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Cinekid Awards Winners 2021

Captain Nova rockets to two Cinekid Lions,
Best Children’s Film and Best Dutch Children’s Film

This evening at Pathé Amsterdam Noord, the Cinekid Lions were awarded to the best children’s films, youth series and game & app of 2021. With some of the winners and nominees slated for more screenings, Cinekid runs through October 31 within numerous locations across the country, and online on Cinekid Play.

The much-coveted Cinekid Lions for Best Children’s Film and Best Dutch Children’s Film were awarded to the thrilling science-fiction movie Captain Nova (director: Maurice Trouwborst), which had its world première as Cinekid opening film 2021. Back in 2018 Captain Nova was pitched as a project during the Junior Co-production Market.

The German movie Night Forest, directed by André Hörmann and Katrin Milhahn, won the Cinekid Lion in the Best Youth Film category. In the film, two best friends have the summer of their lives as they search both for a mysterious cave and a long-lost dad.

The Best Dutch Fiction Series award went to Elisabeth Hesemans for Kabam! while De dikke data show (Emiel Strzeszewski) won the prize for Best Dutch Non-fiction Series. The Dutch virtual reality game Traffic Jams (Little Chicken Game Company, NL) won the Cinekid Game & App Award.

For the second year in a row Emma Branderhorst won the Best Dutch Live Action Short Lion, this time for Spotless. Meanwhile the prize for Best Short Animation went to Sanne de Vries for Reflection. The Best Dutch Documentary Award was claimed by Milou Gevers for Why didn’t you stay for me?

From an international perspective, Sounds Between the Crowns by Filip Diviak (Czech Republic) won the Best International Short Animation while Henning Backhaus’ The Best Orchestra in the World (Austria) was awarded in the Best International Short Live Action category.

Cinekid for Professionals prizes

Cinekid for Professionals, the leading international industry event for the children’s media, also handed out its annual awards this evening. The winner of the Eurimages Co-production Development Award, a €20,000 cash prize bestowed on a European co-production, was named as I Accidentally Wrote a Book (HU) by Nora Lakos, produced Claudia Sümeghy (JUNO11 Pictures).

The Filmmore Post-Production Award for Best Live-action Project, valued at €5,000, was presented by the Amsterdam-based post-production company to Idje Doesn’t Want to Have a Haircut (NL) by Michael Middelkoop, produced by Tom van Blommestein (Lemming Film).

All the Cinekid jury reports can be read here.

All the winners in a glance:

Best Children’s Film
Captain Nova
Director: Maurice Trouwborst
Script: Maurice Trouwborst, Lotte Tabbers
Production: Keplerfilm

Best Dutch Children’s Film
Captain Nova
Director: Maurice Trouwborst
Script: Maurice Trouwborst, Lotte Tabbers
Production Keplerfilm

Best Youth Film
Night Forest
Directors: André Hörmann & Katrin Milhahn
Script: André Hörmann, Katrin Milhahn
Production: Kurhaus Production

Best Dutch Short Animation
Director: Sanna de Vries
Script: Sanna de Vries
Production: Studio Pupil

Best Dutch Short Live Action 
Director: Emma Branderhorst
Script: Milou Rohde
Production: IJswater Films

Best Dutch Short Documentary 
Why didn’t you stay for me?
Director: Milou Gevers
Script: Milou Gevers
Production: Netherlands Film Academy

Best International Short Animation
Sounds between the Crowns
Director: Filip Diviak
Script: Filip Diviak
Production: Tomas Bata University
Czech Republic

Best International Short Live Action 
The Best Orchestra in the World
Director: Henning Backhaus
Script: Albert Meisl, Henning Backhaus, Rafael Haider
Production: Filmakademie Wien

Best Dutch Non-Fiction Series
De dikke data show
Director: Emiel Strzeszewski
Script: Emiel Strzeszewski, Jard Struik
Production: VPRO

Best Dutch Fiction Series
Director: Elisabeth Hesemans
Script: Floor Paul, Lilian Sijbesma
Production: IJswater Films, KRO-NCRV

Cinekid Game & App Award
Traffic Jams
Little Chicken Game Company

Eurimages Co-Production Development Award (Jury award € 20,000)
I Accidentally Wrote a Book
Director: Nora Lakos
Script: Nora Lakos
Production: JUNO11 Productions

Filmmore Post-Production Award (Jury award € 5000)
Idje Doesn’t Want to Have a Haircut
Director: Michael Middelkoop
Script Michael Middelkoop
Production: Lemming Film

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