Age: 4+
Category: Arty Party
Platform: iOS Price App Store: Free

Not originally meant to be for kids, but this app is actually a lot of fun for them to try out. XYZ-FX by Dutch artist duo JODI, world famous since day and age because of their digital art experiments where they built websites like url mazes and graphic rollercoasters. This app, actually an artwork in its own right, gives your camera application crazy effects which maked photo’s and videos look absurd and rather psychedelic. Like caleidoscopic vision layers, bending the RGB channels, robotic views on reality. The faster you move your device, the bigger the distortion it creates.

This is a very nice example of an artistic experiment in the app domain that shows the fun of technology, with a twist, to create new and poetic (or actually rather disturbing) images. Like Instagram got sick… Pick your FX of choice (effect), photo or video, and press green to start.