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Beleef Cinekid Festival deze herfstvakantie bij LUX Nijmegen!

Speel, bekijk, beleef en verwonder je van 14 t/m 22 oktober bij Cinekid Festival in LUX Nijmegen. Je kijkt hier de nieuwste films uit het Cinekid-programma, gaat op ontdekking in het MediaLab en kunt meedoen met workshops en masterclasses. Op deze pagina vind je alles wat je bij LUX Nijmegen kunt beleven tijdens Cinekid Festival! Ga voor kaarten naar de website van LUX Nijmegen:

Kaartjes voor LUX Nijmegen
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Jippie no more!

Speelfilm, 90 minuten
Leeftijd: 8+ 
Taal: Nederlands gesproken

13-year-old Jippie has two parents, five sisters and 47 chromosomes, in other words he has Down Syndrome. Only his grandad takes him seriously and calls him by his real name: Jaap Peter. He assigns the boy to sprinkle petals down the aisle during his eldest sister Gail’s wedding. Jippie is determined to do well and find love in the process, but that proves harder than expected.

Jippie no more! is geselecteerd voor de Beste Nederlandse Kinderfilm Competitie en is de openingsfilm van Cinekid Festival 2023!

Saïd & Anna

Serie, 6 afleveringen
Leeftijd: 4+
Taal: Nederlands, Vlaams

Saïd (6) and Anna (7) are best friends. Every day they can be found in Saïd's parents' Repair Shop. There, broken things are repaired with good tools and given a second life. Meanwhile, the two children struggle with their own problems, which they manage to solve in their own creative way.

Saïd & Anna gaat in première op Cinekid Festival 2023!

Rosa - de kleine bloemenfee

Animatiefilm, 75 minuten
Leeftijd: 4+
Taal: Nederlands gedubbed

Little flower elf Rosa lives alone in a rosebush, and dreams of having a friend. It doesn’t help that she’s afraid to leave the bush, but then one day she meets the adventurous butterfly Silk. In spite of their differences, they become friends. When a nasty stone troll kidnaps Silk, Rosa overcomes her fear to save her best friend. An animated fairy tale with songs and lots of imagination.

Rosa – de kleine bloemenfee is geselecteerd voor de Beste Kinderfilm Competitie!

Disney shorts - 100 jaar Disney

Compilatie van verschillende korte films, ca 65 min
Leeftijd: 6+
Taal: geen dialoog

It’s one hundred years since Walt Disney started making animations. We’ll be celebrating this with a special programme of short films: nine enchanting animated films from different eras. From the magical beginning to the sparkling present. And of course, featuring the unforgettable classic Steamboat Willie. A journey of magic and adventure, and a timeless feast for young and old.

Klara’s gekke treinavontuur

Speelfilm, 70 minuten
Leeftijd: 6+ 
Taal: Nederlands gesproken

Klara’s farm is in trouble: nothing will grow. Luckily, Albert the Pig has invented a nano-seed. He sets off to demonstrate this in a special high-tech laboratory train, but along the way, the seed is stolen. In this entertaining animated film, Klara and Gavin set out to catch the thief, with detective Agatha Chichester. 

Klara’s gekke treinavontuur is geselecteerd voor Beste Kinderfilm Competitie!

Stoere Frans en de gestolen juwelen

Speelfilm, 72 minuten
Leeftijd: 6+
Taal: Nederlands gedubbed

Two of Franz’ friends are quarrelling, and he wants to do something about it. As a way of reconciling them, he suggests investigating like real detectives who the burglar is who is frightening the neighbourhood. This comedy shows how they enthusiastically get to work, and eventually reveal unexpected secrets. Sequel to Tales of Franz from last year.

Stoere Frans en de gestolen juwelen is geselecteerd voor de Beste Kinderfilm Competitie!

De allerbeste korte films uit Nederland

Compilatie van verschillende korte films, ca 65 min
Leeftijd: 6+
Taal: Nederlands gesproken

This spectacular programme brings together the very best short films from the Netherlands. From curious adventurers to brave dreamers: made by Dutch filmmakers who’ve won awards for their work all over the world. From gleaming Golden Calves and Oscars to roaring Cinekid Lions, these award-winning films have been specially selected for film fans aged six and older. 

