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Cinekid proudly presents 17 projects from 23 countries for the 2023 Junior Co-Production Market

2023-08-23 12:07:00

Amsterdam, August 23, 2023 - The Junior Co-Production Market returns to Pathé Amsterdam Noord during the Cinekid for Professionals programme 2023. Here seventeen projects will be presented to the industry, including eight films, seven series and two works-in-progress.

Submissions came from a wide range of countries, with selected projects originating from five more countries than last year, such as Brazil (Tata), Ukraine (Monsterberry Jam), Serbia (The Secret of The Dragon's Fellowship), and many more. The Netherlands has a strong presence at the Market this year, boasting two productions. One of them is The Rules of Three, the new project from Margien Rogaar, director of this year’s Cinekid Festival Opening Film, Jippie No More! In addition, three Dutch co-productions will be presented at the Market.  

Stories about the environment, war, and loss are highly represented in the selected projects. The documentary project Children of Water shows kids from all over the world sharing native knowledge about water preservation, and The Secret Floor uses the fantasy genre to travel back to a hotel in the German Alps in 1938 on the cusp of the Second World War. The prominence of these themes in the selection shows that makers are not shying away from presenting today's most pressing issues to a young audience.   

The animation category is best represented in this year’s selection, with nine projects as opposed to seven live-action projects and one documentary. Highlights from this category include the much-anticipated feature sequel Fox and Hare Save the Forest, from Amsterdam production company Submarine in co-production with Walking the Dog and Doghouse, which will be presented as a work-in-progress. Another highlight is the new series project from Market alum Kuli Film, ORF, in co-production with One to One Films. 

Cinekid for Professionals supports the entire life cycle of a film, and therefore is proud that two of the selected projects have participated in training programmes such as Script LAB and Directors LAB, or have pitched at the Market at an earlier stage. These projects are One Brother Too Many, which participated in the 2022 Directors LAB and the work-in-progress Block 5, which was pitched in development at the 2021 JCM and is set to be released next year. 

Heleen Rouw (Cinekid Festival Director) comments: “We succeeded in presenting a diverse selection, reflecting a broad spectrum of topics for all age groups. We see social themes presented from preschool to coming of age in playful and hopeful projects, such as Big Bang Parade, an original concept in which several stories from different filmmakers are connected playfully.” 

Sara Juričić (Head of Cinekid for Professionals) comments: “The projects in the Junior Co-Production Market are more than just movies; they are the voices of a new generation ready to make a difference through the power of film. Through it, they entertain and inspire, serving as catalysts for transformative impact, penned with unwavering resolve and presented with the boundless ingenuity of young visionaries.” 

About Cinekid Junior Co-Production Market 

The Junior Co-Production Market brings financiers, producers, and broadcasters into contact with a selection of new and innovative film and series projects for children from established and emerging sector makers. Over two days, the projects will be presented to the international children’s media industry and participate in one-on-one meetings with interested professionals. 

Two prizes will be awarded to projects from the selection. The best eligible project with European co-production potential will receive Eurimages’ prestigious Co-Production Development Award and €20.000 in cash. The Filmmore Post-Production Award comes with a €5.000 prize and will go to the best live-action project. The winners will be announced during the Cinekid Awards on Wednesday, October 25. 

More information on Cinekid Junior Co-Production Market can be found on

Full selection list Junior Co-Production Market 2023 


Big Bang Parade
Directed by Britt Raes, Hermien Verstraeten, Nienke Deutz, Imge Özbilge, Sine Özbilge, Karolien Raeymaekers and Martyna Koleniec
Written by Ilka De Bisschop
Production Companies: Lunanime BV, Momakin and Flinck Film
Produced by Degryse Annemie
Production Countries: Belgium, Poland, and The Netherlands 

The Dream Master
Directed by Kristian Nordentoft
Written by Jesper Fink
Production Company: Copenhagen Bombay
Produced by Sarita Christensen and Mette Valbjørn Skøtt
Production Country: Denmark 

Hanneke & Fiet
Directed by Mischa Kamp
Written by Tamara Bos
Production Companies: NL Film and TV and Endemol Shine Israel
Produced by Dennis Cornelisse
Production Country: The Netherlands and Israel 

