Top Speakers for Cinekid Industry Forum 2021 revealed

Daily Paper CEO Rodney Lam, My Octopus Teacher Oscar-winner Ellen Windemuth, writer and debuting showrunner of the series Anansi Iven Cudogham & many more, plus our brand new Cinetween Insights.

Once again, Cinekid’s leading youth media Industry event will inspire with ‘out of the box’ speakers, focusing on urgent topics as seen from the child’s perspective, such as inclusivity and the future of our planet. As a platform for professionals, public and education, the Cinekid Industry Forum will bring together experts within the field of global children’s media who will share their ideas, tips & tricks with the audience, from creation to distribution, from research to games. The Industry Forum will take place from Wednesday 20 until Friday 22 October. 
Cinekid CEO/director Heleen Rouw comments: “We are grateful and proud to have these inspiring speakers sharing their visions with our audience. Their multidisciplinary entrepreneurial way of working, using authenticity and engagement as a starting point, certainly gives me a huge amount of positive energy to connect and empower the children’s media industry.”

Keynote speakers:

Ellen Windemuth: CEO of WaterBear Network
Ellen is the overseeing the strategy and direction of the new, free streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. Prior to WaterBear, Ellen was owner and CEO of Off the Fence, having founded the company in 1994. Under her leadership, Off the Fence acquired, produced, and co-produced over 6,000 hours of content.
Ellen is a seasoned Executive Producer and Distributor and has produced over 500 hours to date herself. She executive produced My Octopus Teacher, which won this year’s BAFTA and Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary. She is the Chair of the Jackson Hole Film Festival Board, Honorary President of the Sunnyside Doc 2019 festival in La Rochelle, France, and is active in conservation and land development. Ellen was presented with Wildscreen’s Christopher Parson’s Outstanding Achievement Awards in 2018. She has three children and a great passion for the outdoors.

Rodney Lam: CEO Daily Paper
Serial entrepreneur, family man, actor, screenwriter, CEO & co-owner of Daily Paper, Rodney Lam (47) is grounded yet ambitious. Married for 26 years with 5 children, he balances a successful career with family life, while staying true to his values.

Lam achieved his longtime dream of making his own movie Suriname (2020), the first Pathé Original. He produced the movie with his production company Studio Vizaviz and played the lead role himself.
The production of his latest movie is set to start at the end of 2021. Lam will be writing, producing and starring once again.

Over the past few years his experience as a business consultant has helped him to generate immense success for Daily Paper, working alongside its founders. He has operated behind the scenes with day-to-day management, professionalizing the company and managing its growth. The label now has over 60 employees from different backgrounds, ethnicities and a diverse management team. Rodney sees his entrepreneurship as a way to make a difference in society. Everything he does is to spread a message of inclusivity.

Case studies:

Anansi the Spider (NL)
The West African folk tales of Anansi the Spider are centuries old, and famous in the Caribbean, southern USA and Suriname, but are not so well known in Western Europe. Author Iven Cudogham has brought this witty spider to new audiences through children’s books and an exhibition at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. Now, there is a brand new animation series for toddlers. Anansi the Spider’s world premiere will be at Cinekid.
Speakers: Iven Cudogham (original concept/screenwriter/producer), Gerdie Snellers (editor-in-chief Dutch broadcaster KRO-NCRV), Michiel Snijders (Producer Il Luster).
Captain Nova (NL)
An exciting science-fiction film for the whole family set in 2050, in which fighter pilot Nova lives in a world destroyed by environmental disasters. She therefore travels back in time – and in the process goes back to being a kid – to save humanity from environmental disaster. Unfortunately, few adults are prepared to accept warnings from a mere 12-year-old. Captain Nova will have its world premiere during Cinekid as the opening film.
Speakers: Maurice Trouwborst (director), Lotte Tabbers (writer) and Koji Nelissen (producer Keplerfilm, NL).

