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Visitor regulations

1. Admission tickets

If you want to visit the festival grounds, you can do so without an admission ticket. Some of the activities are free for everyone. If you wish to visit a film in the screening hall, a paid activity or the Media Lab, then you do need a valid admission ticket. You must present this ticket during your visit if requested. The ticket grants access to the specific performance or activity indicated on the ticket, and is no longer valid once the performance or activity has ended. Ticket or coins cannot be exchanged for money, other tickets or anything else. Tickets may not be sold on or otherwise used for commercial purposes.

By entering the festival grounds, you agree to the visitor regulations.

2. Supervision of children up to age 18

Persons younger than 18 years will only be granted access to the paid programme components if they are accompanied by a person aged 18 or older. The organisation is authorised to ask persons for identification upon entry. At the school performances, access and legitimation is organised with supervisors and teachers in accordance with each school’s rules.

3. General rules

Cinekid is subject to Dutch law and regulations. During your visit, be attentive to other people’s safety and property, as well as those of the locations and of Cinekid. Prevent dangerous situations and always treat each other with respect. Mischief, wanton destruction, dealing in or being in the possession of drugs and making use of telephones, drones, GoPros, selfie sticks etc. in a dangerous or annoying manner is not allowed.

4. Liability

Entering the Cinekid festival grounds is at your own risk. Any liability on the part of Cinekid is excluded, except damage caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Cinekid. Have you suffered damage? If so, you must show this at the festival office’s reception before you leave the grounds, and have a report filed. Cinekid is no longer responsible for damage if the report is made after you have left the festival grounds.

5. Instructions

You must always follow the instructions of our staff fully and promptly and observe the instructions on the signs at the festival terrain.

6. Food and drink

You are allowed to bring your own food and drink to the festival. However, consumption is not allowed in the halls and the MediaLab. There are various places on the festival grounds where you can eat and drink, such as in the Cineplaza and the MediaLab’s indoor terrace.

7. Smoking

Cinekid is a smoke-free festival. Smoking is prohibited in all Cinekid spaces, which includes e-cigarettes. We ask visitors to the Westergasterrein to be mindful of children when smoking in the open air and only smoke in the designated smoking spots.

8. Film and photos

Photos and film recordings may be made on the festival grounds and at the activities for promotional purposes. In accepting the visitor regulations, visitors acknowledge that Cinekid cannot be held responsible for publicised material and that Cinekid does not check the material made public by other visitors. If case of an objection to photo or film material publicised by Cinekid, it is in principle always possible to request removal of the photo or film material by invoking the privacy of the child.

9. Commercial activities

Engaging in commercial activities, including recordings, surveys, advertising and collecting on the festival grounds, is not permitted without prior written permission.

Violation of these regulations may lead to refusal of admission to or removal from the festival grounds or, in certain cases, a report to the police. In such event, you have no right to a refund.

For security reasons, or if the facts and/or circumstances reasonably require this, you may be searched on suspicion, bags may be checked, and you may be asked to show valid proof of identity. If you do not cooperate, this may lead to your removal from the grounds.

In all other situations not explicitly mentioned in these regulations, the festival producer decides.