Hidden Folks

Adriaan de Jongh
Age: 8-18
Category: Classics
Platform: iOS Price App Store: €4,49 Price Google Play Store: €4,99

You may remember Where’s Wally? The famous search picture book with enormous landscape drawings where you had to find the central character in a huge chaotic scene? Hidden Folks is a bit like that. Though this time the drawings are interactive and it’s not just Wally you should find, but a huge cast of characters, animals and objects in enormous, sprawling landscapes. Sometimes it will take opening a door or sliding another object to uncover what you are on the look out for. Each goal-find comes with a simple but cryptic hint.

The design and added sound effects make this app very entertaining and original. The sounds are voice recordings from the artist; monkey sounds, zippers, creaky leaves. Another fun and weird addition to the already pleasing absurdity.

The app is created by Dutch developer Adriaan de Jongh. His apps Bounden and Fingle can also be found in the App store.