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MediaLab 2018

The Cinekid MediaLab is the largest digital playground in the world! Here, you'll find beautiful interactive art installations, the coolest games and apps and exclusive media workshops.

The MediaLab is opened from 20 until 26 October from 10.30 AM until 17.00 PM. If you enter the MediaLab before 12.00 PM, you can buy an Early Bird ticket with discount! This discount is only available for the MediaLab and not for the shows, workshops or masterclasses.

The ticket sale for the MediaLab stops online for that day as soon as the MediaLab opens. You can still buy tickets for the MediaLab at the box office or buy tickets online for an upcoming day.

Here is an overview of all of the installations, games & apps and workshop you will find in the MediaLab.

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Which images can you find with your body? And what will the internet show you when you move your body? In this interactive installation, your body becomes a search instrument to browse through the hundreds of thousands of images on the internet. 


This interactive installation is a browsing game, based on what words you feed the installation. With little consistency and absurdity, you type in random words, leading to different, and countless results on the 360-degree screen. Constellation is full of surprises, so start typing and see what happens! 

Edge of Chaos

In the interactive installation Edge of Chaos, you can control the blossoming of the tree. Your energy, movements and sounds will make the tree move and come to life.


Place yourself between countless life-sized augmented reality flamingos, while listening to original, flamingo-inspired music. Tap on your screen, pick up flamingo dance moves, or snap and share a photo. Join the flock!

Flotsam Fluke

Put on your VR goggles and transport yourself to the internet dump in a futuristic multi-universe. Navigating through the nine zones, you can pick up and assemble objects, stack them and build a construction or a totem pole. Find hidden jokes and marvel at the beauty of digital absurdism at its finest. 


Step into our Kaleidoscope! and enter a world full of new and exciting digital images. It is time to be enchanted by colourful, psychedelic glitches and abstract patterns created by three world-famous artists. 

My First Vlog

My First Vlog is a testimony of what we do online today, we vlog our hearts out! But starting a vlog is actually quite difficult, and a little stressful. Let’s see how first timers pull it of. Do you relate to how they might be a bit nervous, this first time showing themselves to the world? 


Sokpop presents a selection of smart, simple and playful video games. Each game is a unique world of its own, with bright pastel colours and a playful quest. Find your way back after you’ve fallen out of your UFO while you are surrounded by hungry dino´s, build huts in the forest, join a wizard duel or create your own spider web! 

Sonic Jungle

Sonic Jungle is a spatial installation that invites you into a landscape of numerous silicone vines and fruits which make sounds as you walk through the installation. Fantastic creatures chirp, buzz and croak and the diversity of flora and fauna in the natural world echoes through the installation, creating a landscape of sounds. 

The Timid Wilderness

The installation The Timid Wilderness presents the shy side of nature. Depending on the sounds you create to interact with the timid flowers, they might shy away or they can bloom to their fullest. What sounds can you create to encourage the luminous flowers to fully blossom, or should you keep quiet and leave them alone? 

Universal Tongue

Twerking, popping, the Moonwalk or the Macarena - all dance styles can be found in millions of videos on YouTube. This huge multi-channel video installation shows you the various ways of dance, defined by different periods and cultures. Create your own dance moves, copy the dances displayed and join in this universal language! 


WigWag is a digital zoo of colour and sounds. With just the click of a mouse, you whirl animals and funny objects into space as a weirdly pleasant parade of colours an tonal scales. But what is happening, really?

Black Room

Black Room is a browser-based, narrative game. As an insomniac on the verge of sleep, you move through shifting states of consciousness in dreamy, pixelated, fantasy landscapes. The spaces feature female characters from video games and are filled with mini games, fire balls, fantastic birds, dungeons and mysterious rooms, such as the black room the game is named after.   


Circles is an abstract puzzle game that makes your brain crack. You discover logical solutions between the clean lines of a puzzle and find your way from one tiny circle towards a bigger one. By simply moving the cursor, you'll uncover the underlying rules of each circle. According to the movements you make, they grow, shrink or move around the screen.  


Inspired by cartoons of the 1930’s (you know, those old, hand-drawn Disney movies), you play as Cuphead or Mugman as you travel through strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves and discover hidden secrets while you try to repay your debt to the devil himself. 

Pie in the Sky

In this abstract clicker game, you can paint, create and collect your own abstracted neon environment by using your mouse controls. A colourful, surreal spectacle floats across your screen as funny characters fly by, sound effects are triggered at random and objects such as hearts, stars, fruits and beach balls create a sugary world that quickly fills your screen. What world will you create? 


