MediaLab Amsterdam 2021

The Cinekid MediaLab is the biggest digital playground in the world! And that lab comes to you this year. It can be experienced in different locations across the country ánd online on Cinekid Play. Come play with (digital) artworks, explore virtual games and join fun workshops. Our main location in Pathé Amsterdam Noord has the biggest lab of all, check below what you can explore there!

The MediaLab of our main location in Pathé Amsterdam Noord will be opened 16 - 22 October from 10.00 AM until 18.00 PM. If you enter the MediaLab before 11.30 PM, you can buy an Early Bird ticket with discount! This discount is only available for the MediaLab and not for the shows, workshops or masterclasses.

Here is an overview of all of the installations, games & apps and workshop of the MediaLab 2021.


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Enter the magical world of Field! In this fifteen-metre-wide installation, you become one with the grass field-ecosystem. Everything reacts to one another, and to you! Walk, run, sway, wave or crawl along meadows, flowers and butterflies, right across the four seasons. Watch how you, too, influence how this landscape grows and flourishes.

Design I/O (VS) - 2019
Commissioned by Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Miracle Basket

In the VR story The Miracle Basket, a grandfather and grandson introduce you to their life story. In a gorgeous collage style, it actually narrates the modern history of humankind: they are happily living in the woods, until a spaceship visits them and destroys everything. How will they rebuild their life? Experience it for yourself!

Abner Preis (NL) - 2021
The Miracle Basket is commissioned by Cinekid en IDFA DocLab

Magische Korstmossen

Did you know that lichens are all around us? This remarkable mix of an alga and a fungus looks like a little plant, bit isn’t one. Look for lichens, share your discoveries in the special app (available at korstmosjes.nl) and turn it into a virtual version using AR, which you then share on Cinekid Play! 

Carolien Teunisse, Sabrina Verhage (NL) - 2021


Want to know what your inner world looks like? In this installation, you can! SoulPaint is an interactive VR installation in which you can disclose your personal emotions. First, paint a map of your feelings on a body on paper. Then do the same in VR, and when you are done you can dance with your figure, your own emotions!

Hatsumi VR (GB), Monobanda (NL) - 2021

Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine

This machine ‘listens’ to you, but is far from similar to the polite and obedient Siri, Alexa or chatbots we know. This Word Kicking Machine has a terrible robotic voice and does listen, but refuses to understand you. Your words are echoed, but what happens next? He kicks, sucks and spits them in all directions! Rude!

Neil Mendoza (VS / GB) - 2Commis016

Shadow Forms

Spotlights on? Start the show! Get on stage and show what a great performer you are! But: You are eye to eye with another, strange figure. In Shadow Forms, you use your poses, dance steps and movements to put bizarre shapes in the spotlights. Who is the real performer here?

Zach Lieberman, Molmol Kuo (VS) - 2021
Commissioned by Cinekid.


Learn how complex programming language works, by jointly creating a visual soundscape. In Hexasynth, you and five other children play on a round machine table that looks like the control panel of a spaceship. Just like the code of a computer programme, every action influences everybody else and interreacts. You instantly hear, see and feel it!

Max Frimout, Gabey Tjon A Tham (NL) - 2021
Commissioned by Cinekid en MU

Blind Self Portrait

Can you draw a portrait of yourself, without a mirror and with your eyes closed? This happens in Blind Selfportrait. The computer camera ‘looks’ at you, translates your face into lines, activates the pen in your hand and makes a simple portrait of you. Close your eyes and surrender yourself to the machine, or the portrait will fail! 

Kyle McDonald, Matt Mets (VS) - 2012

Bionic Chair

Is it possible to work out and use a computer at the same time? Technology can take over more tasks from us, so the body is less active. But sitting in this Bionic Chair you must use all your muscles. By moving you navigate the cursor and by kicking you can click. This way, using the computer suddenly becomes a workout!

Govert Flint (NL) - 2014


In Proxemic, you and a fellow player put on very strange shoe pieces. Whether you know each other or not, you will have to cooperate and try out all sorts of weird movements and positions to get linked to each other, and find a mutual connection. In any case, after this game your fellow player is no longer a stranger!

Mariela Popova,  Samriddhi Ghattak (NL) - 2021
In the context of a collaboration between Cinekid en de Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Interactive / Media / Design

Worlds Within

We share our living space with all sorts of mini-organisms: bacteria. In Worlds Within, we see how different the bacteria are that live with different persons. Bacteria that were collected in their bedrooms are visualised as big, colourful planets in petri dishes. What would yours look like?

