directed by Sarah Winkenstette
Written by Sebastian Grusnick, Thomas Moeller
Production Company: Leitwolf Filmproduktion GmbH
Produced by Anette Unger
Production country: Germany

Directed by Silvia PrietoV
Production Company: Lucy Animation Studio   
Produced by Noah Sterling
Production country: Colombia, USA

Directed by Marie Limkilde
Written by Ida Åkerstrøm Knudsen
Production Company: Toolbox Film      
Produced by Morten Kaufmann
Production country: Denmark

Showtime: The rise and fall of Laki and Sara
Directed by Dusan Joksimovic
Written by Matthias Nerlich, Milica Zivanovic
Production Company: Sense Production
Produced by Barbara Maja Popovic Milojevic
Production countries: Serbia, Germany

The Legends of Magnus the God
Directed by Frank Mosvold
Written by Frank Mosvold, Rob Sprackling
Production Companies: A Film Production AS, Kool Produktion AS, Phanta Animation
Produced by Frank Mosvold
Production countries: Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands

Tora’s Secret
Directed by Sigvaldi J. Kárason
Written by Solveig Sigmond Ræsted
Production Company: Polarama
Produced by Steinarr Logi Nesheim
Production country: Iceland, Norway and Belgium


Blushing Ears
Directed by Sophie Dros
Production Company: Halal Film & Photography
Produced by Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Tess Vermeer
Production country: The Netherlands

Forget me not
Directed by Jojo Erholtz
Written by Eriikka Etholén-Paju
Production Company: Zodiak Finland Oy
Produced by Teea Hyytiä
Production country: Finland

Giggle Wiggle
Directed by Marzena Nehrebecka
Written by Marzena Nehrebecka
Production Company: Badi Badi
Produced by Magdalena Rawa
Production country: Poland

I Want to Know
Production Company: BFILM s.r.o.
Produced by Peter Badač
Production country: Slovakia

Rainbow Hunters
Directed by Santiago O'ryan
Written by Karen Harvey, Santiago O'ryan
Production Company: Lunes Animation Studio, Startoons Animation Studio
Produced by Catalina Fontecilla, Mario Santillana
Production countries: Chile, Peru

The Huggingtons
Directed by Lars Hegdal, Ole Kristian Øye
Written by Darren Jones
Production Company: Klipp og Lim as
Produced by Kjersti Greger
Production countries: Norway, Iceland

The Inner Life
Directed by Vicente Mallols
Written by Pablo Muñoz
Production Company: Pangur Animation
Produced by Leticia Montalva
Production country: Spain

Ugamu, my imaginary enemy
Directed by Yuly Velasco
Written by Fabián Guamaní
Production Company: Mito Estudio Creativo
Produced by Juan Camilo Gonzales
Production countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia

Yukon – Space Botanist
Directed by Martin Engh
Written by Sara Daddy
Production Company: Imaginær Film AS
Produced by Eirik Smidesang Slåen, Elisabeth Opdal
Production country: Norway


Directed by Zara Dwinger
Written by Nena van Driel, Zara Dwinger
Production Company: Studio Ruba
Produced by Maarten van der Ven, Layla Meijman
Production country: The Netherlands

Mavka. The Forest Song
Directed by Oleg Malamuzh, Oleksandra Ruban
Written by Yaroslav Voytseshek
Production Company: Animagrad Studio (Film.Ua Group)
Produced by Iryna Kostyuk, Аnna Eliseyeva (Koval), Egor Olesov
Production country: Ukraine


Still from Mavka. The Forest Song produced by Animagrad Studio (Ukraine)