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The workshops and installations developed for the Cinekid Festival are also offered at other locations throughout the year. That is why Cinekid is always on the lookout for partners with whom to develop the most wonderful media projects for children. Our clients range from museums to festival organisations and from schools to commercial companies.

Thanks to our vast experience and knowledge accumulated over many years, Cinekid is the partner to work with in the field of new media and media education. Whether it’s for a one-off workshop or a tailored MediaLab, an activity at a festival or multiple installations for a long-term exhibition, we are happy to think along with you.
Interested in educational activities and art installations that Cinekid organises on-site? We are happy to propose a tailored programme for your project. For more information on collaboration with Cinekid, please contact Rianne Vogel, or by phone: +3120 - 5317891.