Cinekid Directors LAB kicks off first edition with six promising projects

We're happy to welcome eight participants from seven countries for the inaugural edition of Cinekid Directors LAB!

Cinekid welcomes eight participants from seven countries for the inaugural edition of Cinekid Directors LAB, a vital new coaching programme for directors with a dynamic children’s film project in advanced development. The selection consists of six projects, five live-action- and one animation film. The first edition of the Directors LAB will take place in April 2020 in Amsterdam.

The group of participants consists of six alumni of various editions of Script LAB, Cinekid’s workshop for writers of children’s films. New to Cinekid is the German-Luxemburg co-production Bille and Zottel, written and directed by Eileen Byrne and produced by Paul Thiltges Distribution and Filmfee.

Dutch directing and writing duo Berend and Roel Boorsma return to Cinekid with The Wondrous Journey of Little Sophie, a stop-motion animation film that participated in the very first edition of Cinekid Script LAB in 2014. Three projects participated in the 2018 edition of the LAB, Sea Sparkle, The Beanie and 12 Hours to Destruction. Norwegian project Free participated in the 2017 edition, and was presented at the Junior Co-production Market in 2018, as was The Beanie in 2019.

Nienke Poelsma, Head of Cinekid for Professionals, comments: “We’re thrilled to start this new training initiative that supports the next step in the development of a project, especially aimed at directors. We want to provide filmmakers with a safe environment in which they can explore experiment and work towards the actual shoot of their film.”

About Cinekid Directors LAB
During Cinekid Directors LAB, an international group of talented directors will focus on the final steps one needs to take prior to (pre-)production, coupled with the special and specific skills required for working with children. Above all the program offers hands-on tailor-made coaching by established experts. More information can be found here. The workshop is co-funded by Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and is supported by Icelandic Film Centre, Netherlands Film Fund and Norwegian Film Institute.

Full list of projects and participants of Cinekid Directors LAB 2020:

Title: 12 Hours to Destruction (Abbababb)
Director/Participant: Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
Producers: Júlíus Kemp, Ingvar Þórðarson
Production Company: The Icelandic Film Company (IC)
Nominated by: Icelandic Film Center

Title: The Beanie (Kapa)
Directors/Participants: Slobodan Maksimović, Marina Andree Škop
Producers: Ida Weiss, Marina Andree Škop
Production Company: Senca Studio (SI)
Co-production Companies: Studio Dim (HR), This And That Production (RS), Way Creative Films (SE), BIND (NL)

Title: Bille and Zottel (Bille und Zottel)
Director/Participant: Eileen Byrne
Producers: Paul Thiltges, Adrien Chef, Georg Prokop
Production Companies: Paul Thiltges Distributions (LU), Filmfee (GE)

Title: Free (Fri)
Director/Participant: Guro Ekornholmen
Country of production: Norway
Nominated by: Norwegian Film Institute

Title: Sea Sparkle (Zeevonk)
Director/Participant: Domien Huyghe
Producer: Dries Phlypo
Production Company: A Private View (BE)

Title: The Wondrous Journey of Little Sophie (Kleine Sofie en Lange Wapper)
Directors/Participants: Roel Boorsma, Berend Boorsma
Producers: Marc Bary, Daniel Koefoed
Production companies: IJswater (NL), Pellicola (NL), Qvisten Media (NO), Lumiere-Beast Animation (BE)
Nominated by: Netherlands Film Fund

Update on the Cinekid Directors LAB 2020:
As the COVID-19 situation in the Netherlands and the world has worsened, the regulations of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands) have been updated. As we don’t know how the situation in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe will develop in the coming weeks, we have decided to cancel the workshop days in April, as we feel that it is no longer responsible to let participants travel from all over Europe to Amsterdam.

We feel that an online version of the workshop will be too limited and won’t be fruitful enough since the group experience and the live interaction with the (child) actors, coaches and peers is the core of the LAB, therefore, we are looking into new dates for the Directors LAB somewhere later this year, and will keep you posted as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee the workshop will happen this year.

Entries for the Directors LAB 2021 will be open from December 1st 2020.  

Stay safe everyone.