Cinekid ZAPP Young Talent Award

Each year, Cinekid and broadcaster NPO present the Cinekid ZAPP Young Talent Award. With this award, the two organisations celebrate the most distinctive young maker (<21 years) of the year.

Now more than ever, children and young people are active in seeking out and pushing boundaries as filmmakers. The award is presented during the opening of Cinekid (this year on 7 October). During the run-up to the festival, children from all over the country can nominate makers. A five-strong jury put together by Cinekid and ZAPP and consisting of young creatives will then pick the winner. This winner receives a Cinekid Lion and will be present at the opening to receive the award. In addition, the winner will act as an ambassador for the Cinekid festival during that year and will be given a role within ZAPP’s programming and digital channels. Furthermore, the maker’s work will be celebrated on the Cinekid Play online platform and s/he can curate a planet of films and series within the Cinekid programme. An individual person may only win the award once and the winner automatically sits on the jury for the next year’s award.

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