Nina van Hartskamp (NL) - 2020


Are you angry sometimes, or very happy? Good! Sad or afraid? Fine too! Use Happy to make a journey through a magical world where you decide what the world looks like. This VR world adapts itself to the way you feel. All emotions are welcome and every trip is equally special. Find out what you can do with your emotions.

XR lab (NL) - 2021


Learning things by playing, being creative and holding real game pieces in your hand; Osmo has it all. Step outside your iPad screen and get cracking to solve very complex problems. In Pizza Co. and Little Genius, you secretly do a lot of sums, and in Creative Starter you can release all your creativity. 

Tangible Play Inc. (VS) - 2014 - nu


Creating your own digital story that appears on the screen in front of you? This is possible in the StoryScope. By placing, removing or shifting blocks, the characters in your story come alive! The blocks react to each other, resulting in your own movie, in the form of a shadow play. Which story do you want to tell?

Sebastiaan Hensen,  Stichting Interactive Culture (NL) - 2017


BYOR Build your own robot

Learn to programme and bring a robot you designed and built yourself to life using waste materials and a range of sensors, motors, lamps and buzzers. To control and programme your robot, you connect a separate chip which takes over your robot’s brain. Then it implements the code you have created. What tricks will you get your robot to perform?

Build Your Own Robot,  Teun van Roessel (NL) - 2021


Learn about the history of the special effects that make lots of films so magical. Create spectacular scenes using green screen, models and technology that recognises your face and follows your movement. Take an adventurous trip through scenes from six popular children’s films and combine these to create an exciting new story in your own spectacular film!

Save the world in Roblox

Create your own Roblox game, in which the player needs to deal with the consequences of climate-change. Being a Roblox maker, you design your own game, in which your players need to help the world a little, by collecting sustainable objects, making the scenery greener and facing fun challenges such as finding the bee-hotels that you have hidden. AND, can your players get the windmill to turn?

Twan Van Gelder (NL) - 2021

Het Plantenorkest

Do plants have a voice? In this workshop, you can give plants a sound you have thought up yourself. First, you make your plant out of old devices, machines and craft materials. By connecting these to real plants and plants made by others, together you create a whole orchestra of plants. Don’t forget to take a digital 3D photo of your plant!

Zoe Reddy, Cinekid (NL) - 2021

Nova's Soundlab

Have you seen the film Captain Nova yet? It is set in 2050. Everything is different, so everything sounds different. How does the world sound then? Make your own soundtrack for the film with all kinds of musical instruments, sound-producing devices and your own voice. Discover the power of sound in this audio laboratory and help Captain Nova save the world.

Watch that Sound (NL) - 2021

The hunt for a miracle

Following on from the VR experience The Miracle Basket, you can make your own miracle basket in Augmented Reality. Using the Weird Cuts app, you can take photos of objects you think can save the planet. Then you make a cool 3D collage and your vision of the future of the Earth will be shared in a real AR video.

Zoe Reddy, Cinekid (NL) - 2021

Animation Zone: SuperYou

How can man and machine help each other to save our planet as quickly as possible? Use your imagination and create your own man/machine that extinguishes the fire and saves the globe. Joining hands with other man/machines, you create an animation film with various beautiful drawings. You can also use your own drawings and handicrafts in the animation. 

Cinekid, Sioejeng Tsao (NL) - 2021


What do your good and less good sides look like? In this workshop, you think up and make a fantasy figure which shows both sides of you. Your figure is then scanned in 3D and becomes an avatar. Colour it in and it will come to life on a virtual dance floor on the big screen. Your dance moves determine which side dominates. 

Nou&Herkauw (NL) - 2021


Lost Words: Beyond the Page

In this game, you actually find yourself inside Izzy’s diary. She writes about the grief and pain she feels due to losing her grandmother, but she also tells about the fantasy world Estoria, which she conceived to escape the painful reality. Discover her fantasy and personal story, and learn that words are very powerful.

Fourth State, Sketchbook Games (GB) - 2021


Breathe in… Breathe out… Experience a beautiful, relaxing underwater world in this VR game that you control with your breathing. Navigate by breathing calmly and deeply and see how your surroundings react. For example, the animals and plants mirror your in- and exhalation! Discover the world, search for the altars and completely relax. Only then you can play the game properly.

Owen Harris (IR), Monobanda (NL) - 2021

The Pack

Algos is a world where nature has become unbalanced, and water and raw materials are very scarce. Aided by your growing group of helping creatures, the ‘Pack’, you can rebuild the ecosystem in this algorithmic adventure. Put water on land and collect seeds. You cannot do this alone: make sure that you instruct your Pack to perform all the right tasks!

