Youth films for grown ups

During Night of the Lion we'll show the most beautiful children's films, also very suitable for adults.

From 22 until 25 October we will give adult filmfreaks the chance to see impressive films of the Cinekid Festival during the Night of the Lion. Because youth films are not only fun for children!

All of these films are shown at the Machinegebouw at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Every screening starts at 19.30. Cineville members have free entrance and members of We Are Public receive a discount, and they can only buy their tickets at the box office. You can watch the following titles:

Winter flies

Monday 22 October - 19.30 o'clock

In this gritty road movie, two rebellious friends run away from home and set out on an adventure in a stolen car. Bickering and enjoying themselves, they also discover the harder sides of life. But just like flies buzzing around in the snow, Mára and Heduš won’t let the world get them down.

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The War Game

Tuesday 23 October - 19.30 o'clock

Malte knows everything about war games, so when children in his neighbourhood are quarreling over the use of a playground, he gets involved. But his interference just pours oil on the fire, and now the conflict starts turning nasty. Malte has to find a way to make peace, which is a lot harder.

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Short Cut

Wednesday 24 October - 19.30 o'clock

Honest and touching story about Jacob, who feels lonely and is often envious of his step-sister Paula. Why does she always get awesome presents from her dad in America? And why doesn’t he ever see his own dad? When his strict grandmother throws away his favourite T-shirt, it’s the last straw. Jacob sets out to find his father.   

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Supa Modo

Thursday 25 October - 19.30 o'clock

Jo, an imaginative nine-year-old girl, loves action movies and superheroes. They help her forget that she is very sick. Most of all, she’d like to play the main role in a superhero movie herself. In this cheerful and touching experience, her mother, her older sister and everyone in the village do all they can to make her wish come true.

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