MediaLab 2019

The Cinekid MediaLab is the largest digital playground in the world! Here, you'll find beautiful interactive art installations, the coolest games and apps and exclusive media workshops.

The MediaLab of our next edition will be opened 10 - 16 October from 10.30 AM until 17.00 PM. If you enter the MediaLab before 11.30 PM, you can buy an Early Bird ticket with discount! This discount is only available for the MediaLab and not for the shows, workshops or masterclasses.

Here is an overview of all of the installations, games & apps and workshop of the MediaLab 2019.

MediaLab tickets
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Walking with Unimals

What happens if you cross the lion Simba with My Little Pony? You’ll find out in Studio Pointer’s digital world, which is full of all sorts of animal gifs: they mate, eat, fight and make up. You can mix them all up until none of the animals is the same.


Museum of Symmetry

A museum full of colours, shapes and emotions: that is the Museum of Symmetry. In this virtual reality game you can ride on stingrays, in an air balloon or start a party. Paloma Dawkins is known for her fantastical landscapes populated by strange but endearing characters. She makes great and funny games.  

Forests are for Trees

You don’t just walk amongst the trees in this special forest: every digital tree trunk is a door to a new forest in a parallel world. Colours change and trees move, but it doesn’t matter. This game is not about achieving goals but is there simply to enjoy. It’s a voyage of discovery! 


We are continuously fiddling with our phones and iPads, but do we still know how to relate to each other without a screen? This is what Melanie Bonajo’s TouchMETell, made especially for Cinekid, is all about, using workshop exercises and interviews with children to show the importance of touch. 


Eden's Adventures

Abner Preis created a new virtual reality work for Cinekid. Enter one of his space vehicles and explore our media history. You and main protagonist Eden will travel past cave dwellers, Egyptians, the first mega computers and the international space station. Fortunately, Abner Preis’s stories always have a happy ending. 


Der Wanderer

Did you know you can explore ten worlds in 3.5 minutes? XR lab proves it. In virtual reality, you can experience a different adventure in each world. Are you staying or moving on? First, find one of the hidden treasures.

Generativly Modified Objects

With POST NEON you use an iPad to create objects. You add bit code to change the DNA of things and give them new and special properties to change existing things into things you like. You are now the creator instead of the viewer.

Fruit Machine

What does fruit sound like? What is the sound of the colour yellow? What is the rhythm of apples or lemons? You can find out through smart codes. Studio Krom’s artists show that a fruit bowl is a lot more musical than you might think. Which sounds can you get from apples, pears and bananas? 

Ambient Emo Synchronizer

Need some relaxation? With Ambient Emo Synchronizer you’ve come to the right place. Relax with calming videos and choose which one is right for you. Bubbling waterfalls or birdsong? You decide the sound for each video, but what does this reveal about you? 


Sticky Cats

In Sticky Cats you are a sticky cat who loves a bit of fish. Enter the house, steal the fish and leave behind utter chaos.

Eat the Rich

Eat The Rich is an enjoyable Black Friday simulator game, where you control shoppers to hoard groceries, appliances, and everything else from the shop shelves.

Art Sqool

You get to play Froshmin, a small round figure who is attending art school. Artificial intelligence will help you become a great artist.


Goose Game 

It’s a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose.


In Minit, your day only lasts 60 seconds. Travel around to help unusual people, defeat enemies and break the unfortunate curse.


In Nour, you experience the beauty of food. You're free to play with your food and have fun, without cleaning up the mess afterwards!


In this surreal walking simulation you walk past audio puzzles, that are inspired bij modular synthesizers and the writer Haruki Murakami.


QT is a lovely game, although you wouldn't say so at first. You have to explore a dark house all alone. Luckily, animated characters soon appear.


Calm your nerves and stimulate your brain with ETHEREAL. In this colourful game with soothing music, a mysterious story unfolds as you play.



Greenscreen travel agency

At the Greenscreen Travel Agency, you get to visit places you've never been before! Get your ticket to one of our game worlds. In Wave world you learn how to fly, in Losbollenland you can make your head float and in Circus City you become a wizard. You also learn how a green screen works. 


Filter Factory

Imagine you could be anything you want. Would you turn into a superhero, villain, a famous singer or your pet? It’s all possible in the Filter Factory, where you get to make your own filters. Afterwards, you can take your film and filter home. 

Terra Nova

What does your planet of the future look like? Will we still have cars or use teleportation? Will we live in floating houses? In the TerraNova workshop, you get to decide by completing challenges. This workshop is held at three locations simultaneously, so all participants work together to design a planet using hands, new technologies and lots of imagination. 


Create an animation about a snail that travels all over the world with his small shell. Who does he meet? Does he make any new friends? What obstacles does he have to overcome and how does he make the world a slightly better place? It’s all up to you. Be creative, because anything is possible with animation and stop motion.

Letter to space

In 1974, scientists sent a special message to aliens. This letter was converted into code language, which may be understood by extraterrestrials. At Cinekid, you can write your own code letter to aliens. However, you may have to wait a long time for an answer as it takes roughly 25,000 years before your mail arrives. 

Wild posting

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The real world and digital world are increasingly intertwined, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for the future. What about a virtual rollercoaster on the beach or finding yourself flying through the air? No problem! If anything becomes possible, what would you add to your world? Make your own augmented reality viewer and create your own film.