These are the best docs for kids

Last november our friends at IDFA selected a nice series (Dutch) documentaries that are free to watch! Cinekid advises a 10 + age.

Have fun watching!

  • Anne flies 
  • How is it now with: Anne
    The cheerful eleven-year-old Anne struggles from time to time because she has Tourette's syndrome: sometimes she turns in circles or she has moments she needs to lik everything.

  • Drona & I
  • How is it now with: Drona and Arjun 
    Arjuns little brother Drona (9) is autistic. Arjun loves him, but growing up with Drona can be a struggle sometimes.

  • Noises for Mazin
    An operation will help Mazin hear again. How will this change his life?

  • Gilliard
    The eight-year-old Gilliart is healing after a brain surgery and has a dream that helps him battle against his illness: playing in a cowboy movie.

  • Giovanni and the water ballet 
    Giovanni has a dream: to be the first boy that attends the Dutch championships of synchronized swimming. Only one exam left... 

  • I am really not scared!
    Mack (8) was born with problems with his heart and the docters thought that he would die. Nowadays the tough Mack is a succesful motorcross racer.

  • I am a girl!
    Joppe (13) finds it exciting to ask that cute guy for a relathionship. And certainly to tell him that she is born as a boy.

  • Plank
  • How is it now with: Nassim 
    Nassim (15) knows Moroccans love football or kickboxing. But Nassim is a skater, with the dream of becoming a professional.

  • Raw
    The 10-year-old Tom is probably the only child in the Netherlands that has been living on a diet of raw vegetables, nuts, and fruits from the age of 5.

  • A year without parents 
    A year without parents is about the 12-year-old  Tareq who fled out of Syria without his family and is now waiting here in the Netherlands to reunite with his parents and sister.