Design I/O (VS) - 2019
In collaboration with New York Hall of Science

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Alba pays a holiday visit to her grandparents on a sunny island. Soon, she discovers that many animals there are in need. Join her in saving the animals, photograph them and discover this gorgeous island. Along with Alba’s best friend and her grandpa, who is a true bird expert, you motivate more people to save the island. Perhaps even the world!

UsTwo Games (GB) - 2021

Game & App Award

HIX: Puzzle Islands

In this app, you have to help the friendly godlike Hix restore his islands, after his brother Dix has mixed up all roads and rivers. Swap two tiles each time, to put the islands right again.

Gamedia (NL) - 2021

You suck at parking

This game is like a four-wheel mini-golf-athon against the clock. Practise your parking skills with puzzles or build your own racetrack, but do not forget: you suck at parking! Sit down in front of a computer and play the game with the WASD keys. Try to race and park at the same time!

Happy Volcano (BE) - 2021

Koi Farm

Breeding your own koi, how cool is that! Play with your own pond filled with koi carp. Discover an infinite combination of koi and generate new patterns by crossbreeding your fish. Save the best carps and collect them all!

Job Talle (NL) - 2021
Nominated for the Cinekid Game & App Award 2021

Asgaard saga

Can you help the people of Asgaard rebuild their village? Due to a heavy storm in the village, the connection with the next world was severed. For years, they have not had any contact and they no longer speak each other’s language. You can help by solving all sorts of mini-games.

De Lerende Mens,  Hulan Games (NL) - 2021

Traffic Jam

In this VR world without traffic lights it is up to you to control the flow of traffic. Step onto the crossroads and make sure everyone gets their turn to cross the street. This game is full of impatient cars, buses and pedestrians, but also monsters, (un)natural disasters, angry drivers and wasps!

Little Chicken Game Company (NL) - 2021
Nominated for the Cinekid Game & App Award 2021

Dream Droplets

As a water droplet, you follow Kim in her dream-like imaginary world. Here, grass grows as tall as trees and magical raindrops are everywhere. Join Kim’s daydream and experience her subconscious in Virtual Reality.

Nick Rutten (NL) - 2020


Explore a woollen world where stuffed animals are disturbed by machines. Step into the shoes of the woollen cuddly elephant Stuffy, who is not entirely whole anymore. Discover hidden secrets and solve puzzles. You can modify your soft toy with various shapes and materials to solve the mystery. A great adventure with two unlikely heroes.

Alterego Games,  StickyLock Studios (NL) - 2019

War Diary of Drenthe

Get absorbed into the lives of people who lived through World War II. Look at their letters, read the newspaper clips and study the pictures. Solve the puzzles and discover the lost stories. Next, you can use Augmented Reality to create your own comic based on these stories.

Studio Louter,  Wonderment by design (NL) - 2020

We were here together

Take an adventure with your partner, jointly solving all sorts of puzzles to escape from the haunted Castle Rock. You each choose a computer and together you dive into the game. Communication is only possible with your walkie-talkies. Discover the frozen environment and together find your way back home! 

Total Mayhem Games (NL) - 2019
Nominated for the Cinekid Game & App Award 2021

Carbon Roller Coaster

For millennia, carbon atom Carla was living in a mammoth’s fart in the Antarctic ice floor. Due to global warming, her house, and those of her carbon neighbours, melted. Their dissolved dwellings roll like tears into the ocean, which swells tear by tear.... Experience Carla’s life story in a chat app through the messages, videos and sounds that Carla sends you.

Janna Ullrich (NL), 2021
Commissioned by Cinekid, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Playgrounds
With video and sounds of the Open Archief of Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

Magical Lichen

Did you know that lichens are all around us? This remarkable mix of an alga and a fungus looks like a little plant, but isn’t one. Look for lichens, share your discoveries in the special app (available at korstmosjes.nl) and turn it into a virtual version using AR.

Carolien Teunisse & Sabrina Verhage (NL), 2021

Sinds jij dood bent...

A cloud of paper notes swirls in the wind over the horizon. It is an almost hypnotic swarm. Each note is a message from someone to a loved one who has died. Have you lost someone too? Then complete the sentence ‘Ever since you died…’ and let your note fly into the wind.

Studio Moniker, Het Klokhuis (NL) - 2021

Sorting Song

How do you recognise a chair? How do you distinguish a cow from a couch? In Sorting Song, your eyes, your view, are pitted against a computer camera. How does a computer actually learn to recognise things? Help maker Simone Niquille by answering questions about different objects, and replace one frame in her video with your vision.

Simone Niquille (NL), 2021
Commissioned by Cinekid and Noorderlicht International Photo Festival