Mission & Vision

M: To promote the quality of visual culture for young children (3-14 years) and to strengthen children’s position in relation to media through active and creative participation by young people.

V: Media have a powerful impact on children’s emotional, social and cognitive development. Attention for quality in media means attention for young people’s quality of life.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

Excerpt from The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

Every day, we are flooded by new images, sounds, stories and messages via countless media, while new developments succeed each other at a furious pace. The way we watch television and films has changed drastically in recent years and mobile telephones ensure that everyone is always online, findable, and accessible. Watching has now displaced reading, and fact and fiction blend into each other. In combination with other developments, this is having a huge impact on our media experience. The lines between art, science, and technology are becoming increasingly blurred, just like the boundary between creativity and commerce.

As new media users, children in particular can benefit from learning how to deal with this rich world of images and technological possibilities, to be able to enjoy beautiful films as critical makers and users, and to develop a positive relationship with visual culture. With Cinekid, children can make an educational, moving, exciting, or humorous journey through the world of media and, just like the Little Prince, really learn how to see the essential.

The quality level of media and children’s degree of media resilience begins with the makers. These makers – film and television professionals, teachers, parents, researchers and policy staff – create the conditions under which the product is made and determine its development. Our international conference for makers, Cinekid for Professionals, also works to safeguard this quality, with seminars, conferences, screening club and a co-production market.  It is a meeting place where the very best of the international children's media industry comes together.

In addition to the Cinekid activities during the festival period, training courses, active participation in networks and lobbies, as well as various other collaborative ventures throughout the year also contribute to the quality of children's media and their media resilience.