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Selections serie competitions announced!

Today Cinekid proudly presents the selections for the Best Dutch Fiction Series and the Best Dutch Non-Fiction Series.

With the Best Dutch Series Competition, Cinekid presents a selection of the most beautiful Dutch series for children every year. From the entries, 15 series were selected in the Fiction and Non-Fiction categories. A jury of three professionals reviews all submitted episodes and chooses one winning series per category. The production houses of the winners of the Best Dutch Fiction Series and the Best Dutch Non-Fiction Series Awards are rewarded with a Cinekid Lion! 

The winners will be announced during the Cinekid Awards on 25 October during Cinekid Festival. The festival will take place throughout the Netherlands from 15 to 30 October, ticket sales will start on 28 September at 10:00 am

Best Dutch Fiction Series

  • Hideous Henk 
    Director: Junaid Chundrigar. Screenplay: Britt Snel. Producer: Family Affair Films. Broadcaster: NTR 
  • Katwalk 
    Director: Salma Chafouk Idrissi. Screenplay: Zainab Goelaman, Salma Chafouk Idriss. Producer: Topkapi Series. Broadcaster: AVROTROS 
  • Katy and the stolen chickens 
    Director & Screenplay: Annemarie Mooren. Producer: Annemarie Mooren Productions. Broadcaster: KRO-NCRV 
  • Lampie 
    Director: Margien Rogaar. Screenplay: Mieke de Jong. Producer: Juliet at Pupkin. Broadcaster: VPRO 
  • Rakhi & Peppe 
    Director: Ayla Spaans. Screenplay: Ayla Spaans, Zainab Goelaman. Producer: Nuts & Bolts Film Company. Broadcaster: NTR 
  • The Summer of Zoë 
    Director: Timon Moll. Screenplay: Arnout Vallenduuk. Broadcaster: AVROTROS

Best Dutch Non-Fiction Series

  • The Big Data Show S3 
    Director: Eef Hilgers, Tom Roes. Commissioning Editor: Assumpta Heidemeijer. Broadcaster: VPRO 
  • Just Sign It! 
    Director: Annelies de Wit. Commissioning Editor: Gerdie Snellers. Broadcaster: KRO-NCRV 
  • No Labels For Us 
    Director: Jesse Bleekemolen. Broadcaster: VPRO 
  • Talking Heads – Season 5 
    Director: Menno Otten. Producer: Kepler Film. Commissioning Editor: Juliëtte van Paridon. Broadcaster: VPRO 
  • One week to go 
    Director: Jesse Bleekemolen, Eva Krol, Willem Timmers. Commissioning Editor: Brigitte Spruijt, Producer: Moondocs, Broadcaster: VPRO 
  • Rachel Barges In 
    Director: Mike Warmels, Jan Pool. Broadcaster: EO 
  • Back to your roots 
    Director: Richard van Bosstraten. Broadcaster: KRO-NCRV 
  • Timmyland 
    Director: Joseff Iping. Commissioning Editor: Juliëtte van Paridon. Broadcaster: VPRO 
  • Dead as a Dodo 
    Director: Sara Kolster. Producer: Prospektor. Broadcaster: HUMAN