Understand the wonders of nature as you spin through seasons and time, stop wildfires, and wander with small creatures in the grasslands, forests and deserts. You'll discover plants and fungi lifecycles, spread and water seeds, sprinkle pollen, dig into soil layers, root systems and animal hideouts and learn all about the way nature works in a playful way. 

That Blooming Feeling

In this colourful game, you become a friendly water golem shaped like a drop of water, and you help all plants grow to their fullest. Burst to water the plants, sing to make the rabbits run away or roll and goof around. Cherish your surroundings to make the desert oasis bloom again.

The First Tree

In this emotional third person exploration game, you become a fox in search of the first tree. It focuses on two parallel stories: a fox trying to find her missing family and a son reconnecting with his father in Alaska. Gallop through the beautiful landscape and the moonlit hills, while uncovering snippets of the story as the landscape becomes an environment full of memories. 

The Gardens Between

Step into this adventure puzzle game where you can manipulate time to guide two best friends through a surreal world of mysterious garden islands. While time flows, nostalgic media objects appear. Solve puzzles to reach the apex of each isle, find clues, light up constellations of memories and illuminate threads of a bittersweet narrative. 

The Infinite Arcade

Fancy being a ninja or a bouncing ball? Design your own character and attack evil snails and electromagnetic cats, or collect gold coins and glittery skulls. Start with a classic game and add an adventure, pinball or maze, or create a platform game where you jump from platform to platform and add building blocks such as hot lava, disco bricks and much more. 

The Monsters

With this game you can create your own monsters from scratch. Give them tiny arms and many horns, spotted tails or sparkly fur. You can even make the monsters talk. Create a happy or sad, nervous or bad, lovely or mad monster and feed them radioactive snacks, make them sing and dance and even take a monster selfie. Say cheese! 

360 Jungle

Ever been to a 360-degree film set, where films are made in which you can view in every direction? During this workshop, you can create your own mask. Then, in groups of four, you enter such a film set where there is an exciting assignment waiting for you. Afterwards, you can immediately watch the result of your video! 

Animation Zone

In the animation zone, you’ll learn the basic techniques of stop motion animation by making an animation movie along with other children and guided by professionals. The hand-made scenes are captured with a camera above a large green workspace and shown live on a screen. Afterwards, you can watch them again at home. 

Code Art Show

During the Code Art Show, you dive deeper into the world of digital art. It is an interactive and funny game show where you will notice that audiovisual art is primarily an experience for your eyes and ears. The Code Art Show is part of The Creative Code, a teaching programme that teaches young people how to code by using digital art.

GIF it to me

Can´t get enough of funny animal GIFs? We can't either! Those short moving images that play on an endless loop continue to be massively popular. During this workshop, you'll create your own four-second GIF animation around the Cinekid theme Media Jungle. You can do this by combining graphic elements, background animations and acting in front of a green screen. 

How to Vlog

Have you always wanted to create your own vlog? In this workshop, you will learn how to create your very own and very unique vlog! You can freestyle and create your own personal story using one of our vlog themes in front of a green screen, so you can make up your own background. Our lights, camera and people are ready – are you? 

Mutant me VR

Have you always wanted to see yourself in virtual reality? During this workshop, you will step into a virtual world and create a 3D avatar out of a scanned version of yourself. With controllers, you can transform and mutate the scan and you can place yourself among all the other 3D avatars made by kids in the MediaLab! 


What route does an email take? Does the internet have to be cleaned up sometimes? What happens when there’s a hitch in one of those network cables on the bottom of the ocean? In this workshop, you'll find solutions for network problems while doing fun assignments and discover how networks function exactly.  


Interactive art often looks amazing, but how does such an installation actually work? During this workshop, you learn all about the technique behind two of our MediaLab installations by crafting your own origami flower or animal and bringing it to life with an Arduino minicomputer. Afterwards, you can take your living robot object home with you. 

Sonic City

During this workshop, you create your own soundscape that match the images of the movie Wild City, inspired by the interactive installation Sonic Jungle, and record this live. The workshop starts every hour on the hour and lasts 40 minutes. Because sound is being recorded, the door of the workshop space is closed during the recordings. 

Time Capsule

During this workshop, we’ll fill a time capsule with video messages for future Cinekid visitors in 2050! What have you seen and done at the MediaLab? What do you do online? And do you have ideas on how to change things? You can record your own message for the future and all messages will be safely stored in our Cinekid vault.