Wanted: English speaking kids

Grab your chance and be a director for one day for our Ask your Audience-project.

The annual Cinekid Festival is the largest children's media festival in the world, taking place during the fall holidays in October. Cinekid for Professionals, an international multi-day event for the children's media industry, also runs during the Cinekid Festival.

Cinekid is looking for children who would like to be part of our ‘Ask your Audience’ session. During Cinekid for Professionals, we provide international professionals with the opportunity to present their children’s film or series in development to their target audience. The producers will present their project and ask children for their opinion. This is a unique opportunity for the creators to see how the audience reacts to their project and to find out what works. This panel of children may very well have a big influence on the final outcome of the film and/or series!

We are looking for English speaking participants for different focus groups in the following age categories:
Focus group 1: 4-6 years
Focus group 2: 6-8 years
Focus group 3: 8-10 years
Focus group 4: 10-12 years

When will the event take place? 
We organise two sessions of Ask your Audience. The programme will take place on Wednesday 14 October and on Thursday 15 October. The moderator and the children will be physically present (with all necessary security measures) at the Cinekid office in Amsterdam. The presenting producer of the project will attend online. Each focus group will join for about 1 hour sessions, where several projects (maximum of three) will be discussed.

What can we offer?
Children get to be the director for the day and give their opinion on projects in development. Besides that, we will offer a login with which you have free access to our new online platform for three months.

Where can you apply?
If your child is interested in participating, or if you have any further questions, please email Eline Warnier at professionals@cinekid.nl with the subject Ask your Audience. Please send us the age of your child(ren), the date(s) of availability and in two sentences who he/she is and why he/she wants to participate.