About the CfP Programme

Industry Forum

During Cinekid’s Industry Forum professionals from the field of children’s media from all over the world will share their ideas and tips & tricks.

During a series of alternating sessions, from panel discussions to keynotes and case studies, the speakers will discuss the development of their projects, how pitfalls were avoided and how the right roads were taken. From diverse backgrounds, these experts offer their own take on, and experiences within, children’s media – from creation to distribution, from slow media to transmedia. Guests are invited to enter the dialogue and get exclusive insights into these super-creative minds and their working practices.

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Industry Forum Moderators

Hugo Emmerzael

Cesar Majorana

Jennifer Muntslag


How one thing can lead to another. Ellen Windemuth is the producer of the Oscar-winning My Octopus Teacher (2020). In her keynote, she will talk about how making this documentary led to the development and realisation of WaterBear. This completely interactive streaming platform is dedicated to the future of our planet, reaching young and engaged audiences across the globe.

Ellen Windemuth

CEO of WaterBear Network

Self reflection and well-being

Media can function as a distraction, especially for children. In this session we will talk about projects that focus on reconnecting you to your body in an active and playful way. This enables us to reflect upon our mental and physical condition. Soulpaint, the work of Sarah Ticho (Hatsumi VR) and Monobanda, provides people with the necessary tools to do so. In the VR experience Deep, participants use their breath to move across a serene underwater world. The creators conducted five years of artistic, game and design research to create the ultimate experience for young people who are troubled by anxiety. Naomi Grant is a personal, motivating, sometimes shocking, teaching and always honest writing performer. She believes it is important that young people learn to express themselves in a creative way at an early age. At the moment, Naomi Grant is working on a book with portraits and poetry about LHBTIQ+ role models, with the working title Queer Bedtime Stories.  

Naomi Grant, NL

Queer Bedtime Stories

Sarah Ticho

Soulpaint, Hatsumi VR, UK

Niki Smit

Monobanda, NL

Joanneke Weerdmeester

Researcher Deep, NL

Democratising the Wild West of Distribution

The distribution of audiovisual content for youth is continuously subject to change. What does this mean for those working along the entire chain from development to the screen? And how can we adapt to the latest developments? This session will navigate through the different perspectives from production to exhibition, exploring the opportunities and challenges out there to reach young audiences.

Sebastian Wehner

Co-founder/CEO Wunderbox, DE

Kristine Knudsen

Producer/owner Knudsen Pictures, NO/DE

Mezen Danawi

Head NPO Start and Plus, NL

Irina Albita

Co-founder Filmchain, UK

Decolonised Storytelling

Many people are part of a narrative that falls outside the hegemonic Western perspective. The makers in this panel will discuss how they tell the stories of their own culture and ancestors. All are part of the African diaspora and live in (post-) colonial societies.

Aurore Auguste

Acquisitions at the Cinema Department of Institut Français

Jinaraja Menke

Arki Wan Tori, SR

Kevin Headley

Arki Wan Tori, SR

Being Human in a Digital World

The digital world and everything around it feels very intangible and can easily become an abstract ‘thing’. In this panel we will talk about how to make this world more approachable, specifically for children. The divide between the real and the digital world is getting more fluid. Various digital worlds are forming on- and offline. The work of Abner Preis and Neil Mendoza both contain elements of getting away from technology toward the human-being. How can digital elements be used to highlight the human side of technology?

Neil Mendoza

Robotic Voice Activated Kicking Machine, PT

Abner Preis

The Miracle Basket, NL


Rodney Lam

CEO Daily Paper

Case study: Captain Nova

An exciting science-fiction film for the whole family set in 2050, in which fighter pilot Nova lives in a world destroyed by environmental disasters. She therefore travels back in time – and in the process goes back to being a kid – to save humanity from environmental disaster. Unfortunately, few adults are prepared to accept warnings from a mere 12-year-old. Captain Nova will have its world premiere during Cinekid as the opening film.