The Future of Distribution
Navigating through the entire chain of development, exploring the opportunities and challenges out there to reach a young audience.
Speakers: Sebastian Wehner (co-founder/CEO Wunderbox, DE), Kristine Knudsen (producer/owner Knudsen Pictures, NO/DE), Mezen Danawi (Head NPO Start and Plus, NL), Irina Albita (co-founder Filmchain, UK).
Cinetween Insights
What do tweens actually want to see? How do they use (social) media platforms? What do young people miss in today’s media? We asked our fantastic panel of tweens who will be at our conference to answer these questions, and more! We wanted to create an opportunity for children to talk about the developments in children’s media and give their opinion on where they think it is now, where it is headed and where they think it should go.

Self reflection and well-being  
Over the past 18 months we have all been leading isolated and secluded lives. It is more important than ever, therefore, to offer playful and active experiences that enable us to reflect on our mental and physical condition. Soulpaint, the work of Sarah Ticho (Hatsumi VR) and Monobanda, provides people with the necessary handles to do so. In the VR experience Deep, participants use their breath to move across a serene underwater world. The creators conducted five years of artistic, game and design research to create the ultimate experience for young people who are troubled by anxiety.
Speakers: Sarah Ticho (Soulpaint, Hatsumi VR, UK), Niki Smit (Monobanda, NL), Joanneke Weerdmeester (Researcher Deep, NL).

Decolonized Storytelling
Many people are part of a narrative that falls outside the hegemonic Western perspective. The makers in this panel will discuss how they tell the stories of their own culture and ancestors. All are part of the African diaspora and live in (post-) colonial societies.
Speakers (ao): Jinaraja Menke & Kevin Headley (Arikwan Tori, SR).
The world around us & the Internet of everything
The power of storytelling, storyshaping and digital tooling How can different media and digital forms, using different technologies, empower us and our children in order to broaden and open our view of the world around us? Super-intelligent computers  write scenarios and software algorithms that determine what we look at, what we do, how we view the world. Do those devices have a soul? Are they alive? And is it important to us that they are "human"? And how does computer code relate to our visual image culture?
Speakers: Neil Mendoza (Robotic Voice Activated Kicking Machine, PT), Simone Niquille (Sorting Song, NL) and Abner Preis (The Miracle Basket NL).
Case studies on Global Narratives:
Project in development KungFuLeeuw, directed by Froukje Tan and produced by Flinck Film (NL). A Taoist ‘coming of age’ story which unveils the multi-cultural world of a Kung Fu school in Rotterdam. When hot-tempered Tom (13) is chosen by his Kung Fu master to dance at the back of a Chinese lion, behind new pupil Yeye who is placed in the head, Tom’s envy denies him the leading role he desperately wants to regain. KungFuLeeuw will be a co-production with China.

Transmedia project Shadow Game (Prospektor, NL), consisting of a feature-length documentary, four short docs, an adventure game, a photo series in collaboration with Cigdem Yuksel, an exhibition and an impact campaign. While the feature length documentary shows what these teenagers go through on their journey, the short docs follow them on arrival in their destination country.

Digital Democracies
During this session, Cinekid guests will discuss the limits and possibilities of democratic use of the digital space. Is the digital world accessible for (and by) everyone, no matter their age, background and other identifiers? How do we keep the internet safe for everyone, or shouldn’t we?
Speakers: Dylan Yamada Rice (Senior Research Manager Dubit, UK) and David Kleeman (SVP Global Trends Dubit, US).
Education spotlight: Film Teacher of the Year
Over the past few years a network of regional Film Education Hubs unrolled across the Netherlands, connecting educational institutions, schools and the film industry. We will check in with the hubs from
the middle and east of the country, as well as the national Network Film Education, to ask about their experiences so far. Two teachers and nominees for the Best Dutch Film Teacher of the Year will join to share their learnings from the classroom.
Speakers: Margreet Cornelius (Network Film Education), Sanne Assink (Winner Best Dutch Film Teacher, Primary Education), Andre Broens (Winner Best Dutch Film Teacher, Primary Education) Maren Zeinstra (Filmhub Midden) Chantal de Hommel (Filmhub Oost).

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