Education Spotlight: Film Teacher of the Year

Over the past few years, a network of regional Film Education Hubs unrolled across the Netherlands, connecting educational institutions, schools and the film industry. At the Industry Forum, we checked in with the national Network Film Education to ask about their experiences so far. Speakers are Margreet Cornelius from Network Film Education and Sanne Assink and Andre Broens, Best Dutch Film Teachers of the year! 

Decolonised Storytelling

Many people are part of a narrative that falls outside the hegemonic Western perspective. The makers in this panel, Aurore Auguste, Jinaraja Menke and Kevin Headley, will discuss how they tell the stories of their own culture and ancestors. All are part of the African diaspora and live in (post-) colonial societies.

Democratising the Wild West of Distribution

The distribution of audiovisual content for youth is continuously subject to change. What does this mean for those working along the entire chain from development to the screen? And how can we adapt to the latest developments? This session will navigate through the different perspectives from production to exhibition, exploring the opportunities and challenges out there to reach young audiences. Speakers are Sebastian Wehner, Kristine Knudsen, Mezen Danawi and Irina Albita. 

Digital Democracies

During this session, Cinekid guests Dylan Yamada Rice and David Kleeman will discuss the limits and possibilities of democratic use of the digital space. Is the digital world accessible for (and by) everyone, no matter their age, background and other identifiers? How do we keep the internet safe for everyone, or shouldn’t we?