Maurice Trouwborst


Lotte Tabbers


Koji Nelissen

Producer Keplerfilm, NL

Animation Co-Pro

Panel hosted by Creative Europe Desk NL.
With this panel we will be zooming in on the animation industry. Looking into the productions of Fresh Films (CZ), Snowcloud Films (SE) and Submarine (NL) that have been selected for this year’s Cinekid programme, we’ll discuss the often long development and production phase of animation projects. Does this require a specific approach when it comes to finding co-producers? How do you guarantee artistic unity in a project and what does this means for potential audiences and the scope of a production?

Vladimir Lhoták

Bruno Felix

Petter Lindblad

Case study: Anansi the Spider

The West African folk tales of Anansi the Spider are centuries old, and famous in the Caribbean, southern USA and Suriname, but are not so well known in Western Europe. Author Iven Cudogham has brought this witty spider to new audiences through children’s books and an exhibition at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. Now, there is a brand new animation series for toddlers. Anansi the Spider’s world premiere will be at Cinekid.

Iven Cudogham

Original concept/screenwriter/producer

Gerdie Snellers

Editor-in-chief Dutch broadcaster KRO-NCRV

Michiel Snijders

Producer Il Luster

Case Studies on Global Narratives

Project in development KungFuLeeuw, directed by Froukje Tan and produced by Flinck Film (NL). A Taoist ‘coming of age’ story which unveils the multi-cultural world of a Kung Fu school in Rotterdam. When hot-tempered Tom (13) is chosen by his Kung Fu master to dance at the back of a Chinese lion, behind new pupil Yeye who is placed in the head, Tom’s envy denies him the leading role he desperately wants to regain. KungFuLeeuw will be a co-production with China.

Transmedia project Shadow Game (Prospektor, NL), consisting of a feature-length documentary, four short docs, an adventure game, a photo series in collaboration with Cigdem Yuksel, an exhibition and an impact campaign. While the feature length documentary shows what these teenagers go through on their journey, the short docs follow them on arrival in their destination country.

Froukje Tan

Sabine Veenendaal

Flinck Film

Eefje Blankenvoort

Education spotlight: Film Teacher of the Year

Over the past few years, a network of regional Film Education Hubs unrolled across the Netherlands, connecting educational institutions, schools and the film industry. We will check in with the national Network Film Education to ask about their experiences so far. Two teachers and nominees for the Best Dutch Film Teacher of the Year will join to share their learnings from the classroom.

Margreet Cornelius

Network Film Education

Sanne Assink

Winner Best Dutch Film Teacher (Film Hub Oost)

Andre Broens

Winner Best Dutch Film Teacher (Film Hub Midden)

Film Education Matters!

Over the past years diversity and inclusion have been hot topics in the audiovisual industry and its educational institutions. How do talented teenagers with a good eye find their place at schools that teach the art of filmmaking? Which hurdles do they have to take, and does everyone feel welcome? Bart Römer (director Netherlands Film Academy) and Faydim Ramshe (alumni Netherlands Film Academy) in conversation about the initiatives the Netherlands Film Academy has set up to improve access for the storytellers of the future.

Bart Römer

Faydim Ramshe

Cinetween Insights

What do tweens actually want to see? How do they use (social) media platforms? What do young people miss in today’s media? We asked our fantastic panel of tweens who will be at our conference to answer these questions, and more! We wanted to create an opportunity for children to talk about the developments in children’s media and give their opinion on where they think it is now, where it is headed and where they think it should go.




Digital Democracies

During this session, Cinekid guests will discuss the limits and possibilities of democratic use of the digital space. Is the digital world accessible for (and by) everyone, no matter their age, background and other identifiers? How do we keep the internet safe for everyone, or shouldn’t we?

Dylan Yamada Rice

Senior Research Manager Dubit, UK

David Kleeman

SVP Global Trends Dubit, US