19 projects selected for Cinekid’s Junior Co-production Market 2021

Cinekid for Professionals has selected 19 children’s film and television projects-in-development from 19 countries for its Junior Co-production Market (JCM), tobe held 20-22 October 2021 during the Cinekid Festival.

The highly promising projects will be presented to international professionals from the children’s media industry to encourage their future development and production. The selection includes both live-action and animation projects by renowned and emerging children’s international media companies, such as Lemming Film (NL), Rinkel Film BV (NL), De Mensen (BE), Filmbin AS (NO), Snowcloud FilmsAB (SE), Toolbox Film (DE), Flatland (NL), Bir Film (TR) and GAYA Filmes (BR).

The Junior Co-production Market offers strong finance opportunities as well as high levels of interactivity between project rights owners and global funders, broadcasters and producers. All the projects will be presented within a hybrid environment designed to encourage international co-operation.

Join us for Cinekid for Professionals from 19 - 22 October 2021, and register via our website before 13 September 2021.

Check the full selection here.

Previous market successes in selection at Cinekid Festival 2021
The success of previous editions of the Junior Co-production Market is clearly visible in this year’s festival programme 2021. Cinekid opens with Captain Nova by Maurice Trouwborst, produced by Kepler Film (NL), which will compete for the prestigious Cinekid Lion in two categories: Best Children’s Film and Best Dutch Children’s Film. The project was presented at the Junior Co-production Market in 2018.

The 2018 Junior CM project My Father is a Sausage (Cinekid Script LAB 2017-2018) by Anouk Fortunier, produced by A Private View (BE), will also compete for the Best Children’s Film and Best Dutch Children’s Film.

Berend Botje, produced by Mans van den Berg of NOBS Entertainment and Dropje by Meikeminne Clinckspoor, Lilian Sijbesma and Maarten van Voornveld and produced by Sabine Veenendaal (NL) and Dutch Broadcaster NTR, will compete for Best Dutch Children’s Film. Hello World (originally pitched as 16) by Kenneth Elvebakk and produced by Fuglen AS (NO) is in the running for the Best Children’s Film. All three projects participated at JCM in 2018.

From JCM 2017 the film Spaceboy (originally pitched as The Highest Step in the World) by Olivier Pairoux and Annabella Nezrialso, produced by Kwassa Films (BE) will compete for the Cinekid Lion for Best Children’s Film.

Next to these films, the following series will premiere at Cinekid Festival 2021: Rusty 2 by Steven de Beul en Ben Tesseur produced by Lemming Film (NL) was pitched at the market in 2011. Mister Paper by Steven de Beul en Ben Tesseur, produced by Mockingbird Productions (BE) was pitched at the JCM in 2019. Mironins by Mikel Mas, produced by Cornelius Film (ES) was pitched at the JCM in 2015

Previous Script LAB participants selected for Junior Co-production Market 2021
This year’s JCM selection includes five projects developed during previous Cinekid Script LAB programmes. Block 5 by Klemen Dvornik, written by Dora Šustić and produced by A Atlanta (SI), participated in the Cinekid Script LAB 2018-2019, while iNanny by Ernestas Jankauskas, produced by O Dansu Films (LT) and Uncle Egg - Searching for a Dad by Torfinn Iversen, produced by Fjordic Film AS (NO), both participated at Script LAB 2019-2020.

Two projects from Script LAB 2020-2021 taking part in this year’s JCM are I Accidentally Wrote a Book by Nora Lakos, produced by Juno11 (HU), and Fabled by Guðni Líndal Benediktsson, written by Ævar Þór Benediktsson and produced by Zik Zak Filmworks (IS). 

The Belgian project Nowadays Everyone is Called Sorry by Fredike Migom, produced by De Mensen, will take part in this year’s Cinekid Script LAB and JCM.

At Junior Co-production Market two prizes will be handed out. The prestigious Eurimages Co-Production Development Award (€20.000 in cash) will be given to the best eligible film project with European co-production potential. The Filmmore Post-Production Award will be awarded to the best live-action project of the Junior Co-Production Market. This prize is designed to stimulate collaboration with the Dutch Visual Effects & Post-production lab Filmmore. The award, which comes with a €5.000 prize, forms an invitation to start a long and fruitful collaboration with the company. All winners will be announced on Thursday 21 October during the Cinekid Ball.



