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Selection film competitions announced!

Today Cinekid proudly presents the selections for the Best Children's Film, Best Dutch Children's Film and short film competitions!

Every year the most important prizes in the field of film, series and new media for young people are awarded at the Cinekid Festival. The winners receive a Cinekid Lion. National and international jury members consider the entries and the public also determines what they think are the best youth films, series and media projects. This year two Dutch productions, Knor and Totem, are selected for both Best Children's Film and Best Dutch Children's Film.

The winners will be announced during the Award Show on 20 October during Cinekid Festival. The festival takes place from 15 to 30 October throughout The Netherlands, the ticket sale starts on 29 September at 10:00 AM. 

Beste Childrens film Competition

Cinekid receives hundreds of submissions of children's and youth movies from all over the world every year. Fourteen films are then selected for the Best Children's Film Competition. A jury of international professionals with a background in film or children's media decides who will receive the Cinekid Lion for Best Children's Film. At every screening of these competition films at the festival, visitors also get the chance to vote for their favourite film. This winner will also receive a Cinekid Lion.

  • A Second Life
    Director: Anis Lassoued, producer: Lumières Films, country: Tunesia, France
  • Bangla Surf Girls
    Director: Elizabeth D. Costa, producer: In Sync Media, country: Bangladesh, Canada,
  • Beanie
    Director: Slobodan Maksimović, producer: Senca Studio, Wady Films, objectif, Studio Dim, country: Slovenia, Croatia, Luxemburg, Slovakia
  • Comedy Queen
    Director: Sanna Lenken, producer: FLX, country: Sweden, distributor: In The Air
  • Laura’s Star
    Director: Joya Thome, producer: Westside Filmproduktion, Rothkirch Cartoon Film, Warner Bros Film Productions Germany, country: Germany
  • Little Allan – the Human Antenna
    Director: Amalie Naesby Fick, producer: Nordisk Film Production, country: Denmark, distributor: In The Air
  • Lucy goes gangsta
    Director: Till Endemann, producer: Indi Film, Phanta Film, BosBros, country: Germany, The Netherlands
  • Maika
    Director: Ham Tran, producer: East Films, FPT Play, country: Vietnam
  • Mini-Zlatan & uncle Darling
    Director: Christian Lo, Katrin Milhahn producer: Snowcloud Films, Filmbin, Viking Film, country: Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands
  • My Robot Brother
    Director: Frederik Nørgaard, producer: Nimbus Film, country: Denmark
  • Oink
    Director: Mascha Halberstad, producer: Viking Film, country: The Netherlands, distributor: Gusto Entertainment
  • The Path
    Director: Tobias Wiemann, producer: Eyrie Entertainment, Fasten Films, Lemming Film, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany, country: Germany
  • Tales of Franz
    Director: Johannes Schmid, producer: Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion, country: Austria, Germany, distributor: In The Air
  • Totem
    Director: Sander Burger, producer: Volya Films, country: The Netherlands, distributor: Periscoop Film
  • Yuku and the Himalayan Flower
    Director: Rémi Duren, Arnaud Demuynck, producer: Artémis Productions, Vivement Lundi!, Les Films du Nord, La Boite, …Productions, country: Belgium, France, distributor: Periscoop Film

Beste Dutch Children’s Film Competition

For the Best Dutch Children's Film competition, Cinekid selects the best films from Dutch soil. In addition, the films must be aimed at children up to the age of 14 or suitable for the whole family. In this category too, children can vote for their favourite after the screenings, which will then receive the Cinekid Lion.

  • 2 Tiny Toddlers: An Unforgettable Dojo
    Director: Wip Vernooij, producer: Nuts & Bolts Film Company, Submarine, distributor: WW Entertainment
  • Bigman
    Director: Camiel Schouwenaar, producer: Rinkel Film, Ostlicht Filmproduktion, distributor: In The Air
  • Coppelia
    Director: Ben Tesseur, Jeff Tudor, Steven de Beul, producer: Submarine, 3 Minutes West, distributor: Periscoop Film
  • Dojo
    Director: Boris Paval Conen, producer: Phanta Basta!
  • Matties
    Director: Ineke Houtman, producer: Doxy Films
  • Oink
    Director: Mascha Halberstad, producer: Viking Film, distributor: Gusto Entertainment
  • The Pirates Down the Street 2
    Director: Pim van Hoeve, producer: Johan Nijenhuis & Co, Evangelische Omroep, distributor: Dutch FilmWorks
  • Shabu
    Director: Shamira Raphaëla, producer: Tangerine Tree, distributor: Cinema Delicatessen
  • Silverstar
    Director: Diede in ‘t Veld, producer: 2CFilm, distributor: Dutch FilmWorks
  • Totem
    Director: Sander Burger, producer: Volya Films, distributor: Periscoop Film

Best International Short Competition

The Best International Short Competition is a unique programme for short films that are suitable for young children and do not exceed thirty minutes. The competition comprises two categories, one for animation and one for live action. With these short films, Cinekid seeks to introduce young children to themes and narrative styles from as many countries as possible. There is much talent and even in the smallest countries, beautiful works are produced on a regular basis. However, projects that focus on children are still limited and therefore deserve support. This year, Cinekid made a selection of 40 short films, 23 animations and 17 live-action shorts. A jury of three international film professionals selects one film per category and rewards it with the Best International Short Animation and the Best International Short Live-Action Awards. The directors of the winning films will receive an amount of € 2,500 and a Cinekid Lion. The Best International Short Animation Award is made possible by Kanteen25.

