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Cinekid is looking for you, will you give us a hand?

Volunteers are indispensable to Cinekid Festival. Every year, hunderds of enthusiasts contribute to the biggest film and media festival for children between 3 and 14 years old. Together, we put on a fantastic experience of the festival for these young visitors. This year, the main core of Cinekid Festival is located at Pathé Amsterdam Noord. Additionally, we will be present at approximately 40 locations across all of the Netherlands. With all these locations, we need a whole bunch of volunteers! So are you working, retired, studying, social intern or just looking for a fun experience? 

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What does Cinekid ask?

Effort, reliability and, most of all, enthusiasm!

What does Cinekid offer you?

A unique look behind the scenes of a festival
The opportunity to watch movies during the festival, before or after your shift
An original Cinekid t-shirt and thank you gift
Lunch and consumption during your shift
A special experience from which you can learn a lot, together with other enthusiasts! 

Do you think working towards the festival could be fun? Check the different jobs below and consider what appeals to you most. 


Job descriptions Cinekid Festival 2022

When applying as a volunteer, we ask you to indicate which jobs you'd prefer fulfilling during the festival. The working hours differ per job. On average, a shift lasts from 9 AM until 5 PM. However, starting a shift earlier or ending later can occur, you know this once you receive your schedule. Which jobs are there?

Promotions team before the festival

Can't you wait to start giving us a hand already? Apply now to the team that will decorate the city with Cinekid posters! On Thursday September 28th our promotional campaign starts. For this, we need bike freaks who will help us spread the Cinekid lion through the different areas of Amsterdam. After picking up the posters from the Cinekid office (on the Marineterrein next to the Scheepvaartmuseum), you will go on a journey through a city district with your bicycle. With your biggest smile you'll go past different Cinekid partners who'd love to hang one of our posters on their wall. Would you rather do this together instead of at your own pace? Of course you can also go on the road with a friend! 

Promotions team during the festival

The experience of the visitors of Cinekid Festival is very important to us. We need to know what visitors think of our festival, so we can make it an even bigger success next year! Do you like approaching people and contributing to the visitor experience of Cinekid? As part of the promotions team, you ask visitors about their experience and let them fill out the visitor survey on an iPad.

Activity accompanist MediaLab

Would you like to know more about the newest 3D experiences, virtual reality games and animation worksohps? Are you a children's friend who likes to challenge Cinekid's public to get to know these installations? Become a volunteer at the MediaLab! Don't be scared, technical knowledge is not necessary and you will receive clear instructions from a professional beforehand. Need more convincing? Check out these impressions of last year's MediaLab!


Activity accompanist workshops

The MediaLab offers workshops that are either open for visitors or open upon application. Children are encouraged to explore these activities on their own. Would you like to get to work yourself, stimulate childrens' creativity and help them along the way if necessary? Then apply as activity accompanist workshops! 

Theater host

As theater host, you're responsible for scanning the entrance tickets, you make sure young visitors vote for the audience award, guide the audience, answer their questions and make sure the theater room is left neatly. With kids events, you keep an eye out for questioning looks and come to the rescue! The tasks are very diverse, but you are always in direct contact with the festival audience. As host, you will be present in a theater room regularly, so you'll get the chance to watch a lot of movies! 


As host you are Cinekid's face. Visitors will come to you with questions or for guidance. You make sure everyone's coat fits in the wardrobes, that tickets are scanned, that everybody receives a programme paper, that everybody finds their way and that visitors are enthused to fill out the visitors' questionnaire. Are you hospitable and do you like hosting people and showing them the way? Then this job as host is perfect for you!


Would you like to gain a bit more responsibility during the festival and to completely immerse yourself in the festival buzz? Then you belong in this team! During the festival, you support the volunteer coordinators with urgent tasks, you help coordinate the volunteers and can be put to use flexibly. It can happen that you start your day with receiving the volunteers and pointing them to their stations, later work as theater host and close the day at a MediaLab installation. This offers the opportunity to be involved with the festival organization more closely.

Which job suits you best?
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Do you have any questions before applying? Or do you want to use volunteering at Cinekid Festival as an internship? Let us know by sending an e-mail to