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Cinekid Script LAB

Programme Outline

October (during Cinekid for Professionals)

  • Introduction to fellow participants + coaches
  • Individual coaching
  • Get to know your target audience in the Ask Your Audience workshop
  • Masterclass on writing for children
  • Come-back + Closing sessions
  • Screenings at Cinekid Festival
  • Participation in Cinekid for Professionals

November to January

  • Follow-up sessions
  • Participants reconnect with their coach to discuss their progress (by phone or Skype)

February (during Berlinale)

  • Welcome back
  • Individual coaching
  • Scripts in Action workshop
  • Dialogue Masterclass
  • Come-back + Closing sessions
  • Screenings in the Berlinale Generation programme
  • Participation in the Berlinale


  • Individual online aftercare sessions