NPO Zapp launches ZappDoc at Cinekid Festival

Including ZappDoc LAB workshop i.c.w. Cinekid and IDFA.

NPO Zapp launches a new youth documentary hub, called ZappDoc, joining forces to give a fresh impulse to the youth documentary on the public TV network. The network announced this on Monday during the Zapp Day at the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam.

To support this effort, the NPO Fund introduces a new scheme for youth documentary series and sets up the ZappDoc LAB. The ZappDoc LAB (previously the Kids & Docs Workshop) is an alliance between the NPO Fund, Cinekid and IDFA, enabling talented creators to develop youth documentary content.

Internationally, the Netherlands plays a leading role when it comes to creating and screening documentaries for youngsters. By now, the genre has its regular TV slot and, through festivals such as Cinekid and IDFA and educational projects, the films reach thousands of children.

New stories
From January 2020, under the ZappDoc header, new and unique youth documentary content will be created for NPO Zapp. Stories that help the target group gear up for the future. Not for the unwary viewer, but for a new generation of critical viewers that speak out. Fresh, enticing and exactly where the target group is. The Sunday evening TV slot remains a fixture, highlighting strong youth documentaries, but in addition content will be developed online and in serial form under ZappDoc.

The documentaries that were previously created and broadcast under the Zapp Echt Gebeurd umbrella will have a new section within ZappDoc. Relevant teaching material will be developed for class purposes and new online video series will be produced for the NPO Zapp VOD platform and YouTube.

Talent Development
In support of this endeavour, the NPO Fund launches a grant scheme Youth documentary series, which will also start in January 2020. To guide creators in producing diverse and platform-independent content, a new talent development project is started: ZappDoc LAB.

ZappDoc LAB takes place from mid-December to March 2020 in Amsterdam. It is a tailor-made workshop for creators who want to develop an artistically high-quality documentary film, (web) series and/or podcast for youngsters (8-12 years). The lab is intended for creators with various backgrounds and experiences, who want to add something to the youth documentary genre and grow as creators. Participants in ZappDoc LAB work towards a plan that can be submitted for a production application to the NPO Fund in March 2020. The ZappDoc LAB is an alliance between Cinekid, NPO Fund and IDFA.

Read more about the call and ZappDoc LAB application form here (in Dutch).
Read more about the criteria documentary series scheme for Youth of the NPO Fund here (in Dutch).

Cinekid for Professionals
The Zapp Day, an NPO-driven inspirational day full of knowledge sharing for people involved, once more took place during Cinekid for Professionals, the adults’ section. In the course of this multi-day industry event, hundreds of (international) youth media professionals gather.

The adults’ section, Cinekid for Professionals, can be found online via The industry event of Cinekid, taking place from 21 through to 24 October, also organises the co-production market and the interactive Industry Forum, where visitors can compile their own programmes from a selection of 40 speakers, 15 themes and 5 rounds.