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Open call for game and app developers

Cinekid invites artist, designers, studios and agencies to submit games and/or apps for the upcoming MediaLab and for consideration of the Cinekid Game & App Award.

The call offers an opportunity to become part of the festival and reach out to an international audience and network of media experts specialized in children’s projects.

Submissions for the 2021 Cinekid Game & App Award are accepted from 1 March until 17 June 2022.

The Game & App award underlines the growing role games and apps play in contemporary children’s lives. Gaming has become an integral part of our lives. Games connect, entertain, and enlighten, more so than ever before thanks to the global pandemic. Cinekid recognizes the importance of being able to point children towards games and apps that provide more than merely a simple click-and-swipe game, and of providing alternatives to popular RPGs and shooters.

The category is Games & Apps. If you have any question regarding your possible submission, feel free to contact Cinekid.
Submissions should be completed no earlier than 2020, and/or in development to be completed in September 2022. We will consider projects of excellent artistic quality, innovation and/or authenticity. Cinekid welcomes submissions from international game studios, artists, designers, students and collectives.
A professional commission will select a maximum of 10 titles. The selection will receive the opportunity to showcase their project in the MediaLab at the Cinekid Festival in the Netherlands. An all-kids Jury will decide the winner, who will be awarded the Cinekid Game & App Award.

About Cinekid Festival and the MediaLab

Cinekid Festival is one of the world’s largest and most respected film and media festivals for a younger audience. The 36th edition of the festival will take place from 15 - 30 October 2022. During the festival Cinekid presents the MediaLab, an exhibition of interactive and immersive installations, workshops and games in Amsterdam and 6 other cities in the Netherlands.

The festival yearly welcomes some 50.000 visitors, 600 international professionals including partner festivals, producers, broadcasters, distributors, agents, curators and artists, and garners a wide variety of national and international media attention.
The MediaLab is for children ages 4-14 and all works presented in it should be suitable for that age group, however it is not necessary for a project to be especially created for children only.

To submit a project please visit this form (available from 1 March).
Rules and regulations can be found here.
For further information on submitting a project please be in touch with Siuli Ko, programmer New Media, at

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