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Industry Forum

During Cinekid’s Industry Forum, 40 professionals from the field of children’s media from all over the world shared their ideas and tips & tricks.

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During a series of 40-minute sessions, the speakers discussed the development of their projects, how pitfalls were avoided and how the right roads were taken. From diverse backgrounds, these experts offer their own take on, and experiences within, children’s media – from creation to distribution, from slow media to transmedia. Guests were invited to enter the dialogue and get exclusive insights into these super-creative minds and their working practices.  

The Industry Forum is co-hosted by Netwerk Mediawijsheid


Speakers Industry Forum 2019

Industry Forum Moderator


Peter Lunenfeld

Professor, UCLA Design | Media Arts department

Baloji Tshiani

Musician, an artist, poet, MC, director and writer

Table 1: If you can't see it, you can't be it

The importance of role models for children in the media, images they can relate to. This table is all about gender equality and diversity. 


Table host: Fay Breeman (IFFR PRO Fund Manager) 

Shabnam Rezaei

Co-founder of Big Bad Boo

Sarita Bajnath

Founder of Socratisch.nl

Tessa Trabue

Campaigner at Let Toys be Toys

Table 2: The story is what counts

Take a break from your screen. Learn more about the ins and outs of children podcasts.


Table host: Sara Juricic (Freelance producer) 

Meredith Halpern-Ranzer

CEO at Tinkercast

Juliëtte van Paridon

Editor in chief at NTR

Astrid Cornelisse

Podcast coordinator

Stef Visjager


Table 3: Pushing the limits

There isn’t any subject that need to avoid when making content for children. These makers take children serious.


Table host: Laura de Lange (Q&A coordinator - IDFA)

Belle Barbé

Co-founder of Wipsite and writer of Me & Sex

Willem Bosch

Director of Afterlife

Kato de Boeck

Director of Provence

Fanny Ovesen

Director of She-Pack

Table 4: Moving Images

All about future developments in animation. 


Table host: Alice Cubadda (on behalf of ACE producers) 

Kresimir Zubcic

Vice President of the World Festival of Animation in Zagreb

René Veilleux & Donald Lopez

Founders of Verité Entertainment

Table 5: Limited by borders

Borders. Our world is defined by them with all consequences. When it comes to making content we are limited by the rules of these borders as well. How to create unique stories with an universal appeal?


Table host: Alessia Acone (IFFR) 

Table 6: Sharing is Caring

If we can’t measure it, how can we manage it? About the impact of social media.


Table host: Hidde de Vries (producer at Natte Haring and distributor of short films)


Elza Dunkels

Researcher into young people's behaviour online at Umeå University

Maxime de Vries

Reporter for NOS Stories

Catherine McAllister

Head of Safegarding and Childprotection in the BBC Children

Table 7: How to reach your audience?

Where is the youngest generation? How do you build a successful marketing plan for this audience?


Table host: Matthijs van der Veer (NTR drama) 

Lily Yan

Head of Brands for Nelvana

Martijn Blekendaal & Vera Born

Director and producers of The man who looked behind the horizon

Xiaojuan Zhou

President of Attraction Distribution and EP of Attraction Kids

Table 8: Little Big Minds

As adults we’re creating content for children, how to involve the audience in the creation process?


Table host: Jenny Canters (Manager Press and PR – IFFR)

Joel Silverman

Co-founder and CEO of Kids Know Best

Aline van Nereaux

S.M.A.K. moves

Mark Schlichting

Founder of Noodleworks

Table 9: Emotional Playground

Emotional technology at best! These three great artists will show their work, the underlying motivations and what they considered keeping the audience in mind. Feelz?


Table host: Emmy Sidiras (former coördinator CineMart & BoostNL)

Abner Preis

Multimedia artist who focuses on stories with happy endings

Paloma Dawkins

VR and video game-artist

Table 10: Games for change

We can learn something while playing. Learn how to code, how to address heavy issues within play and how to design this for children.


Table host: Eva Hekman (marketeer at Blue Billywig)

Shuli Gilutz

Ph.D. specializes in UX research, assessment, and design of interactive products for children

Cassandre Poirier-Simon

Artist and media designer and founder of Myth_N

Post Neon

Creative Multi-Media Studio

Table 11: Size does matter!

How to get a big audience? Co-hosted by Creative Europe Desk NL 


Table hosts: Emma O'Hare & Andrea Posthuma (Creative Europe Desk NL) 

Ruben Thorkildsen

Producer of Psychobitch and founder of Ape&Bjørn

Josien Buijs

Head of marketing Cinema The Hague

Joram Willink

Founder of BIND and producer of My extraordinary Summer with Tess

Table 12: Facts and Figures

Researchers about Children Films in Europe. 


Table hosts: Anne Schultka (Kids Regio) & Signe Zeilich-Jensen (Netherlands Film Fund) 

Eleni Chandrinou

Documentary producer and film consulent

Elise Jalladeau

Director of Thessaloniki Film Festival

Steffi Ebert

Has built up a database on European Children's Film

Esther Schmidt

Communication consultant

The Industry Forum is co-hosted by