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Winners Cinekid Media Awards 2018 announced

Find out who won the Golden Lion, Guppy and Humming Bird.

The Cinekid Media Awards 2018 were awarded on Wednesday evening at the 32nd edition of the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam. These awards are the most prominent awards for the past year’s best new media productions for young people in the Netherlands. Cinekid, and ECP | Platform for the Information Society together presented the Golden Lion, the Golden Guppy and the Golden Humming Bird.

The Golden Lion jury award for the best international media project went to BODY by artist Philip Schütte and Random Studio. BODY is an interactive installation in which the visitor’s complete body functions as a search tool for the myriads of images to be found on the internet.

The jury, coansisting of Farid Tabarki (chair), Hanneke Metselaar, Jan Robert Leegte, Stephanie Afrifa, Maren Siebert and Paul Stork, describes it as a feast and as an convincing interactive experience. ‘A visual statement about our visual era, visual culture, that plays with the image databases of our time in ways that are both endearing and gritty, controlled and experimental, creating a mosaic that mirrors ourselves. For the MediaLab visitor, the experience is engaging and worked out perfectly down to every detail, full of artistic choices that never hinder the visitor but instead visually enhance the experience, and even encourage a creative and reflective response.’ Schütte takes home a cash prize of € 3000.

The Golden Lion audience award was presented to Stefan Shäfer’s virtual reality game Flotsam Fluke. All children who visited the Cinekid MediaLab in the past week, where all the projects nominated for the Golden Lion were on display, could vote for their own favourite. Schäfer also takes home € 3000.

An honourable mention was given to the workshop GIF it to me by Viesueel Geweld. Until the very end it was a close call between the two works.

The Golden Guppy, which is’s expert jury award for the best digital media product for toddlers (0-6 years), was presented to Luqo for its Luqo Spellenreeks. According to the expert jury, consisting of Denise Bontje, Ilona Jens, Marijke Bos, Merel Beunk, René Glas, Thomas Drucker and Tomas Sala, Luqo was by far the most notable entry for the Golden Guppy. ‘It is aimed at playing together away from the screen, so that the added value of digital entertainment is drawn towards the group and applied to physical actions and face-to-face communication.’

Honourable mentions were bestowed on Chalk Gardens by Niels de Jong and Joanna Siccama and Vil Du?! by YipYip. The jury’s comment on Chalk Gardens: ‘The students who created Chalk Gardens deserve a stage: the jury praises them for their talent and for the fact that they developed a media product specifically for young children.’ The honourable mention for Vil Du?! is the jury’s way of showing how wide the field of digital children’s media products has become. ‘And how Dutch talent is creating very special things.’

The Golden Humming Bird is awarded by ECP | Platform for the Information Society for the best digital media product created by a promising talent until 18 years old, and was presented this year to Floor Lemmens for het project Imagine. The jury, consisting of the young makers Daan Alberts and Jeroen de Wit and professional makers Remco Pijpers (Kennisnet) and Sophie Veraart (ECP), praise Floor for the appealing way in which she links together the art of photography and the art of language. ‘Floor succeeds at creating a very own style, and the jury very much enjoys her artistry and creativity. The jury moreover finds the combination of poetry with social media very surprising, which adds depth to this flat platform.’

An honourable mention was bestowed on Lara Thijsebaard’s StudioLara with her comical YouTube videos, for her creativity, unicity and the use of digital skills.

About Cinekid
Cinekid is the world’s largest media festival for young people between the ages of 3 and 14 years.  Every year over 60,000 children and their minders visit the festival at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek venue and at 40 film theatres throughout the Netherlands. The festival comprises all aspects of the media industry for a young audience. In addition to high-quality media, the festival also organises workshops and masterclasses where children can learn and practice their own media skills. Cinekid screens hundreds of notable films and television programmes and displays the most innovative tools, games, installations, media art and apps in the very popular MediaLab.

Cinekid’s film and television awards will be awarded at the Westergastheater on Friday evening, 26 October.