Sneak Peek Cinekid 2019

Don't miss out on these screenings and activities during our festival!

The theme of Cinekid 2019 is Hello World. How do you see the world and your place in it? With Hello World you get to travel the globe through the most exciting, beautiful and unexpected films, tv shows, interactive art and games. Below you'll find a sneak peek of what we'll have in store for you this year! 

Premiere SpangaS series & masterclass
SpangaS and Cinekid have been great friends over the years. Almost every year the cast attends their season premiere at our festival. With a lot of extra's, like meet & greets and masterclasses. Back because of populair demand: the Spangas script writing masterclass. The best scenes will be played out by actors Jard Struik (Joris) and Claudia Kanne (Jackie) on the Cineplaza.

Premiere new series: Remy & Juliyat
Remy and Juliyat is the modern Romeo and Juliet. Evidently super romantic and with a lot of betrayal and deceit. In this light version of Shakespeare's classic love does overcome everything, eventually. With Sonia Eijken (Brugklas) and Bas Keizer (Fight Girl).

The Club of Ugly Children
After Paul is transported to a camp for ugly children he manages to escape, and hatches a plan to free all the other ugly kids. With Q&A with actors Narek Awanesyan en Faye Kimmijser! 

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The Bear's Famous Invasion of Sicily
A clan of bears live happily in the Sicilian mountains, until the Bear King's son, Tonio, is kidnapped by hunters and famine strikes in winter. Coming down to the city after battling the humans and with help of a skinny magician, the bears find Tonio in a circus. Seemingly, bear and man become friends, until the bears adopt mankind's bad habits and it is decided they have to return to nature.

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MediaLab: Museum of Symmetry
In our popular MediaLab you'll find a museum full of colours, shapes and emtiones: the Museum of Symmetrie. In this virtual reality game everything is possible; you can ride a ray, jump on an hot air balloon or start your own party!

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MediaLab: Make your own AR-oculars
The real world is starting to mix with the digital world. In the near future nothing seems impossible. What would you like to add to the world? In the workshop AR-oculars you can build your own augmented reality viewing device. After that you can make a film and add those images to your reality. 

Masterclass Acting with animals
You give actors a script, and they learn their lines. But what if your actors are animals? Sabine van der Helm knows all about it. For more than 30 years she's been working with all kinds of animals in the film and televison business. In this masterclass she'll show you the ropes. And; you also get the chance to shake the paws of famous Dutch animals!

Masterclass Behind the scenes of Disney Channel
There's a lot of chatting, shouting and laughing in animation films and series. But you don't see the people, only cartoons. How do these creatures get their voice? This masterclass gives you and inside look at the Disney Channel. One of their voice actors, who worked on Elena of Avalor, will teach you how to bring animation characters alive on screen.