Celebrate Christmas with the Cinekid Box!

Bring Cinekid into your home this Christmas with the Cinekid Box! With this Box filled with workshops, assignments and your own voice robot you will have fun the entire Christmas break.

Ik wil op de hoogte blijven!

What is the Festivalbox?

For the first time, you can experience Cinekid during Christmas break, at home with the Cinekid Box! The Box is filled with fun workshops and assignments to independently work with and teach about (the history of) film making in a playful manner. A whole Christmas break of entertainment guaranteed! 

What does the Cinekid Box contain?

  • 11 workshops and assignments assembled with care by Cinekid. Build your own film projector, make a caleidoscope, face paint yourself or your borther or sister, or make your own animations. The materials for the workshops you all find in the box!
  • Your own voice robot! 
  • Cinekid socks
  • Dippies by Spoony
  • Cinekid merchandise

Also want to make your own Cinekid Festival? This is how you order the Cinekid Box:

Click the button 'Order the Cinekid Box now' below to bring Cinekid into your home! You can order the Box until Sunday December 19th. You will receive it in time for Christmas! 

This box is made in a limited edition, so be quick to order and experience the Cinekid Festival at home ánd online for only 25 euros. 

Pay attention: Do not forget to send the order form after completing the payment! The Cinekid Box will only be sent when we have received the payment.