Block 5
Directed by Klemen Dvornik
Written by Dora Šustić
Production Company: A Atalanta
Produced by Barbara Daljavec, Branislav Srdić
Production Countries: Slovenia, Croatia

Directed by Guðni Líndal Benediktsson
Written by Ævar Þór Benediktsson, Guðni Líndal Benediktsson
Production Company: Zik Zak Filmworks
Produced by Thor Sigurjonsson, Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson
Production country: Iceland

Directed by Marjolijn Prins, David Dhert
Written by Marjolijn Prins
Production Company: Serendipity Films
Produced by Ellen De Waele, Mirna Everhard
Production country: Belgium

Directed by Luca Della Grotta, Francesco Dafano
Written by Andrea Nobile, Francesco Dafano
Production Company: AL ONE Srl
Produced by Alan Vele, Riccardo Cesarini, Mario Lanti
Production country: Italy

Honey Honey
Directed by Natasha Arthy
Written by Mette Eike Neerlin
Production Company: Toolbox Film
Produced by Maria Stevnbak Westergren
Production country: Denmark

I accidentally wrote a book
Directed by Nora Lakos
Written by Nora Lakos
Production Company: JUNO11 Pictures Kft., Squirrel Film
Produced by Claudia Sümeghy
Production country: Hungary, the Netherlands

Idje doesn't want to get a haircut
Directed by Michael Middelkoop
Written by Michael Middelkoop
Production Company: Lemming Film
Produced by Tom van Blommestein
Production country: The Netherlands

Directed by Ernestas Jankauskas
Written by Fran Ortega Pacoenlaluna
Production Company: Dansu films
Produced by Greta Akcijonaite, Gabija Siurbyte
Production country: Lithuania

Nowadays Everyone is Called Sorry
Directed by Frederike Migom
Written by Daniel Lambo, Frederike Migom
Production Company: De Mensen
Produced by Ivy Vanhaecke, Pieter Van Huyck
Production country: Belgium

Directed by Juri Steinhart
Written by Juri Steinhart
Production Company: Lomotion AG
Produced by David Fonjallaz, Louis Mataré
Production country: Switzerland

Out of this World
Directed by Mark de Cloe
Written by Barbara Jurgens
Production Company: Rinkel Film BV
Produced by Reinier Selen
Production country: The Netherlands

Directed by Christian Lo
Written by Trond Morten K. Venaasen
Production Company: Filmbin AS
Produced by Nicholas Sando
Production country: Norway

Sidi Kaba and the gateway home
Directed by Rony Hotin
Written by Jérôme Piot
Production Company: Special Touch Studios
Produced by Sébastien Onomo
Production country: France

Uncle Egg - Searching for a Dad
Directed by Torfinn Iversen
Written by Torfinn Iversen, Julia T. Andersen
Production Company: Fjordic Film AS
Produced by Julia Andersen
Production country: Norway


The horror bus
Directed by Simone van Dusseldorp
Written by Dajo Leunge, Lorans Al Dandachli , Lasse Feijen, Gabriel D. Calvo Nencel
Production Company: Flatland
Produced by Roel van de Weijer
Production country: The Netherlands

Directed by Tunc Sahin
Production Company: Bir Film
Produced by Ersan Congar, Asli Filiz
Production country: Turkey

The Amazing Adventures of The Lost Socks
Directed by Elżbieta Wąsik
Written by Justyna Bednarek
Production Company: ANIMA-POL sp. z o.o.
Produced by Paweł Wendorff
Production country: Poland

Ways to Change the World
Directed by Adriana Meirelles
Written by Marilda Donatelli
Production Company: GAYA Filmes
Produced by Renato Barbieri, Natalia Brandino
Production country: Brazil


Mini-Zlatan and Uncle Darling
Directed by Christian Lo
Written by Ella Lemhagen, Janne VIerth, Sara Sjöö
Production Company: Filmbin AS, Snowcloud Films AB
Produced by Nicholas Sando, Marleen Slot, Petter Lindblad, Sara Sjöö
Production countries: Sweden, Norway