Snor - 7 min
Joep in de tomatensoep - 5 min
Otto - 10 min
Giovanni en het waterballet - 15 min
En Route - 10 min
Jacco’s film - 18 min


Dancing Queen

Speelfilm, 90 minuten
leeftijd: 8+ 
taal: Nederlands gedubbed of ondertiteld

What do you do when you’re the odd one out? Nerdy teen Mina wants to belong at school. But even more, she wants to impress her idol: hip-hop dancer E.D Win. So she enters a dance competition he’s organised, even though she can’t dance. Helped by her grandma, she bravely does her own thing.                                        

Dancing Queen is genomineerd voor de Beste Kinderfilm Competitie!

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Animatiefilm, 85 minuten
Leeftijd: 8+
Taal: Engels, Nederlands ondertiteld
Makers: DreamWorks Animation

Inventor Wallace and his dog Gromit face a huge challenge: they must catch the mysterious Wererabbit that plagues their town. They need all their imagination, ingenuity, and cleverness for that. A funny, absurd, friendly clay animation horror for the whole family, made with lots of love and infinite patience.


Leeftijd: 10+ 
Land: België
Productiebedrijf: A Private View, Viking Film
Regie: Domien Huyghe 
Lengte: 96 minuten 
Taal: Vlaams; Nederlands ondertiteld 

Lena is eleven when she unexpectedly loses her father, who is killed in a fishing accident at sea. Lena gets very angry when some people say her father wasn’t careful enough. She believes that a mysterious sea monster capsized his ship. Fighting against her sorrow, she uses all of her imagination and courage to catch the monster in this moving adventure story.

Zeevonk was de openingsfilm van Berlinale Generation K-PLUS in 2023 en is genomineerd als Beste Nederlandse Kinderfilm!



Kunst leeft!

Imagine: your granny, mother, or friend gets a card in the letterbox. From you. A beautiful DIY card, but when they scan the art on the card with a smartphone they will see a video message from you, on the card! This workshop teaches you how to make such a talking card using Augmented Reality.

Leeftijd: alle leefijden
Makers: Cinekid

Stem acteren 

You maybe know the animated series Anansi already. But did you also know that an Anansi film is in the making?! That means a lot of voice actors are going back into the studio. They breath live into the smart spider Anansi and his animal friends by using their voice. In this masterclass you’ll learn all of their skills! A voice actor will give you all the tips and tricks. And who knows, you might be cast for a small role in the new film! 

Leeftijd: 6+
Makers: Anansi

Special make-up 

In films, life doesn't always run smoothly. A fight here, a collision there: fortunately the actors do not sustain any real wounds. These are recreated by make-up artists. In this masterclass you will work with wound make-up and blood make-up together with a make-up artist. What will it be? A gaping wound, or a black eye? 

Leeftijd: 8+

Schilderen met je stem

'Painting with your voice' is an interactive game that is controlled by voice. The game transforms the children's vocal sounds into shapes and colors on a digital screen. As a highlight, the group jointly creates a voice painting: a work of art made entirely with the voice. 

Leeftijd: 5+

Marble run

Marble Run is a digital pinball machine that runs across multiple screens. Grumpy marbles roll from screen to screen and you have to help them! You don’t do so alone, but with your team. Cooperating allows you to build bridges, move levers and connect wires. Press the right buttons in time so the marbles make it to the end!

Leeftijd: 6+
Makers: Tobias Fox


Am I playing a game or did I walk into a wonderful painting is a question you might ask playing Hoa. Hoa travels through many areas solving puzzles and meeting all sorts of weird creatures. Pretty exciting. Why do you feel so relaxed then?

Leefijd: 5+
Makers: Scrollcat Studio



A glistening eye blinks, a rodent looks at you, a larvae crawls across an alien flower. Is it real? In Creature Comforts, artist Markos R. Kay shows how nature and technology are connected and wonders whether the differences are as big as people seem to think. These four, short, meditative videos provide an oasis of calm at the MediaLab.

Leeftijd: alle leeftijden
Makers: Markos R. Kay

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