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The Cinekid Lions are awarded!

Yuku and the Himalayan Flower wins the Cinekid Lion for Best Children's Film of 2022.

Amsterdam, October 20, 2022 - Today, Cinekid handed out the prizes for the best films, series, games and apps screened during the festival’s 36th edition. The award for Best Children's Film was given to Yuku and the Himalaya Flower, directed by Rémi Durin and Arnaud Demuynk. The stop-motion film Oink won the Cinekid Lion for the Best Dutch Children’s Film while the television film Matties was presented the special Youth Jury Award. The award ceremony brings the Cinekid festival, located in Pathé Amsterdam Noord, to an end. However Yuku and the Himalaya Flower and Oink can be seen at various locations throughout the Netherlands until 30 October. 

The several jury groups this year consisted of professionals from the film world as well as children. 

Heleen Rouw, director of Cinekid commented: “It was a great joy to welcome back both our international makers and the public again in Amsterdam! The juries deliberated over their decisions with much enthusiasm and insight. I am especially proud of our youth jury this year. All the competitions included a significant number of wonderful projects for youth.”

Best Children's Film 2022 and the Youth Jury Award 2022
The Cinekid Lion for Best Children's Film of 2022 was awarded to the animated Yuku and the Himalayan Flower, a joyous film about the brave mouse Yuku who goes in search of a legendary Himalayan flower with her ukulele. The jury consisted of Maryanne Redpath, Charles Bin and Maurice Trouwborst. 

This year, the special Youth Jury Award was handed to director Ineke Houtman for Matties. The film concerns Ilias whose friend is murdered after a mistaken identity. The telefilm Matties will be broadcast on Sunday, January 15 at 10:00 a.m. on NPO Zapp on NPO 3.

Cinekid Lion 2022 for Dutch and international films 
Oink, the first Dutch stop-motion feature, won the award for Best Dutch Children's Film. Varken won the Best Dutch Short Animation Award, and Joep in the Tomato Soup picked up the Best Dutch Short Live Action Award. Within the international short film competitions, the Senegalese Astel was chosen as Best International Short Live Action. The Best International Short Animation Award went to Sierra from Estonia.  

Cinekid Lion 2022 for series and games 
This year's Series Awards went to Zenith II, the sequel to the exciting 2017 Zenith children's series, and to Talking Heads (season 4) which is about kids, their touching stories and their new hairstyles! Scrollcat Studio's game Hoa won the Cinekid Game & App Award. In the game, players embark on a leisurely journey through fascinating areas that contain puzzles and mysterious creatures

Cinekid for Professionals Awards 
Cinekid for Professionals, the international industry program for youth media, also presented its annual awards. Two professional juries were awarded the best youth media projects in development. The Eurimages Co-production Development Award, which contributes €20,000 towards a European co-production, was presented to Gorgius by Samuele Rossi, produced by Solaria Film and Arsmedia. 

The €5,000 Filmmore Post-Production Award for Best Live-action project was presented to Blushing Ears by Sophie Dros, produced by HALAL. 

The audience prizes will be announced on Friday, October 30. These award the public picks for Best Dutch Children's Film, Best Children’s Film, and within school categories. The Burny Bos Maverick Prize, Cinekid's new talent development award, will also be presented then.  

All awards: 

Best Children’s Film (Jury Award € 2.500) 

Film: Yuku and the Himalaya Flower 
Director(s): Rémi Duren and Arnaud Demuynck 
Writer(s): Rémi Duren and Arnaud Demuynck 
Production Companies: La Boite, …Productions, Les Films du Nord 
Country: Belgium and France   

Best Dutch Children’s Film Award (Jury Award € 5.000) 

Film: Oink 
Director: Mascha Halberstad 
Writer: Fiona van Heemstra 
Production Company: Viking Film 
Country: Netherlands   

Youth Jury Award (Jury Award € 2.500) 

Film: Matties 
Director: Ineke Houtman  
Writer: Maarten Lebens 
Production Company: Doxy 
Country: Netherlands 

Amarte Best Dutch Short Animation Award (Jury Award € 2.500) 

Film: Varken 
Director: Jorn Leeuwerink  
Production Company: Studio Pupil 
Country: Netherlands 

Amarte Best Dutch Short Live Action Award (Jury Award € 2.500) 

Film: Joep in de Tomatensoep 
Director: Robin Tijdeman 
Country: Nederland   

Kanteen25 Best International Short Animation Award (Jury Award € 2.500) 

Film: Sierra 
Director: Sander Joon 
Production Country: BOP Animation / AAA Creative 
Country: Estonia   

Best International Short Live Action Award (Jury Award € 2.500) 

Film: Astel 
Director: Ramata-Toulaye Sy 
Production Company: Astou Production 
Country: Senegal 

Best Dutch Fiction Series Award 

Series: Zenith II 
Director: Joost van Hezik
Writer(s): Joost van Hezik, Lotte Tabbers, Philip Delmaar 
Production Company: Lemming Film 
Broadcaster: VPRO 
Country: Nederland 

Best Dutch Non-Fiction Series Award 

Series: Hoofdzaken (seizoen 4) 
Director: Menno Otten 
Production Company: Keplerfilm 
Broadcaster: VPRO 
Country: Netherlands 

Cinekid Game & App Award 

Game: Hoa 
Developer: Scrollcat Studio 
Production Company: PM Studios 
Location: Central Asia   

Eurimages Co-Production Development Award (Jury Award € 20.000) 

Film: Gorgius 
Director: Samuele Rossi 
Production Companies: Solaria Film en Arsmedia 
Country: Italy, Slovenia 

Filmmore Post-Production Award (Jury Award € 5.000) 

Film: Blushing Ears 
Director: Sophie Dros 
Production Company: HALAL 
Country: Netherlands