Photos Cinekid Festival 2019

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Wednesday 16 october
The grand opening of the Cinekid Festival 2019 with the Flemish-Dutch film BINTI

Photos by: Corinne de Korver

Thurssday 17 & Friday 18 October: School Days
Before the festival opens to the public, schools in and around Amsterdam got the chance to visit our screenings and MediaLab.

Photos by: Melle Meivogel & Max Kneefel 

Saturday 19 October
The first official day of our festival! With workshops about Dropje, Just Dance Battles, cast and crew from different Dutch films and a lot of TikTokkers. 

Photos by: Melle Meivogel

Sunday 20 October
An amazing day once again with YouTuber Teun, actors from Double Trouble and Romy's Salon, a lot of games and premieres of several youth docs. 

Photos by: Melle Meivogel

Maandag 21 October 

A true autumn day with a lot of rain; perfect weather for watching a movie! Luckily the program contained a lot of fun films with The Club of Ugly Children with the three protagonists as highlight.  And more: masterclass recording your own podcast, the UNICEF VR Experience, the youth jury and hairdresser Marko of Hoofdzaken!

Photos by: Melle Meivogel 

Tuesday 22 October 
Lot's of interesting meet ups with actors from Fourmi, Too Far Away and Remy & Juliyat. And last but not least: a whole pack of famous animals from several Dutch films and tv series. 

Photos by: Melle Meivogel 

Wednesday 23 October 
Make up artists from the film The Club of Ugly Children showed the ropes, just like the circus experts for Circus Noel. Also, kids could flaunt their knowledge of Dutch children's film in our annual pub quiz. 

Photos by: Melle Meivogel 

Donderdag 24 oktober

A look behind the scenes at Disney Channel, meet & sheep with Shaun the sheep, the premiere of Baking with Bunnies, making music with the Apennoten-band and the cast of  My Grandpa is an Alien. 

Photo's by: Melle Meivogel

Vrijdag 25 oktober 

The last day of our festival. We ended with a bang: the characters of De Wonderlijke Wereld van Gumball, a skippybalrace, multiple masterclasses, premieres, and lots more!

Photo's by: Melle Mijvogel 

Friday October 25th: Awardshow Film & TV  

This big festive festival ending with the most important awards for youth film and television. 

Photos by: Corinne de Korver