First speakers Industry Forum 2019 announced

Many more to be announced shortly. Save the date: Thursday 24 October.

We are happy to announce the first, inspiring speakers for Cinekid’s 2019 Industry Forum on Thursday 24 October.

Peter Lunenfeld (US), Vice Chair & Professor at UCLA Design Media Arts, will open the day with a keynote on the 2019 theme of ‘Hello World’, outlining how people shaping children's media have both remarkable opportunities and awesome responsibilities in what they are doing right now.

Meredith Halpern-Ranzern (US), chief executive of world’s largest children’s podcast ‘Wow in the World’ will share thoughts, pitfalls, statistics and do’s and don’ts, all relating to the podcast platform Tinkercast.

Shabnam Rezaei (CA), co-founder of Big Bad Boo, will talk about diversity in children’s film. In underlining its sole priority to entertain kids, Big Bad Boos’ newest show ‘The Bravest Knight’ (Hulu) caught the attention (and the imagination) of global experts and viewers alike with small-big lines such as: ‘Names don’t belong to genders, names belong to people’.

Joel Silverman (UK), CEO of Kids Know Best is chairing a discussion about – what else – kids who know what’s best. What kind of questions do you have to ask children? In what way can you listen to their needs instead of your own? How can you tell the best story you can, from their perspective?

Paloma Dawkins (CA). Known for her fantasy landscapes, Dawkins strives to create games that are surreal and beautiful. Paloma will host a session and talk about her newest VR-installation Museum of Symmetry: an explosive feel-good alternative universe.

Fanny Ovesen (SE, director of She-Pack) and Kato de Boeck (BE, director of Provence) are two rising talents in the field, and both directed short films about difficult life themes. Fanny and Kato share their thoughts about pushing the limits in children film.

Many more speakers will be announced shortly.

Industry Forum Set-Up
During Cinekid’s Industry Forum, more than 35 professionals within the field of global children’s media will share their ideas and tips & tricks with you. During a series of 40-minute round table sessions, they will talk about the development of their projects, how pitfalls were avoided and how the right roads were taken. From diverse backgrounds, these experts will offer their own take on, and experiences within, children’s media – from creation to distribution, from music to transmedia. Enter the dialogue and get an exclusive insight into these super-creative minds and their working practices.

Compile your own programme during this full day event: 12 tables, 12 themes, 5 x 40-minute rounds!

When: Thursday 24 October 2019
Where: Westergas Theatre, Amsterdam

Theme: Hello World
How do we operate in the world as individuals while remaining integral cogs within society through our use of media? Hello World invites Cinekid for Professionals guests to reflect on this question, while imagining the wider effects that AV and media have on our world’s future development? Can we gain a greater sense of understanding of the world through internet use, and how can we reflect on this collectively as we embrace the vast array of media available to us? Hello World is about broadening horizons and appreciating media as an evolving idea. Express yourself is about the communication through images and words between global societies that may differ fundamentally on many levels, but which are very much part of the wider world we all share. How does our audience expresses itself to us as media makers and how do we express ourselves to our audience?
Make sure to Express Yourself.

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