The selected films in the animation category are:

  • Abril   2021, Sofia Caponnetto, Eliana Fernandez
  • Bellysaurus, 2021, Philip Watts
  • Cat and Moth, 2021, India Barnardo
  • Cheese, 2021, Claudio Giusti
  • Cinda Real, 2022, Sara Bozanic
  • Douglass, 2021, Geoffrey Amesse, Flavie Carin, Jordan Da Silva, Julien Heye
  • Franzy's Soup Kitchen, 2021, Ana Chubinidze
  • Good Night Mr. Ted, 2021, Nicolás Sole Allignani
  • Idodo, 2022, Ursula Ulmi
  • The Landing, 2021, Kaisa Penttilä
  • Louis I., King of the Sheep, 2022, Markus Wulf
  • Luce and the Rock, 2022, Britt Raes
  • Luisa and the Feathered Snake, 2021, Hefang Wei
  • Little Frog, 2020, Kim Hagen Jensen
  • No-No Goes to Space, 2022, Wassim Boutaleb Joutei
  • Oddland, 2022, An Vrombaut
  • Paolo’s Happiness, 2021, Thorsten Drößler, Manuel Schroeder
  • Piropiro, 2021, Miyoung BAEK
  • The Shaman’s Apprentice, 2021, Zacharias Kunuk
  • Sierra, 2022, Sander Joon
  • Troll Girl, 2021, Kay Carmichael
  • Spirit of the Forest, 2022, Nandini Rao, Nirupa Rao, Kalp Sanghvi
  • When I am Sad, 2021, Lilit Altunyan

The selected films in the live-action category are:

  • Adjustment, 2022, Mehrdad Hasani
  • Astel, 2021, Ramata-Toulaye Sy
  • Chicken, 2021, Mikael Gaudin
  • Cupids, 2021, Zoey Martinson
  • Daughters, 2021, Marjolein Verhoeven
  • The Dependent Variables, 2022, Lorenzo Tardella
  • Goals, 2022, Florinda Ciucio
  • I Am Leo, 2021, Tajo Hurrle
  • Itch, 2021, Ma'ayan Rypp
  • Josefine, 2021, Johanna Andersson
  • My Dad's an Alien!, 2021, Elin Grönblom
  • Planet Robin, 2022, Johan Kaos
  • The Silent Echo, 2021, Suman Sen
  • Sunday, 2022, Dinos Gregoriou
  • Tank Fairy, 2021, Erich Rettstadt
  • To Children, the War, 2022, Joseph Incardona
  • To Vancouver, 2021, Artemis Anastasiadou

Beste Dutch Short Film Competition

Cinekid hosts a special competition for Dutch short films. The Best Dutch Short Competition aims to highlight the quality and diversity of Dutch shorts for the domestic children audience and to promote the films internationally. A total of 17 short films were selected and divided into two categories: animation & live-action. A jury of three film professionals selects one film per category and rewards it with the Best Dutch Short Animation and the Best Dutch Short Live-Action Awards. In any case, the director of the winning film will receive an amount of € 2,500 and a Cinekid Lion. Both awards in the Dutch Short Film Competition are made possible by the Amarte Foundation.

The selected films in the category animation are:

  • The chameleon, 2022, Pim ter Braak
  • Dog days, 2022, George Hampshire
  • Fur, 2022, Madeleine Homan
  • Hooba, 2022, Sem Assink
  • Koning Worst, 2022, Mascha Halberstad
  • Longing, 2021, Lotte Salomons
  • Mind the gap, 2021, Mireille Kiesewetter, Niek Hendrik
  • Pig, 2022, Jorn Leeuwerink
  • Tipping point, 2022, Bart de Piraat

The selected films in the category live-action are:

  • Hogsweed, 2022, Thijs Bouman
  • Outside, 2022, Wouter Keijzer
  • How light gets in, 2021, Marit Weerheijm
  • The incredible journey, 2022, Sergej Kreso
  • Joep in the tomato soup, 2022, Robin Tijdeman
  • Nudes, 2022, Kees-Jan Mulder
  • Revelinho, 2021, Idriss Nabil
  • Sweetheart, 2022, Iris Hogendoorn
  • This is your captain speaking, 2022, Idriss Nabil
  • To break a butterfly, 2022, Kate Hummel