Cinekid Directors LAB 2022: Send us your projects!

Cinekid Directors LAB is a vital coaching programme for directors with a film or television project for children or young audiences in the final stages of development. This LAB is a logical next step for projects developed within Cinekid Script LAB or former participants of the Junior Co-production Market.

During the Cinekid Directors LAB, an international group of directors will focus on the last steps to take before going into pre-production, coupled with the specific skills required to work with children and child actors. The program offers above all tailor-made coaching for each director. 

Points of focus

  • Preparing directors for the shooting script
  • Making directors more familiar with their voice and directing style
  • Exploring the potential of a scene 
  • Directing actors; how to shift the focus to directing the character (not the actor) and guide the actor into and through specific worlds 
  • Casting and directing child actors; how to establish a relationship of trust with the kid(s), how to immerse yourself in the world of children and work together with the child towards a character that the child’s imagination can create 

Who Can Apply? 

Cinekid Directors LAB is open to all directors attached to a feature-length film- or television project aimed at children and written from their perspective. The project should be heading towards production, and a producer should be attached. Priority is with projects developed within Cinekid Script LAB or former participants of the Junior Co-production Market.

"The great thing of the Cinekid Directors Lab is that you share ideas and experiences with colleague directors in combination with truly inspiring workshops, talks and meetings." 
Camiel Schouwenaar (Participant Cinekid Directors LAB 2021 with project Bigman)

"As there are a lot of great script labs out there, this unique directors lab really focuses on bringing the story to life on set, offering you a variety of customised tools to work with when directing actors and maintaining your vision as a director during production." 
Domien Huyghe (Participant Cinekid Directors LAB 2021 with project Sea Sparkle)


How to Apply

Applicants must submit the following materials for consideration:

  • A complete or steady draft of the feature-length screenplay 
  • A logline and synopsis
  • A motivational letter addressing your interest in the program and what you hope to gain by participating in Cinekid Directors LAB
  • An artistic statement describing your vision for your film
  • Project status and history
  • A link to previously directed work

Dates: 19-23 April 2022
Number of participants: maximum of six 
Coaches: Boudewijn Koole (NL), Pia Bovin (DK), Froukje Tan (NL) 
Application deadline: 24 January 2022 23:59 (CET)
Location: The Netherlands. In case the COVID-19 situation doesn't allow that, we will host the workshop online. 
The regulations for Cinekid Directors LAB can be found here. You can submit your project through this link.
For questions, kindly contact