Nico Finds a Treasure
Directed by Konstantinos Frangopoulos
Written by Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis
Based on the short story by Ali Mitgutsch
Production Companies: Anemon Productions, asterisk*, Bind Film and Lieblingsfilm
Produced by Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof, Joram Willink and Philipp Budweg
Production Countries: Greece, The Netherlands and Germany 

One Brother Too Many
Directed by Tove Undheim
Written by Tove Undheim
Production Company: Miso Film
Produced by Hedda Hansson Rudi
Production Country: Norway 

The Rules of Three (working title)
Directed by Margien Rogaar
Written by Evianne Lamme and Fiona van Heemstra
Production Companies: BIND and URSUS Parvus
Produced by Joram Willink, Maaike Neve and Hlin Johannesdottir
Production Countries: The Netherlands and Iceland 

The Secret Floor
Directed by Norbert Lechner
Written by Antonia Rothe-Liermann and Katrin Milhahn
Production Companies: KEVIN LEE Film Filmgesellschaft mbH, AMOUR FOU Luxembourg sàrl and AMOUR FOU Vienna GmbH
Produced by Norbert Lechner
Production Countries: Germany, Luxembourg, and Austria 

Secret of the Dragon’s Fellowship
Directed by Vanja Hovan
Written by Milan V. Puzic, Uros Petrovic and Vanja Hovan
Production Companies: Biberche Productions, Maxima Film, Palchica Productions, Bela Film and Kwassa Films
Produced by Nikolina Vucetic-Zecevic
Production Countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Belgium 


Children of Water
Directed by Joy Penroz
Written by Joy Penroz
Production Companies: Raki Films and RTVC Señal Colombia
Produced by Sylvian Grain
Production Countries: Chile, Colombia 

Directed by Bambú Orellana and Paloma Mora 
Written by Elena Gobernado, María Mínguez, Noelia Martínez and Guadalupe Sáez, Javiera Risco, Lisette Kamann, Kathrin Woodtli and Bambú Orellana 
Production Companies: Admirable Films, TV ON Producciones and TYPPO Creative Lab 
Produced by Paloma Mora and Paulina Sanhueza
Production Countries: Spain and Chile 

Mia Moké
Directed by Jeremie Becquer, Julien Becquer and Karim Gadjigo
Written by Karim Gadjigo and Louise Dubois
Production Companies: Special Touch Studios, African Touch Studios, Ozemnia and Paul Thiltges Distributions
Produced by Sebastien Onomo
Production Countries: France, Senegal, Cameroon, and Luxembourg 

Monsterberry Jam
Directed by Roman Kepkalo
Written by Roman Kepkalo
Production Company: YARKI
Produced by Yana Palamarenko
Production Country: Ukraine

Odd Adventures of Ninja & Bibby
Directed by Piotr Różycki
Production Company: Laniakea Pictures
Produced by Zofia Jaroszuk
Production Country: Poland 

Directed by Jan Cechl
Written by Eva Prchalová, Jan Cechl
Production Companies: Kuli Film and One to One Films
Produced by Radim Procházka and Irina Calado
Production Countries: Czech Republic and Portugal 

Directed by Celia Catunda and Kiko Mistrorigo
Written by Rita Catunda
Production Company: Pinguim Content
Produced by Ricardo Rozzino
Production Country: Brazil 


Block 5
Directed by Klemen Dvornik
Written by Dora Šustić
Production Companies: A Atalanta, Antitalent, BFilm and Living Pictures
Produced by Barbara Daljavec
Production Country: Slovenia, Croatia, and Czech Republic 

Fox and Hare Save the Forest
Directed by Mascha Halberstad
Written by Fabie Hulsebos
Production Companies: Submarine, Walking the Dog and Doghouse
Produced by Janneke van de Kerkhof
Production Countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
World Sales: Urban Distribution International
Benelux Distributor: Periscoop Film 

Join us for Cinekid for Professionals from October 24 – 27, 2023, and register via our website before September 24, 2023.   

The still shown above is from Fox and Hare Save the Forest film project, which will be presented as a work-in-progress at the Junior Co-Production Market this October.